Best Male Blow-Up Dolls

Finding a good male blow-up doll is very hard and there are only a few options to choose from.

I would even go as far as really only recommending the Gladiator male blow-up doll if you’re after a sex companion and not just a party prop.

There are simply no other great options at the time of writing this guide.

best male blow-up dolls

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What’s the Best Male Blow-Up Sex Doll?

#1 Gladiator

The Gladiator blow-up doll is made of PVC and can be blowen up with your lungs or an air pump. It has a 7-inch (17.6cm) vibrating dildo that has realistic veins and details on the shaft and head.

There is a vibrating tongue for clitoris or anus stimulation and a penetrable anus.

gladiator male blow-up doll


  • Realistic looking and feeling dildo
  • Penetrable anus
  • A vibrating tongue
  • Vibrating dildo


  • The dildo is too soft and bendable
  • The quality is low

What I Think About It

It’s kind of sad for me to recommend a product of low quality but there are simply no other great options. The only other option is going for a full-size real male sex doll, but that costs 20 times more than the Gladiator.

But it’s not all bad, the tongue vibrator feels amazing and the penetrable anus is tight and feels good.

And to be honest, you can’t expect that much for a product with that many features for less than $100.

I recommend the Gladiator inflatable male doll if you’re after the best option.

#2 Fireman

The blow-up fireman sex doll is made by Hott Products which produces a lot of different types of blow-up toys and they also make the Toy Cop which sits in the third spot on this list.

It’s made with PVC and is 5 feet 6 inches (1.67m) tall. You can enjoy both the tight anus and the “fire hose”.  

fireman inflatable male doll


  • Life-size fireman blow-up sex doll
  • Penetrable anus
  • Including repair kit


  • It does not look realistic
  • Fairly cheap made

What I Think About It

The Fireman Blow-Up Doll is right on the limit between a party prop and an actual usable sex doll. It’s made with body-safe materials which is nice and you can use it for anal sex both ways.

I would have loved to see a little more details and a better design of the dildo but you can’t expect much at this price point.

#3 Toy Cop

This is made by the same company as the Fireman doll and shares the same build but with different colors and designs.

It’s the same doll with different looks so you can just choose the one style you like the most.


  • Life-size cop blow-up sex doll
  • Penetrable anus
  • Including repair kit


  • It does not look realistic
  • Fairly cheap made

What I Think About It

This is the same as the Fireman blow-up doll.

What to Look for When Shopping for Male Blow-Ups?

There are a few important features that you need to look for when you’re researching your new male inflatable sex doll:

  • Penetrable anus – This is by far the most important feature if you’re after a male doll to have anal sex with.
  • Penis size – The size of the “penis” can’t be changed so you must get the right size. Most male dolls have a little above average size “penis”.
  • Body-safe materials – The cheapest inflatable male dolls are most likely not made for sex but a party gimmick. Very cheap materials are often used in products like that and you need to make sure that doll you get is safe. All the products on the list above are made from body-safe materials.

Pro Tip for Female Users

If you want to improve the stimulation you’re getting from your male blow-up doll then try to insert your most powerful vibrator in the anus of the doll. The vibrations will travel through the material and make the whole thing vibrate.

You can buy a really strong vibrating bullet which is the ideal shape and size for this application.


A: Of course, and you’re looking at some right now.

A: Yes, but very few, and most of them are not worth the money in my opinion. Get the Gladiator doll if you’re after that feature.

A: There is a vent that can be pulled out and you can use your mouth to blow it up or any kind of air pump. Just don’t over-pump it as it can cause damage to the doll.

A: There isn’t a huge demand for inflatable male dolls, especially when you compare it to female blow-up sex dolls. They are pretty difficult to design and make so it’s hard for new manufacturers to get into this space.

A: Most inflatable sex products are made from PVC which works really well with water-based lube. Don’t use silicone-based lube as it’s very hard to clean and it might damage the doll.

My Final Thoughts About Male Blow-Up Dolls

This is by far one of the most underserved sex toy categories that I’ve ever done any research on. There are quite a few super-low budget options that aren’t meant for sex but rather a party gimmick.

The only real option is the Gladiator doll which does have some nice features for users of all sexes.

I recommend the Gladiator inflatable male doll if you’re after the best option.

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