Kiiroo Onyx 2 Tested and Reviewed (Updated to Onyx Plus)

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Review Summary:

The Onyx Plus is an updated version of the Onyx 2 masturbator and it has a more powerful motor and updated connectivity.

The 2’nd version was struggling with keeping a connection to the FeelMe app but it’s a lot better now.

It can simulate you just like a blowjob/handjob and intercourse.

Kiiroo Onyx Plus Tested and reviewed

What I like about it:

  • It feels amazing when used with FeelMe (highly recommended)
  • Nice and compact interactive masturbator
  • Low noise level compared to similar automatic masturbators
  • Easy to control it during play

What I don’t like about it:

  • Only one masturbation sleeve texture
  • I know you’re getting a lot but it’s still expensive

My Thoughts About It

Overall, a pretty nice interactive masturbator that has gotten a lot better in terms of connecting with the FeelMe app, but there is still room for improvement.

This is a great choice if you’re into the interactive porno, especially if you have a Virtual Reality headset. This is where it shines and feels like you’re having real sex and not just masturbating.

If you don’t give a shot about that, then get yourself a FeelStar Masturbator and save the remaining Dollars for something else.

I recommend the Onyx 2 (Plus) if you’re after an interactive pocket pussy type masturbator.

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Update December 2023:

Yep, it happened again, a company releases a product and then chooses to rebrand for some unknown reason.

I originally tested and reviewed the Kiiroo Onyx 2, but Kiiroo came out with a new version which is called the Onyx+ and Not Onyx 3.

I’m pretty sure that avoided the “3” cause the update is minor and not worth using a version number on.

So, what’s New in the Onyx Plus Compared to the Onyx 2

The Kiiroo Onyx Plus features a quieter and smoother masturbation experience, enhanced responsiveness to the FeelConnect app, and a stronger motor compared to the Onyx 2.

Additionally, the Onyx Plus has a removable sleeve which makes it a lot easier to clean compared to the old version. As a new thing, Kiiroo has released replacement sleeves so you can upgrade it to a tighter version if you prefer that.

kiiroo onyx plus replacement sleeves

You can find replacement sleeves at or buy them when you buy your Onyx+ and save a few Dollars.

Choose Whatever Version You Like Because They are All the Same

Yep, that’s right, all the Onyx + masturbators have the same internal sleeve, the only difference is the box art, the signature on the top, and you get access to some special content with the pornstar that you choose.

But, the masturbator and how it feels are completely the same. I don’t know what I think about that, but it’s a way to cut costs and it’s not a product that you want to buy several of like the FeelStar’s or Fleshlights.

The pornstars that have a “personalized” version of the Onyx Plus are:

  • Lisa Ann
  • Asa Akira
  • Romi Rain
  • Jessica Drake
onyx plus pornstars

You can also buy a neutral one if you don’t care what’s on the box of your masturbator.

I would personally have loved it if there was some sort of difference to the internal sleeve but I guess that would add too much cost to the product.

You can find all their Onyx Plus models on

Watch Your Favorite Adult Content

Sure, you can use the Onyx Plus just as it is but the real magic happens when you connect it to FeelMe. It is a paid service but you can get it down to less than $5 a month if you get the yearly subscription and it’s well worth it.

What does it do?

You install the FeelMe Ai software on your pc/phone/tablet and connect your Onyx Plus to it. It can track movements on the content you watch and simulate the same type of movement in your Onyx Plus.

So, when you watch a girl ride a cock slowly then it will stimulate your cock slowly and speed up when she does so the stimulation follows the content.

You can signup to and use it with any interactive masturbator that you already own.

10-ring Stimulation

What the hell does that even mean? Well, the inside of the Onyx Plus has 10 rings that each can contract and expand simulating a stroking sensation.

stroking design

This design makes it less noise compared to masturbators that do automatic stroking like the Fleshlight Universal Launch and the Kiiroo Keon.

It also has its limits and it’s not as strong as a real stroking masturbator, but the smaller size and lower noise is a huge plus.

Prepare for Penetration

It’s always a good idea to charge it before using it so you don’t run out of juice during play. You plug the included USB cable into whatever powered USB port you have, phone charger, PC, or console.

How to control it

Download and set up the FeelConnect or FeelMe app, depending on how you wish to play.

Preheat the sleeve for a more comfortable penetration so you avoid the cold shock on your penis.

How does It Feel to Use?

It’s a very fun masturbation experience when you don’t have to do anything. The rings inside are tightly packed so you don’t feel the rings themselves.

I love the feeling of stroking but it’s not as strong as similar automatic masturbators that do the actual stroking. I’ve tested quite a few automatic blowjob masturbators during my time working as a sex toy tester and you can find the best blowjob machines here.

I feel like you’re missing out if you’re not using the FeelMe app because it truly transforms the experience and takes it to a whole new level.

Overall, a nice masturbation experience that is not too stimulating but a nice all-around stimulation.

If you’re after stronger stimulation then get the tight sleeve and push the speed slider to 140 strokes per minute!

Cleaning the Sleeve

The removable sleeve is a freaking huge deal when it comes to cleaning, it turns cleaning into a 30-second job compared to cleaning the entire thing and worrying about damaging it with water.

Just rinse the sleeve off and massage the internal with a bit of mild soap and you’re good to go.

Are You in a Long-Distance Relationship?

All of Kiiroo’s interactive sex toys work with each other through the FeelConnect app, you don’t need to be on the same network. All you need is an internet connection and a phone to play with each other.

You can get special bundles with all their interactive sex toys including the Onyx Plus which can be paired with:

  • Peal 2 vibrator
  • Fuse dual vibrator
  • Cliona clitoris vibrator


  • Hands-free fun: enjoy automatic stimulation with ease
  • Bluetooth capability: connect to interactive content, like adult films, cam shows, and games
  • Remote intimacy: use the app for long-distance partner control and syncing
  • Innovative tech: an enhanced set of contracting rings gives you a unique sensation
  • Customizable experience: Manual and automatic modes available with touch-sensitive controls
  • Safe materials: no need to worry about harmful substances
  • Quality sleeve: made by the renowned Fleshlight company
  • Eye-catching design: somewhat reminiscent of KITT from Knight Rider
  • Solid construction: feels well-built and carefully crafted
  • Easy charging: USB compatible with various sources
  • Spacious: less constricting than many competitors
  • Highly rated: appears on our list of best male masturbators


  • Price: on the expensive side, but quality speaks for itself
  • Not for water play: unfortunately, it’s not waterproof
  • Battery to playtime ratio: 4-hour charge for just 1 hour of use
  • Noise level: could be a bit quieter
  • Protective ring: can be tricky to attach and remove

My Final Thoughts About the Kiiroo Onyx 2 (and Plus version)

I loved testing the Onyx 2 when it came out and the new and improved Onyx Plus has been an even better experience.

That being said, there is still a lot to improve in the design and connectivity. We are clearly on the frontier of what’s possible with the technology that we have right now and I’m very excited for the future for interactive sex toys.

The Kiiroo Onyx Plus gets a recommendation from me if you’re into interactive masturbation and especially if you have a virtual reality headset to watch porn on.

This is not for you if you’re after a simple masturbator, there are far cheaper options if you’re after that.

I recommend the Onyx 2 (Plus) if you’re after an interactive pocket pussy type masturbator.

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