Stoya Destroya Fleshlight Tested and Reviewed

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  • Price

Review Summary:

The Stoya Destroya sleeve was my favorite sex toy when I first tested it 12 years ago and it’s still up there among the best now.

It has an almost magical feeling texture layout with the perfect ratio of tightness and stimulation.

You’re most likely going to enjoy it no matter if you’re an old-school Fleshlight guy or new to the game.

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight Review

What I like about it:

  • Amazing internal texture that feels so good
  • The tightness is perfect
  • You can use it with all the new accessories
  • It’s a lot easier and quicker to clean and dry (compared to the new ones)

What I don’t like about it:

  • The hard case feels kind of janky
  • You’re still paying a premium for it

I recommend the Stoya sleeve if you’re after an old-school Fleshlight sleeve with all that comes with that.


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I tested the Stoya Destroya sleeve 12 years ago and it is finally time to revisit this legend of a Fleshlight to see how it stacks up against the modern Fleshlight sleeves.

It still amazes me that the Destroya sleeve is consistently in the top 3 best-selling sleeves if you go to and arrange the sleeves after sold units.

It can’t just be because she was such a popular pornstar at the time, the sleeve itself was just so good compared to what was available at the time.

Stoya porno star

Let’s Get Ready for Penetration

It’s important to preheat the toy whenever I test pocket pussies, this will make the experience a lot nicer and a whole lot more realistic.

preheating destroya fleshlight

You can buy an overpriced sleeve heater from and other sites, but the truth is that they suck. Just dump your Stoya Sleeve in warm water for 15-20 minutes and you’re good to go.

I always open up the back lid to reduce the suction power which makes it easier to penetrate. This is especially important with tight Fleshlights like the Stoya Destroya.

You can always tighten it when you’re in for a tighter masturbation experience.

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight – Vaginal Penetration

The Stoya Destroya is so bold that it should’ve been a font name, and the best way to understand it is by using its pussy variant. Get ready to experience heaven on earth with this magnificently designed pocket pussy, that too, at a very affordable price.

stoya pussy fleshlight

Destroya Sleeve

  • This pussy orifice is a 100% accurate re-creation of Stoya’s labia
  • It begins with a 10mm narrow channel that features bumps for stimulation
  • It further continues to a broader chamber with larger bumps towards the center
  • It measures 9.75 inches, which supports almost all penile sizes

Internal Texture

  • The sleeve features a bumpy texture till the center of the orifice
  • The subsequent section comprises numerous fangs, all pointing toward the entrance at a 45-degree angle
  • The final section comes after a series of ridges that created a ribbed sensation throughout the narrowing sleeve

How Does it Feel?

  • The entrance of the orifice is very tight, for which it’s important to use lubricant
  • The sensations keep enhancing as we travel through the chambers, and the fangs are very stimulating
  • The textures create intense stimulations for a very fierce male orgasm

What I Think About the Destroya Sleeve

It’d take only a single time in this sleeve to know why it’s still on top of a lot of men’s favorite sex toy lists. It’s feels freaking good even after all these years of testing modern sex toys.

It might not be for you if your penis is ticked or you just don’t like a tight fuck.

Stoya Epic Fleshlight – Anal Penetration

Let’s be honest – who hasn’t fantasized about pinning Stoya’s face against a wall and entering the party through her backdoor? The Stoya butt variant is the one-stop solution to all your naughty anal sex fetishes.

stoya anal fleshlight

Epic Sleeve

  • It features one of the most simplistic yet intense textures designed by Fleshlight
  • It’s a 9-inch-long anal sleeve, which makes it compatible with almost all penile sizes
  • The narrowest part of this tube is 0.4 inches, very appropriate for anal stimulation
  • The final section consists of an ultra-piercing pleasure dome for a sensual climax

Internal Texture

  • It features a triple-chamber pattern that includes complex textures for a wild solo adventure
  • Consistently narrowing and widening walls covered with bumps and fangs
  • Multiple ridges conjoin together for a stimulating experience, leading to an incredible orgasm
  • 360 degrees of incomparable bliss offered by the pleasure dome

How does it Feel?

  • The anal sleeve is tighter at the entrance, enabling a more sensual experience
  • The ribbed textures feel very comforting on the penis, massaging the glans
  • The anal opening swallows and grips the penis correctly for an intense experience

What I Think About the Epic Sleeve

Similar to the Stoya pussy Fleshlight, this orifice, too, isn’t the best option for men with sensitive glans, because it can be pretty tight. But if you’re a sucker for a tight butthole then this is the perfect sleeve for you.

I had a ton of fun testing it and would recommend it to all the Stoya fans who would love to give her butt a try.

Clean Your Sleeve After Use

Yep, I know, it’s annoying to clean your sex toys right after use but it’s important if you want to prevent mold, bacteria growth, and bad smell from developing.

The Stoya Destroya has a small advantage because it’s made with the old molding technique which has fewer details. This makes it easier to clean and you should be able to get all cum and lube out of it in 2 minutes with warm tap water and mild anti-bacterial soap.

My Final Thoughts About the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight

The Stoya Fleshlight was one of the very first product tests I did when I first started as a sex toy tester and reviewer. It was at the time my favorite male masturbator and it has kept up with the new Fleshlight models in terms of sales. Now 12 years later I still find it extremely well balanced between stimulation and tightness.

Sure, some of the newer models have a much more detailed entrance and the texture is very simple and rudimentary compared to what is possible now. It does however still stand as one of the best Fleshlights I’ve ever tested even after all these years.

If you’re an old-school Fleshlight guy then this is simply the one to get!

I recommend the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight if you’re after a well-balanced stimulation/tightness sleeve that still rocks after all these years.

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