The Handy Review – The Best Handjob Masturbator?

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I went into this review of The Handy with an open heart and mind despite being let down by similar products in the past.

The Handy quite literally blew me away with its surprisingly effective outside sleeve design compared to the competition’s inside sleeve designs.

There is no doubt room for improvement in this type of masturbator but it’s the best of its kind right now.

If you’re after an automatic male masturbator then I would highly recommend The Handy.
The Handy male masturbator features

This is What I Like About it:

  • Powerful stimulation for your entire penis
  • Easy to adjust the speed and stroke patterns
  • Lots of sleeves to choose from
  • Works with a wide range of adult content
  • It costs less than competing products

I recommend The Handy if you’re after a powerful automatic male masturbator.

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Table of Contents

What is The Handy?

The Handy is an automatic male masturbator that uses a unique outside sleeve system compared to all the internal sleeve masturbators.

It was developed in Norway in 2020 and they keep developing new sleeves to it and other cool stuff.

How to Use The Handy?

Let’s go through the setup and how to get started using it.

whats in the box
  1. Unboxing and Initial Set-Up – When you get your Handy, the first thing you’ll want to do is unbox it. Inside, you’ll find the Handy device, a power cable for charging, and a masturbation sleeve. Before you get started, make sure you fully charge the Handy with the provided power cable.
  2. Assembling the Device – Once your Handy is charged, it’s time to assemble the device. Select the sleeve that you wish to use and attach it to The Handy with the grip strap. Make sure it’s secured properly to prevent any slips during usage.
    strap gap
  3. Lubrication – Apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to the sleeve. This will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience and prevent soreness on your penis and a ripped sleeve. You can now penetrate the sleeve with your penis.
  4. Turning On and Adjusting Settings – To turn on The Handy, press and hold the power button for around 2-3 seconds. Once it’s on, you can use the buttons on the device to adjust speed and stroke length according to your preference. Just a little warning, it does get a little loud when you crank it up, but you’ll properly not need that kind of speed.
    handy freatures

Optional steps for interactive content:

  1. Connecting to Wi-Fi – If you want to use The Handy’s unique feature of syncing with adult content, you’ll need to connect the device to Wi-Fi. Follow the instructions provided in the manual to connect your Handy to your Wi-Fi network.
  2. Sync with a Compatible Platform – Once your Handy is connected to Wi-Fi, you’ll need to sync it with a platform that supports Handy VR synchronization. These platforms provide specially encoded videos that the Handy can follow. To sync, you will typically have to input a unique code provided by the Handy onto the platform.
  3. Prepare Your VR Set-Up – While your Handy is syncing with the platform, you can prepare your VR setup. Make sure your VR headset is fully charged, clean, and ready to use.
  4. Start the Video and Enjoy – Once everything is set up, select a VR video that is Handy compatible. Start the video on your VR headset, and the Handy will automatically follow the rhythm and intensity of the on-screen action, providing a fully immersive experience.

Note: The exact steps to set up the Handy with VR may vary based on the platform and the VR device you are using. Always refer to specific instructions provided by the platform and the product manual.

My Experience with The Handy?

I’ve thoroughly tested The Handy the last 3 weeks and it has surprised me positively on more than one occasion. There is no doubt a bit of a setup face, this is where I tried the different adjustments got it to work with my VR headset, and connected it to a couple of the supported adult video sites.

It’s really all about getting comfortable with the settings and controls the first week, which is going to make your masturbation sessions so much better later on. There are quite a few settings so make sure you read through the manual first so you don’t waste time that could be spent getting jerked off.

The included sleeves are fairly simple compared to other strokers based on real pornstars but they work surprisingly well and offer plenty of stimulation. It’s really easy and quick to swap sleeves if you wish to change things up during play.

handy masturbation sleeves

The outside sleeve design makes it possible to use 3rd party sleeves as long as they aren’t too heavy or large. This is one of the coolest features but also one of the letdowns because it could have been so much better if the motor had been more powerful.

I’m really happy with the stimulation level adjustment and the feel of the different sleeves is good.

How does it Compare to the Kiiroo Keon and Fleshlight Launch?

The market for automatic male masturbators has gone absolutely bonkers over the last few years with new products being released monthly. It’s however not all sunshine and rainbows because a lot of the automatic male masturbators are complete trash!

The Handy vs. competition

Comparison with the two main competitors

The two main competitors to The Handy are the Keon from Kiiroo which works with their FeelStar strokers and the Fleshlight Launch which works with all the Fleshlight Girls.

Kiiroo Keon and Fleshlight Launch:


  • Works with 50+ strokers
  • Based on real pornstars
  • Synchronize with videos
  • Powerful stroking
  • Tons of adjustments


  • They are both huge
  • Very expensive
  • Noisy compared to The Handy

The Handy


  • Cheap to get started (compared to the competition)
  • Low noise in the slower settings
  • Works with videos for your VR headset (and any other videos)
  • Powerful stroking
  • External sleeve mount makes it easy to make alternative attachments
  • Tons of adjustments
  • Very easy to clean


  • Limited sleeve selection, more is coming but at the time of writing
  • The handsfree cup is pretty bad in terms of quality
  • You need to hold it in your hands
  • It needs an electrical outlet to work


A: You should only use a water-based lube. Silicone-based lubes are hard to clean off and you risk damaging your sleeves. I don’t know why they don’t include a bottle of lube or at least offer it on their website, so you’ll have to get it from somewhere else.

A: This is one of the areas where The Handy shines because the sleeves are super easy to clean compared to cleaning the other stroker-based masturbators.

Simply rinse off any lube and cum under the water tap and massage a bit of soap in the sleeve hole with your fingers and rinse it off again. Pad it dry with a towel and invert it to dry the inside.

A: They are made of TPE which is a super soft and stretchy material that’s used in almost all male masturbators and sex dolls. No, it’s not made of silicone which is a huge misunderstanding.

A: Yes, but that does take some engineering because of the grip strap design. I’m currently working on a guide to make it work with the FeelStar and Fleshlight sleeves, but that’s not currently done.

A: It is true that The Handy is based in Norway but the products are being shipped from US/EU warehouses for fast and free shipping (for all orders over 120 Dollars or Euros).

A: Yes, you don’t need any of the fancy features that require an Internet connection. To be honest; most of the time I simply use it without any VR or special features.

A: No, this is purely made as a plug-in toy that requires external power while operating.

My Final Thoughts About The Handy Masturbator

It’s always great to see innovation in the sex toy space and The Handy does certainly bring an innovative design to the table. The outside sleeve attachment is great and it lets you use off-brand masturbation sleeves as long as they aren’t too thick and/or heavy.

My main complaint with The Handy is the lack of power which prevents you from 3d printing an attachment for a Fleshlight or FeelStar stroker. It’s annoying since they aren’t even limited to the power of a battery but can draw as much power as they want from the electrical outlet.

That being said; it’s still an amazing automatic masturbator that can both simulate a handjob or any type of penetration that you like. You’re most likely not going to run into any lack of power if you use the included sleeves, but this design screams for customization.

I’ve used The Handy regularly for the past 3 weeks and my overall conclusion is pretty positive.

Are you after an automatic hand-job stimulator then there is no getting around The Handy. It’s getting the job done and the sleeve selection is decent.

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