Stoya Fleshlight Review 2023

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  • Realism
  • Support
  • Price

Review Summary:

The Stoya Fleshlight comes in to versions a pussy and an anal version and they are both really good. There is a reason why this is one of the best selling products that Fleshlight have ever produced.

It’s of very hight quality and the feeling is very realistic when you use it.

stoya fleshlight review

Stoya Fleshlight benefits:

  • Get amazing sexual experience
  • Realistic feeling texture
  • Both anal and pussy versions are avaliable

Do I recommend it?

Yes very much indeed! It’s a perfect sex toy for men who want to get off quickly or train their sexual stamina.

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3.75 (4 votes)

Table of Contents

Do you know what a Fleshlight is?

It’s just your masturbation habits “getting out of hand”!

Seriously, who would’ve imagined that a discreet implement for gathering sperm in the late ’90s would eventually become a best-selling sex toy? Fast forward 20 years, having a slice of your favorite pornstar’s coochie is easier than ever!

Speaking of whom, there’s hardly anybody who watches alternative porn and doesn’t dream of creampie-ing Stoya, the ivory MILF goddess. Being the reason why our right hands wield the strength of a Super Saiyan, her pussy has also tamed men that are hung like a horse, both on-and-off screen.

Stoya porn star

And even if you can’t have Stoya in your arms, you can always have a handful of her with the Stoya Destroya Fleshlights. Available in both pussy and anal orifices, this best-selling sex toy is the red hot icing on your vanilla sexual adventures.

Without any further ado, let’s check out its core specs and features!

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight Vaginal Version

The Stoya Destroya is so bold that it should’ve been a font name, and the best way to understand it is by using its pussy variant. Get ready to experience heaven on earth with this magnificently designed pocket pussy, that too, at a very affordable price.

stoya pussy fleshlight

More about the Sleeve

  • This pussy orifice is a 100% accurate re-creation of Stoya’s labia
  • It begins with a 10mm narrow channel that features bumps for stimulations
  • It further continues to a broader chamber with larger bumps towards the center
  • It measures 9.75 inches, which supports almost all penile sizes

Is the Texture any good?

  • The sleeve features a bumpy texture till the center of the orifice
  • The subsequent section comprises numerous fangs, all pointing towards the entrance at a 45-degree angle
  • The final section comes after a series of ridges that created a ribbed sensation throughout the narrowing sleeve

Should I clean it?

  • This fleshlight isn’t the easiest to clean, and also requires deep cleansing due to its complex structure
  • The fangy chamber requires more attention to ensure that there’s no semen left unnoticed

How does it Feel

  • The entrance of the orifice is very tight, for which it’s important to use lubricant
  • The sensations keep enhancing as we travel through the chambers, and the fangs are very stimulating
  • The textures create intense stimulations for a very fierce male orgasm

Final thought about the Stoya Vigina Fleshlight

It’d take only a single-time use to comprehend why the Stoya Destroya pussy fleshlight is probably the most realistic toy that money could buy.

However, it’s tightness and size may not make it a suitable toy for men bigger than 10 inches.

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight Anal Version

Let’s be honest – who hasn’t fantasized about pinning Stoya’s face against a wall and entering the party through her backdoor? The Stoya butt variant is the one-stop solution to all your naughty anal sex fetishes.

stoya anal fleshlight

The Anal Sleeve features

  • It features one of the most simplistic yet intense textures designed by FleshLight
  • It’s a 9-inch long anal sleeve, which makes it compatible for almost all penile sizes
  • The narrowest part of this tube is 0.4 inches, very appropriate for anal stimulations
  • The final section consists of an ultra-piercing pleasure dome for a sensual climax

Texture of the toy

  • It features a triple-chamber pattern that includes complex textures for a wild solo adventure
  • Consistently narrowing and widening walls covered with bumps and fangs
  • Multiple ridges conjoin together for a stimulating experience, leading to an incredible orgasm
  • 360 degrees of incomparable bliss offered by the pleasure dome

Cleaning is important

  • Needs an ocean of water to be cleaned thoroughly
  • Comparatively easier to clean than the pussy variant due to a simpler texture pattern
  • Takes as long as several hours to dry out completely

Does it feel like anal penetration?

  • The anal sleeve is evidently tighter at the entrance, enabling a more sensual experience
  • The ribbed textures feel very comforting on the penis, massaging the glans
  • The anal opening swallows and grips the penis correctly for an intense experience

Final thought about the Stoya Anal Fleshlight

Similar to the Stoya pussy fleshlight, this orifice, too, isn’t the best option for men with sensitive glans, because it can be pretty tight. But for those who drool over tight buttholes, this is a lifesaver.

Summing It Up

If you’re buff enough to reach the final section of these sleeves without orgasming and wearing out its tightness within no time, doesn’t that make YOU the “Stoya Destroya”?

Haha! Jokes apart, we hope that our guide to this best-selling Fleshlight could help you reach one step closer to heaven.

Stay tuned for more!

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