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Having a small penis can lead to low self-esteem and even depression.

A penile surgery can be an easy fix but it’s very expensive and it’s not withour risks.

There is however a method called a penis extender that let you stretch your penis longer over a period of time. The results from the stretching becomes permanent gains that you can enjoy the rest of your life.

Just put on the device and wear it as long as possible each day for 6 months.

The Quick Extender Pro is such a product and it comes with a very nice comfort system that allows you to wear it without pain or discomfort.

The system is a complete penis enlargement set that contain both a penis extender, a penis pump and RizerXL.

You can get other combos with less stuff, but I would not recommend that.

The systems range from $119 to $349 right now(they are running a special deal right now) and is all you need for a successful penis enlargement.

quick extender pro

  • Increase your penis length by up to 28% in 6 months
  • Increase your penis girth by up to 20% in just 6 months
  • Avoid premature ejaculation
  • Improve your erection strength

This device is very cheap compared to other similar products and it includes all the extra stuff that you could possibly need for your penis enlargement project.

Update: The extender is already at a great discount, but I managed to get a 20% off promo code you can use, it’s: AICLEGAL

I recommend this system if you’re looking for a complet penis enlargement system
buy Quick Extender Pro here

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If you have ever used a penis extender before, you probably know how uncomfortable they can be especially if you are wearing in throughout your daily activities. Trying to sleep with it is just as uncomfortable which I found out during a review of one.

Whereas some manufacturers have tried to add different silicone parts to make their devices more comfortable, the truth is that only one company has managed to take wearability and comfort to another whole new level.

Quick extender pro is currently the only device on the market with the Dual Strap Support system and one of the main reasons that it’s on top of our list of the best penis extenders. The DSS system makes the penis extender easy and comfortable to wear all the time, and you will perhaps forget that you are wearing one.

What is Quick Extender Pro?

quick extender pro secure checkoutQuick Extender Pro penis stretcher was first introduced in 2007, and it has quickly become one of the top devices on the market. And it is still among the most popular extenders more than a decade later, so this means that there must be something exceptional about it. The Quick Extender Pro is a penis extender that is mostly used to treat sexual dysfunction without any surgical operations, drugs or medications. It is also an effective way to lengthen the penis size, and if used properly there are no side effects associated with it.

The device is designed by a company based in New York City although the products are manufactured in Canada. It is manufactured with safety standards in mind. Essentially, all the materials feature a medical grade construction and are hypoallergenic. Quick Extender Pro is sold in various packages, and you can choose a program depending on the degree of enhancement that you wish to achieve. In each level of the package, you have the option to choose between one and two different types of non-invasive penis enlargement methods.

Innovatech Designs is the company name that is behind Quick Extender Pro. The company is based in the USA, but it has several call centers all around the world. Consumers can also keep track of their products due to the built-in order tracking system. Therefore, this means that Quick Extender Pro comes from a well-known company that is entirely transparent. It has a physical address and several phone numbers for the customer care service.

You will be able to enlarge the size of your penis in both girth and length by using the Quick Extender Pro penis extender. What is more exciting is that this can only be achieved within a short period.

Main Features of Quick Extender Pro

There is a lot of things to say about the craftsmanship put into this device. Beginning with the medical grade materials, this product is strong yet so lightweight. Secondly, the concept of penis extending is easy and straightforward, unlike some products that have complicated instructions due to poor documentation.

Quick Extender Pro is easy to take out of the package and start using; it comes with simple instructions that will get you to achieve your goals without delay. Ordering, delivery, warranty and customer service are other areas that the QEP manufacturers have nailed as they continuously and individually deliver on customer needs.

Forth, the value of this product easily competes with any brand available on the market. Not only does it have different models considerate of every budget in the line of extenders, but also each package comes with numerous accessories to get you started and achieve your desired goals. Lastly, and by far the most important feature of the product is a comfort. Penis stretchers can amaze you or disappoint in other areas but what it all comes down to is the results. Penis extenders are a proven technique for medical rehabilitation and recreational enlargement. But a major contributing factor of how fast you will achieve your gains and how much you will gain is the comfort of wearing the device.

The more hours you get to wear the device throughout your day, the faster and greater gains you will achieve. It is as simple as that. Wearing a penis extender that feels like a barbed wire for long hours is going to be hectic and disastrous than wearing one that feels like a soft mink glove.

QEP does offer a special straightening version

The Quick extender pro can also be used as a penis straightener, it’s infact number 1 on our list of the best penis straighteners.

Check out that list if you want to get rid of that unnatural penis curevatrure.

Increase your penis size by up to 28%

The results that you can get from wearing a QEP is very nice and the gains are permanent, so you can benefit from your larger penis the rest of your life.

The graph below show your average gains if you use the device between 6-8 hours a day for 6 months:

Quick Extender Pro Results

The results might be different for you, this is based on the average of gains, some men gain more and some gain less.

Different Packages of Quick Extender Pro

There are four various kinds of Quick Extender Pro packages. They are based upon different requirements you want to make in sustained growth goals and budgets. All of these packages include the basic requirements to start growing right away.

This would be the light blue penis extender, comfort pads, and silicon straps to keep your penis head secured during usage time. It also includes the high-quality stainless steel extension bars that vary by model, infographic cards and instructional DVD, a cloth carrying bag, a hand measuring tape, a complimentary supply of promotional RizerXL and a white case to keep the kit organized.

Here is a glimpse into these packages.

Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Limited Edition

deluxe limited edition

This package is designed for men who demand the top of the line model. The Deluxe Limited Edition is designed to provide the desired results in a quick, safe and comfortable way. With this package, you will get a three months’ supply of Rizer XL, which is a booster pump and it also includes the strongest tension springs available and memory foam comfort pads that are medical grade. Additionally, it includes a 6 volume DVD set and other bonuses.

Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Standard Edition

deluxe standard edition

This package delivers the right blend of performance and value. And not only does it offer total comfort but also expect to experience impressive results regarding penis girth and length. It also features a one month supply of Rizer XL and six comfort pads. This edition includes a full warranty, a 6-month money back guarantee, and other bonuses.

Quick Extender Pro Value Edition

Quick Extender Pro Value Edition

You can consider the value edition as a starter kit if you are a beginner. This package is among the most affordable penis extenders on the market. If used properly, you can expect to gain up to 7 inches. With this package, you can expect to experience a great outcome without sacrificing your comfort. Nevertheless, you can upgrade at any time to get more benefits and gains. This is an ideal package if you want a penis extender that is pocket-friendly.

Quick Extender Pro Curvature and Peyronie’s

Quick Extender Pro Curvature and Peyronie’s

This is a perfect package if you have a bent penis and you need to straighten it. It includes tension springs that are specifically designed to help with Peyronie’s disease and penile curvature. It also comes with a six-month money back guarantee and medical grade memory foam pads

How Quick Extender Pro Works

Penis extenders work by applying slight, gentle and consistent tension along the shaft of a flaccid penis over an extended period. Usually, one end of the penis extender rests against the pelvis while the other end grips the penis head and extends it at a comfortable tension for several hours as prescribed by the instructions included in the package.

Quick Extender Pro is the leader in enlarging penis size due to its superior comfort offered by its design. This device employs the DSS system that spreads the gripping tension at the head of the penis across two silicon padded straps. These silicon padded straps help to prevent pinching that is usual of other brands when worn for a long period and to reduce the constriction of blood flow. Moreover, the Quick Extender Pro only needs to be worn for several hours in a day, and in just four months you will start experiencing the benefits.

Bent penis correction

The correction of bent penis results from a combination of different factors such as mitosis and cytokinesis which is similar to what happens during muscle building. Exposing the penis to continuous traction force using the Quick Extender Pro’s calibrated tension system will lead to tiny tear along the penis shaft. Nonetheless, it is good to note that this process is entirely painless.

how does quick extender pro work

The tears are not visible to the naked eye and can only be visible when magnified. It is normal for the microscopic tears to appear along the treatment process. Therefore, your body will recognize the damage made in the penile tissues.  And as a form of restoring and healing the tissues, your penis will start to repair itself by going through a process referred to as mitosis followed by cytokinesis.

The process of mitosis occurs when cells within the penile tissues start to divide, whereby one cell divides itself into two. The penis will continue to enlarge as long as the cells divide over and over again to seal in the gaps created by the traction force. In other simple terms, the nucleus of the cell divides within itself splitting into two thus creating a similar cell of the original nucleus.

The dividing of the two cells once the nucleus has split is known as cytokinesis, the final stages of mitosis and tissue growth. The cells will gradually divide during the treatment process creating new tissues.

The new tissues will then become a straighter and healthier firm erection. The process will also increase your penis size. According to the science behind the process, the results will be experienced depending on the time spent using the device.

The major benefits of using the Quick Extender Pro is that above all other penis extenders, it offers the highest degree of comfort. Therefore, it means that:

  1. Any limitations such as pain, discomfort and blood constriction to wearing time are eliminated.
  2. You can wear it more hours in a day than other brands. Therefore, your results will be seen faster than any other technique used to correct a bent
  3. There are no worries about risk or reward since there is a money back guarantee.

How to use Quick Extender Pro

The extra comfort and ease of use are the most important features linked to Quick Extender Pro, and this is all because of the DSS system. If you happen to have used a penis extender before, this one is similar in operation. But, if it is your first time, do not worry you will get how it works in no time.

First, move the traction rods and adjust the device according to the size of your penis. Insert the penis through it and ensure that it feels comfortable. Once the penis is perfectly between the rods, strap it in with the silicone straps. Not only will the silicone straps secure the penis in place but also silicone is easy to wear. The device should be worn for at least 3-4 hours in a day but if you can do it a bit more go for it. However, do not exaggerate or else you may risk injuring yourself.

Benefits of using Quick Extender Pro

Numerous advantages come with Quick Extender Pro, and some of them include:

  • Portability and Convenience – This device is compact and portable you can keep it in your small bag and use it whenever you need it. You can use it while you are traveling as long as you bring it along on your trips.
  • Sleek Design – Its sleek design allows sufficient space for the penis. Most men are concerned about discomfort and the risk of their penis getting stuck inside the device. However, with Quick Extender Pro the design structure is comfortable and can perfectly fit any penis size. This means that you can wear them for extended hours and achieve better results in your girth and length.
  • The Results are Permanent – The Quick Extender Pro helps to create more tissues within the penis; therefore, within a short period, your penis will grow bigger in size and girth. And since the new tissues have been formed, the new length and girth of the penis will be permanent.

Apart from these benefits, the Quick Extender Pro is also popular for its affordability. You’ll get value for your money since you will not have to spend a lot of money on unnecessary medication and surgery. Also, you can use the device anytime and anywhere you find it necessary.

Are there Any Side Effects of Quick Extender Pro?

The chances are that you have heard a lot of horror stories about people who have experienced horrifying side effects as a result of using penis extenders and other penis enlargement techniques. With the Quick Extender Pro, there are no reported side effects that result from using it.

However, you must ensure that you use the device as per the instructions on the package to avoid any injury. Always keep in mind that the process of penis enlargement is highly sensitive and should be taken seriously. It is okay to miss a day or even two of stretching, however, if you make it a habit and miss several weeks, then you may not be able to achieve your desired results within the designated period.

It’s also wise to check in with the doctor to inquire whether it is safe to use the device. It is important especially for those who suffer from underlying medical conditions. Although this product is guaranteed to be effective and the results vary from one individual to another, depending on the sensitivity of your penis.

Who is Quick Extender Pro for?

Quick Extender Pro works for every man out there preferably those above 18 years. However, there are no risks linked to teenagers using it; it’s just that their bodies are still growing until about 20 years. Therefore, before using the device, it is best to decide whether or not you are happy with your natural size since things might change. There are no restrictions as for the upper limit. Men above 50 years old will experience a slower cell regeneration process than men who are about 25 years. Therefore, the results differ based on several factors.

Initially, penis extenders were designed to treat Peyronie’s disease or an unusual bend on the penis. While the curvature of the penis can be mild, it can aggravate with time. It could become so obvious at some point that both partners would experience painful sensations during sexual intercourse.


quick extender pro testimonials

Pat Says,

I purchased the Quick Extender Pro several months ago, and I started using it immediately. I bought the deluxe standard edition, and I find it so easy to wear. I’ve been using this device for a month and two weeks now, and I am stunned. I have already gained half an inch in length after wearing it for only 2 hours a day excluding the weekends. My erections have become firmer, and I’ve gained some girth too.

Brad Says,

I believe the Quick Extender Pro is the best penis extender on the market especially when it comes to the price. I gained almost an inch after two months of use. The Quick Extender Pro has given me a whole new level of self-confidence and even improved my sex life!

David Says,      

Well, I ordered this device a month ago, and I would like to say I am so pleased with the outcomes I have achieved so far. I went from 6 inches to about 6.25 inches in length in only one month!

Chris Says,     

I bought the Deluxe Edition extender three months ago, and I am very impressed with the results! First of all, I would like to say that the bonuses are worth your money. I have not finished watching all the DVD’s, but I have learned a lot so far. The pump works perfectly and helps me stay hard for long. I am also glad that I have all the spare parts that I will ever need so I do not have to spend any other coin. As for the Rizer XL, I am planning on using once I find a girlfriend.
I have been religiously wearing this device for 3 hours a day in the evening while I am watching TV and so far am happy to say that I have gained half an inch in length. I am impressed by how much I have gained in only three months.

Alex Says,                                

I’ve been using this product for almost a month now. I have been using it an hour daily, and at first, it was quite difficult to use the silicone tubes, but after several days that was no longer a problem. I was initially 5.5 inches, now after using it for a month 1-2 hours a day I have gained half an inch. So, I am now 6 inches long! I will keep going, hope to reach 8 or even more!

Rob Says,

Never did I ever think that anything in this world would make my penis bigger. I thought that everything was a scam, from pills to patches to creams. So I took my chance and bought a Quick Extender Pro after seeing an advertisement in a magazine. I figured that I had nothing to lose since there is a 30 days money guarantee. It has been two weeks since I begun using it and surprisingly my penis feels larger and thicker and my erections longer.

I am looking forward to continuing using the product and see what else this thing can do for me!

James Says,

I have been using this new penis extender for a while now, and I must say that it is comfier than the older version I had been using. It does not fall off as the other brands do. The mechanisms are smoother unlike my last extender; I feel sturdy. I can wear it for long hours, and it does not hurt at all. Hats off to the designers of Quick Extender Pro!

*The testimonials shown above are based on actual letters we received from satisfied customers that read this page of review and bought a Quick Extender Pro.

Bottom Line

All in all, Quick Extender Pro is a device that you can count on to provide excellent results. It is a dependable, pocket-friendly penis extender and most importantly it works.

For instance, if you’re on a tight budget, you can choose the Quick Extender Pro Value Edition. However, all packages allow men to increase their penis size and gain more self-confidence.
buy Quick Extender Pro here

Austin Hanson, M.D. Urology

Austin Hanson, M.D. Urology

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  1. Buyer Beware. The product may work but Quick Extender Pro customer support is a joke. They shipped me the wrong package so I opened a customer support ticket detailing what I didn’t receive. It’s been 6 weeks know and I have not received my missing items but they closed the customer support ticket.

    1. Hi
      I’ll try to get in contact with them, is it the same e-mail you used to make this comment and make the purchase with?
      Best regards,

  2. Yo, I rocking this sytem and it’s pretty solid, I’m on my third month and have seen some sick gains already!
    Can’t wait to get back in the dating game!

  3. I have the Deluxe limited edition set and it’s really good but I have not used the penis pump or the pills yet?
    What is the best way to include both pills and pump to my penis extender workouts?

    1. Hi
      That’s a really nice set you got there! The penis extender is very effective on it’s own but it really starts to shine once you combine it with a penis pump and the Rizer XL pills.
      I would start by simply taking 2 pills a day with a glass of water as instructed.
      You should use the penis pump 5-6 times a week for around 15 to 20 minutes, that will give you a whole lot of girth and a bit of length.
      Best regards,

  4. Hello sir
    I just got my QEP product and I’m very happy with it. But I just have one question for you sir. Can I use it for all time? I want to get big penis very fast.

    1. Hi
      Do you wan to use the QEP for 24/7? That is not recommended, you should take breaks and let your penis rest.
      Start with short durations and build your way up to a maximum of 12 hours a day.
      Best regards,

  5. hi ,
    my panies is 5 inch or my age 21 and i serch soo much about pro extendar but i not see any good review about this product i dom,t know can i buy this can this realy increase my panies size

    1. Hi,
      Yes it will increase your penis size if used properly. It’s a long process but the results are permanent and you can enjoy it the rest of your life.

      Best regards,

  6. bro can this product realy increase size pleas tell me am very depression my panies is 5 inch am increas 1inch can this product realy increas or its fake

    1. Hi
      Yes you can increase your penis size with over 1 inch if you use it.

      Best regards,

      1. hi thanks for reply bro if my panies have not good reaction because of soo much masterbatio can first i solve the erreaction problem then use pro extendar or no issu to use pro extendar tell me truth thanks

  7. Hello. My current erection size is 7 inches. Using the estimator tool on the page it say I can get 10 inches in 45 days. I know that is unrealistic but my question is, in the description for the deluxe model at $179.99 it says the kit comes with extending rods that can reach 8 inches, is that as far as I can go with this model or is 8inch in bars able to stretch past 8inches. Than you.

    1. Hi

      Yes, that estimation tool is way off and you should not use that. And yes the extension rods adds to the total length of the device which is roughly 2-inches. So you’re looking at a total length of around 10-inches.

      Best regards,

  8. I purchased this device in hope to correct curvature issues due to peyronies deases. I will say it has removed a massive proportion of the curvature do too peyronies. It also added a lot of girth and some length to the size. Here is the reason I am writing this feedback. It could be made so much better. It would be very nice and convenient If It could be prepared or cocked before wearing it. If it could be pre set, locked in the compressed position then put on. After getting it on a trigger could be pressed releasing it from the compressed position allowing the springs to extend it would work so much better. However putting it on trying to compress the springs with one hand and apply the device with the other does not work very well

  9. How realistic is it to use the QEP at a public work place? I can do my best to wear loose fitting jeans or cargo shorts to help hide things, but I just wondered if this would be a possibility or not really because the product is so stiff and rigid compare to the belt types like Phallosan Forte? Any honest thoughts and opinions are appreciated!

    1. Hi
      I would 100% go with the Phallosan Forte if you’re planing to use it at work. There is simply no better “stealth” extender than the Phallosan Forte.

      Best regards,

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