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The Kiiroo Onyx+ is a high-quality male masturbator that can be controlled over the internet by another lover or by a app on your phone or manualy on the device it self.

You can set the device to 4 different settings:

  • Full stroke
  • Power up
  • Handjob
  • Storm

kiiroo onyx+ asa akira edition

The Kiiroo Onyx+ is a really good way to stay connected if you’re in a long distance relationship or if you simply just want to enjoy yourself.

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Who doesn’t like getting satisfied sexually?

The brand new Kiiroo Onyx+ an automatic male sexually pleasing device invented by a Dutch company called Kiiroo.

The device, upon launching, has become the ultimate adult toy to be beckoned by many. Below is a comprehensive review of this product.

Kiiroo Onyx plus test

State of Art Technology

The unique technology used to make the device is worth classifying as the future thinking in the production of male sex toys.

The contracting rings strikes the penis of the user up and down, creating a maximum sensation.

With such a techno-brain mindset, it ultimately makes you feel like you have a sexual superpower.

Provision of Manual and Automatic Modes

The device uses a touch trackpad activated by your hand’s movement, hence efficiently enabling you to change speeds simulating perfectly the actual sexual intercourse.

The Kiiroo Onyx+ Design

The actual design of the device is extremely cool. The variety of colors of the device to the shape provides a fantastic appeal to the users.

Moreover, Kiiroo Onyx+ is professionally designed with a soft touch coat, providing an extremely tight and comfortable grip.

The sleeve is not too tight hence accommodates all individuals with different penile sizes.

Kiiroo Onyx plus review


The device has been incorporated with a USB charging port to enable you to charge it remotely from your PC, Xbox, or car. Furthermore, to charge the device to full charge, it takes an hour or less.


The manufacturer took ample time to manufacture it with great care. Moreover, the gadget has been tested and verified to be extremely safe for your genitals.

Additionally, the sleeves are easily removed and cleaned after usage.


Kiiroo offers a one-year warranty on the product; thus, buyers be rest assured the company cares for them just the same way they care for their sexual arousal and satisfaction.

The company is more ready to accept products with defects, damaged during delivery, or rendered functionless within the period in exchange for a new device.


Since its inception, our reputation has continued to be cemented in the production list of the best male masturbator devices.

The feedback has always been positive, hence the reason to always strive to produce better adult toys.

Kiiroo Onyx is no exception since it is an improvement in the previous of Kiiroo Onyx, thus versions assuring customers that quality has not been compromised.


As mentioned above, the quality is not compromised; the adult toy is sold at the best price in the market referencing products on its standards.

Moreover, unbeatable discounts are usually offered for regular customers as well as new and potential clientele.


Kiiroo Onyx+ is available on reputable websites such as amazon. It is prudent to head there and check their Early Black Friday Deals, and you may end up getting your adult toy at a pocket-friendly deal. Additionally, the shipping and delivery cost is very affordable, thus saving you the hustle of visiting an offshore shop to make your purchases.

Notably, for orders above One Hundred Dollars, the shipping cost is free.

Discreet Delivery

Sexual pleasures are a private and confidential affair. Having this in mind, the company packages its products discreetly to avoid the users’ and purchasers’ victimization. Additionally, the delivery is done professionally while strictly adhering to customer’s specifications, timelines, and preferences.

Allows for Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

This provision has redefined ultimate evolution in the manufacture of teledildonic toys for male sexual satisfaction.

With this, you can connect to other devices and your partner’s devices, thus increasing the enjoyment of being top-notch.

Compatible to Porn Sites

Another handy package to this device is the ability to connect to different porn hub sites.

A user is guaranteed to connect to their favorite site any day and anytime, which adds to a new sexually sensory experience.

Conclusively, the new Kiiroo Onyx+ is taking the market by a storm and more than ready to bring you a different sensation in your sexual life, both as blowjobs, handjobs or intercourse.

Speculatively, this male toy can go more than one hundred strokes per minute in a silent mode, just a perfect device for your traveling experiences.

What are you still waiting for? Rush to get you Kiiroo Onyx+ while stocks last! With the above information you will not regret.

Aiclegal recommends Kiiroo Onyx+ if you want a high-quality masturbator

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