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Squirting School is a video course that’ll teach you how to give a girl a squirting orgasm. The video instructions are easy to follow and taught by the adult performer legend Marcus London.

He has performed in adult movies with over 5000 girls and is a true master of giving girls a squirting orgasm.

You’ll be able to give almost all girls amazing orgasms if you follow the step-by-step video guides in the Squirting school.

Squirting School Review 2021

This is what you get:

  • 4 hours of video instructions
  • Live demonstration on 5 girls
  • Easy-to-follow guide
  • The ability to give girls squirting orgasms

I recommend the Squirting School if you want to be the hero in the bedroom and never disappoint.

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Squirting School is a more all-embracing and polished product than those before it.

It also stars one of the best coaches possible for the subject matter, Marcus London, the adult film star who has become famous for his ability to give hundreds of women squirting orgasms on and off the screen. 

Marcus leads the training through the program and demonstrates the techniques on the women featured alongside him: Elsa Jean, Alexis Monroe, and Mona Wales.

Squirting School has addressed several issues found with previous courses on squirting orgasms, mainly by creating new, updated information with a simple, easy-to-follow format for viewers of all abilities to learn from.

marcus london

The Squirting Orgasm Technique:

Marcus London uses the very popular hand technique to make the women squirt.  This hand technique is reliable and can be used during foreplay or between penetrative sex to achieve a single squirting orgasm or even multiple ones.

This technique originates from tantric sex and was made famous in the industry by Axel Braun and his DVD course Squirting 101 in 2004.  The video and overall training and instruction are a very amateur production, but I could learn the technique from it. 

However, it was not easy to learn from at all.  I had to watch hours of the videos to see what Axel was doing, and then experiment with it, and I was already very sexually experienced.

Squirting School takes the guesswork out, explaining and instructing in a much better manner, allowing you to gain an understanding of what the technique is and how to do it regardless of your experience level.

It is important to keep in mind that if you do not already have basic sexual skills mastered, Squirting School won’t get you too far no matter how straightforward the training is.

Squirting orgasms is not an essential sexual skill; giving a girl a squirting orgasm is an advanced skill.  It allows you to add some fun and variety to your sexual experiences and leave a unique impression on a girl. 

This is a great program to bookmark if you just aren’t quite there yet.  Establish your foundational skills and then come back to Squirting School to further your skillset.

learn to give squirting orgasms

The Hands-On Approach:

Squirting School nailed the training aspect of their material by showing you step-by-step demonstrations of the techniques. 

Marcus London does an excellent job of talking you through the techniques while he is doing it.

He remains professional and focused on instructing through the duration of the course, really explaining things.  Previous programs were more porn-like and lacked the important instructional value that can help women feel most comfortable in the bedroom.

This is what truly sets Squirting School apart.

squirting school review

Additionally, the repetition of techniques in different scenarios may get too duplicative for some viewers, but for most these iterations are useful. 

The main video with Squirting School “How to Give Her the Most Amazing Orgasm She’s Ever Had,” is 2 hours in duration, most of it demonstrating the techniques. The entire Squirting School package has 7 different videos, totaling 5 hours.

There is a lot of material on the technique being explained and demonstrated on the different females in different scenarios and positions. 

This helps prepare you for using the technique in your own life, where no two women or situations are alike.

Preparing You to Know What to Expect with Female Ejaculation:

Each girl is different when it comes to sex and squirting.  There are very few “porn star-style” squirters out there, which is why those types of films gather so much attention.

It would be deceptive and wasteful for a program to teach you the technique with actresses who already can have explosive squirting orgasms, and not on average females with tempered squirting orgasms. 

Girls of the latter are much more common and are more likely what you will be experiencing once you have mastered the techniques. 

Squirting School does an excellent job of utilizing actresses of different abilities and sets up different situations that will be common in the real world.

The demonstrations allow you to learn from watching these different scenarios and give excellent coaching advice on how different every girl can be.

Marcus London mentions it over and over when it comes to squirting orgasms, “every girl is different”, and it may seem like common sense, but it is a point to understand.

The three different girls featured, Alexis Monroe, Mona Wales, and Elsa Jean, throughout the course each have different squirting abilities.  This allows you to see how Marcus London gets each girl to squirt.

Each approach is different and each girl discusses how she feels about the experience after. The women end up feeling incredible after their squirting experiences.

For one of the actresses, Elsa Jean, it was her first time on film. It was also Alexis Monroe’s first time squirting. Mona Wales is an experienced squirter so it is valuable to compare each girl’s situation and reaction.

I’ve been giving girls squirting orgasms for quite a few years now, and I’ve never come across someone like Mona Wales, I have certainly seen a wide amount of variety among the girls I’ve been with, which makes the different girls and situations a great instructional aspect.

Note: Marcus London claims that every girl can squirt.  I do believe this is true; however, the girl needs to already be sexually awakened.  Some girls who are not, cannot even achieve traditional orgasms.

It is important to realize the techniques taught in Squirting School would not work on these types of women.  Just as traditional G-spot or clitoral orgasms require the girl to be in the right state of mind, so do squirting orgasms.

It isn’t common to find women like this, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.  If that is the case, it is important to first help them achieve traditional orgasms before moving on to squirting orgasms when they are comfortable.

Could There Be Improvements? Scientific Research Issues and Disorganization:

The technical explanation was lacking.  It would have been very informative and useful to explain the science behind squirting orgasms and how they work.

There is a portion of the course where it is explained, but it is apparent that the information is not well-researched.  This takes away from such a professional production and training course and leads us to advise you to take this portion with a grain of salt.

If you are interested in learning the science behind squirting orgasms, I recommend David Shade’s Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms.  This course offers incredible research to teach you about the biology behind orgasms.

The organization and structure are another downside to the course.  The advice and training for achieving squirting orgasms is placed throughout the videos meaning much of the learning comes in bits and pieces then putting it together.

Several people learn great this way, just soaking in all the information, but if you are a person who requires thinking each process through then it may be useful for you to take notes as you are learning the techniques.

Jotting down notes on all the bits and pieces can help you to put it all together in your mind easier.

For example, there are minor subjects like when to use lube that can lead to confusion because different situations provide different advice.

Most people will find no problem with how the instructions and tips are presented, but it is just a slight flaw when the rest of the content is so professionally put together.

The Bonus Material (3 Girls):

Squirting School offers bonus material on the girls’ favorite sexual positions with demonstrative content. This material is a great addition with excellent tips on sex.  Mona Wales shines, giving real, down-to-earth, practical advice on different sexual topics.

The stars are careful to keep advice relevant for everyone, particularly for girls who are much less experienced and sexually open than the porn stars featured.

get instructions from

Another highlight is the discussion of the important details of sex that you should focus on, how to think about sex, your approach, and changing positions. 

The discussion between the stars goes further into which positions women prefer and why they prefer them.  Even someone who is experienced will find useful information in this portion.

The demonstrations are useful to showcase the advice given and put into practice.  The stars are great at staying true to the program details and positions. 

This is so useful for viewers of all levels, being truly accessible for beginners while still allowing experienced viewers to learn something. For many customers, this bonus section is bound to be the most exciting segment of the course.


  • Easy-to-follow
  • Practical instruction from one of the best in squirting, Marcus London.
  • Training is realistic and covers situations you might encounter in your life with different scenarios and women of all levels of experience and orgasmic ability.


  • Can be disorganized
  • Some of the information claimed to be “scientific” or factual is incorrect.


A: Squirting School is an online sex educational program that aims to improve one’s sex life, specifically by teaching the act of squirting.

It explains what squirting is and demonstrates it visually. Over 5 hours, the viewer is taught the mechanics of squirting to better please his lover(s).

A: Yes, every woman can be made to squirt. In one of the Squirting School videos, Elsa Jean squirts for the first time. Beforehand, she is skeptical that she can squirt, since she has had hundreds of sexual encounters with no squirting.

A: There are other squirting videos out there, but Squirting School uses certified professionals, not amateurs to make home videos.

In addition, Marcus London carries the gravitas of a university professor, with copious amounts of verbal instruction.

A: Squirting is harmless. The hand thrusting involved is quite vigorous so measures should be taken to avoid injury. Communication is always important in sex.

A: Some people can get their partners immediately upon viewing. Others will take weeks, due to their sexual frequency.

Results may vary. In one of the videos, Alexis Monroe gets one of her partners to squirt using a Squirt Watch that calibrates her thrust velocity!

Everyone involved is quite thrilled when she induces squirting on her first try!

A: Squirting School is currently offered for $67.

A: Squirting School has an educational video and a website.

A: Sex topics like squirting and role play arouse more people than you think! Because men shy away from communicating with their partners about sex, they do not realize how much their girls’ lust to squirt. When you do talk about it, you will be shocked at how receptive girls are to wanting it. But you better be educated on how to make your girl squirt when she says yes! That’s where Squirting School comes through. Just like anything else in life, you need education and practice.

A: Squirting School has informed me that any unique requests should be emailed to them.

A: Squirting School is for anyone who wants to learn how to give women stronger, more powerful orgasms. It will also benefit those of you who have a lack of sexual desire, boosting your sex excitement again.

A: No, the School of Squirt is a different program that also teaches squirting training.

squirting school program

My Final Thoughts About Squirting School

Squirting School is a practical, hands-on course to teach and prepare you to give women squirting orgasms, regardless of whether she has had one or not.  It is professional and easy to learn from which puts it leaps and bounds beyond other similar content available.  It also contains excellent general sex tips from which a man of any skill level can benefit. 

I do want to reiterate that if you are inexperienced with sex, this is not the place to start.  You will want to find a general sex course to learn the basic skills for traditional orgasms. Squirting orgasms won’t be helpful to you if you haven’t yet got the basic skills of traditional orgasms.

I recommend the Squirting School if you want to master the skill of giving girls massive squirting orgasms every time.

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  1. Good overall training program, the quality is desent and it worked. I tested the methods with a couple of fingers in my pocket pussy a few times before going for the real deal.
    Enough foreplay and lube is key together with the methods you lean in the course.

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