5 Best Life Size Sex Doll Tested and Reviewed

Finding the right life-size sex doll is very personal and I can give you a lot of suggestions but it ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and style.

I can however give you advice on where to find the right life-size sex doll since not all websites sell genuine sex dolls.

I recommend buying from SiliconeWives:

They are a US-based sex doll company that offers high-quality sex dolls and has amazing friendly and helpful support.

You can browse all their different life-size sex dolls here.

You can always read more below in the full article if you wish some more background information.

Full-Size Sex Doll Guide:

There are many reasons why you might want to use a life-size sex doll.

Maybe you’re a busy professional who has no time to go out and meet women.

You might have a long-distance relationship but want to have some fun without cheating.

Maybe you’re just tired of using your hands all the time, and the lines on your palms nowadays have started to resemble the veins of your penis.

Or maybe… just maybe you’re a 30-year-old Neckbeard World of Warcraft player who still lives in his mom’s basement and sees no chance of scoring pussy anytime soon.

Let me tell you that I’m not judging.

We all have our reasons for wanting to use sex toys, and to be honest, using sex dolls is a far better alternative to jamming your cock inside a $20 crack-addict hooker who might just give you STDs.

best life size sex dolls

The 5 Best Life-size Sex Dolls 2024

That’s why today I’m going to tell you about 5 of the best life-size sex dolls you can buy right now!

All these models look and feel realistic, and if you happen to be someone who has never sat bitches on your dick before, you might think this is 100% the real deal!

So, let’s begin!

#1 Sex Doll Jasmine

I’m not going to lie, if you asked me what my favorite silicon sex doll is, I’d probably say it is this.

The life-size Sex Doll Jasmine measures 163cm in height and is one of the most realistic life-size sex dolls I’ve ever used.

And I urge you to try her out as well, not only because of her big tidies and fire pussy  but for other reasons too.

Why should you buy the Jasmine sex doll?

Well, in addition to a curvy body and a pretty face, this sex doll comes with additional things like handling gloves, a blanket, two wigs, a comb, a cleaning pot, and a free outfit to dress her up however you like.

Now, I’m going to not reveal how I like my women to dress during foreplay (trust me, you don’t want to know), but I do like the options.

I like how Jasmine is made of non-toxic and safe medical silica gel (TPE), and I swear in a drunken stupor, I can barely tell that she isn’t real. You can also pose her in many different ways as you would with a real woman thanks to the poseable metal alloy skeleton.

So, go crazy and fulfill your fantasies with her because the lord knows no real woman would agree.

Stuff your schlong in her mouth, pussy, or ass in any pose, any time you like, and she’ll never complain.

The depth of her “love holes” are mentioned below:

  • Mouth: 15 cm
  • Vagina: 17 cm
  • Vagina diameter: 1.5 cm
  • Anal: 17 cm
  • Anal diameter: 1.5 cm

Customize it to your desire

The amount of different options is incredible and you’ll be able to change the look and feel of this doll to your taste.

Check out some of the different ways in the image below.

jasmine sex doll customizability options

And you get an extra free face so you can change things up once in a while.

extra free head selection of sex dolls

Final thoughts

Buy it! You get free and discreet shipping with complete tracking ability. I received mine by the beginning of the third week, which is okay since the company promises to deliver in 3-4 weeks.

And the cherry on top?

You get to choose an extra head (no pun intended) while buying, so if you ever get tired of looking at Jasmine’s face, you can switch it with a different one.

I’ve made a full review of the Dominique sex doll here.


  • Curvy and busty
  • Comes with a mouth, ass, and pussy to enjoy
  • Feels almost close to the real thing
  • Free and discreet shipping
  • Easy to maintain
  • It’s the most customizable sex doll on the planet!


  • A bit on the expensive side

I recommend the Jasmine sex doll

Buy Jasmine sex doll here

Are you more into petite girls? Then I would recommend Emma below! 

#2 Emma Premium Life Size Sex Doll

Tits and ass are both great, but there’s something else that makes my dick go big as the Eiffel Tower. It’s tan skin. And when you combine tan with the smoking hot body and gorgeous face of the Emma Premiumlife size sex doll, you know you’re in for many wild nights.

Made by the reputed company, WM Dolls, this model is one of my prized possessions.

emma premium tpe sex doll

Why you should buy the Life Size Emma Premium

Why the heck not?

You can buy Emma in many different height and breast size settings to fit your preferences. Starting from 148 cm/4ft10” L-cup to 170cm/5ft7” H-cup.

Even though the version I have is the 5ft1” B-cup model (since I love petite women), I’ve never felt it too restrictive in terms of size, depth of holes, or positioning.

I am a degenerate, and I have no problem admitting that. So, most chances I get to spend with my doll is when my wife leaves for work. The rest of the time, it remains carefully unassembled and hidden in the basement. During my free, horny time, I enjoy it from all sides, be it the pussy, mouth, or ass. And all of those holes feel real enough thanks to the TPE material.

Another aspect that I like is the sheer number of choices you get while buying from the website. Everything, starting from the head to pussy type, is customizable, and you can even choose a pubic hairstyle if any catches your fancy.

emma premium style options


The Emma Premium TPE Sex Doll can be an excellent choice for all the horny fuckers out there who don’t mind spending a little extra. You get loads of customizable options and can even buy a new head for variety.

If you think you can make do with the bare minimum, 85 cm/2ft9” F-cup (no legs) version because pussy is pussy, am I right?


  • Lots of customizable options for pussy, mouth, and skin color
  • Feels very real and has lots of tiny detailing
  • Very easy to store away after use
  • Free and discreet shipping


  • The custom options can add up to the cost

Buy Emma sex doll here

#3 Lilly Life Size Sex Doll

What’s better than a sex doll that feels real and can fulfill all your fantasies?

A life-size sex doll modeled like your favorite pornstar that feels real and can satisfy all your fantasies!

Yep, the Lilly sex doll is precisely that, and even though I haven’t blown many loads to Lilly’s porn, I did like her enough to remember the face and body.

Lily Fox the porn star sex doll

This is why you should get the Lilly doll

Well, apart from its incredibly realistic face and body, the thing that allures me is the model’s personality.

Yeah, I talk to my silicon ladies sometimes while making love, and no, I am not crazy. And Lilly just happens to be my favorite lady to talk to among all others. This doll is 163cm/ 5ft 4in in height, so I have no trouble pretending she’s an actual girl who’s into me.

Like other models I’ve reviewed, this one is also made of TPE with a metal skeleton, so you can be sure that it’ll feel real to the touch.

And if you feel like taking the realism one step further, feel free to choose the body temperature add-on to warm up the doll before you stick your dick inside it. Here are some of the love hole measurements:

Mouth depth: 12cm/4.7in

Vaginal depth: 18cm/7.1in

Anal depth: 16cm/6.3in

With such great flexibility, I guarantee you’ll be fully satisfied regardless of your size.

Like all other dolls I’m reviewing here, you can also customize Lilly with your own choice of skin, nail, eye, and nipple color.

Not to forget, there are choices in hairstyles and shoulder poses (shrug or no shrug) as well. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this model no matter what you choose.

Lil Fox skin tone

Lily Fox doll hairstyle


In addition to the features I described, you also get the benefits of free and discreet shipping worldwide. And the seller guarantees to deliver the item within 14-21 days!

The only issue one might have with this product is its high price, which, in my opinion, is worth it, but others may not feel the same way. If you have the money, you should buy Lilly.


  • Realistic to sight and feel
  • Lifesize model, measuring 5ft4in in height
  • Enough depth of love holes to accommodate all sizes
  • Plenty of customizable options


  • Price is on the higher side
  • Add-ons are expensive

Buy Lily Fox sex doll here

#4 Esther: Maid Sex Doll in Life Size

Ever since I watched my first Japanese porn, where a nasty older man was devouring his maid who’s probably the age of his daughter, my eyes opened to many perversions.

I was a teen back then and wanted to indulge myself in some of those. Too bad I never got to travel to the country and get a Japanese waifu, but I did get Esther, the maid life-size sex doll who’s pretty close.

Esther maid sex doll

Why is the Esther Maid sex doll best for you?

If you’re a fan of anime, Japanese culture, or big tits on Japanese women, then Esther would be the best choice for a sex doll.

To me, she’s the big-titted Japanese wife I never had and the perfect companion to many a lonely night. What makes her so believable is her height of 165cm/ 5ft 5in, long legs, and a gorgeous face. Hey, she might even top real Japanese pornstars!

Esther’s a TPE sex doll like other models in my review, so you can rest assured knowing she’ll feel close to the real thing.

I enjoy playing with her by making her pose in many different ways, all of which are made possible by the moveable joints and steel skeleton.

If you’re curious if you’d fit in all her holes, then I just take a look at the measurements and see for yourself.

  • Vagina: 7 inches (17.01cm)
  • Anus: 7 inches (17.01cm)
  • Mouth:1 inches (12.95cm)

And when I’m done filling all her holes, I clean her up and put her away somewhere safe. Yes, cleaning and maintenance are that easy!

Esther options

When buying, you’ll get a ton of customizable options for eye color, hair color, skin tone, vagina, pubic hair, etc. so that you never have to settle for anything less than the “perfect” Japanese wife.


The Esther: Maid Sex Doll is worthy of try even if you’re not into humping maids, purely because of the quality of the model itself. It has been the perfect sex partner for me on countless occasions, and I’m sure it’ll be the same for you. Just don’t let the wife get jealous, know what I mean? All perks like free and discreet shipping worldwide apply here as well.


  • Stunning face and realistic body
  • A wide range of customizable options
  • Can let you play out the maid fantasy
  • Lifesize model


  • None

Buy Esther maid sex doll here

#5 Goldie Silicone Full Size Sex Doll

Last but not least, I bring you my final and one of the most favorite sex dolls, Goldie.

Now, I must warn you, this baby is by far the most expensive product in my review and might not be for everyone.

However, for all the dudes out there who’ve always wanted to get dirty with a blonde Japanese, this is the girlfriend to get.

Goldie life size sex doll

Why should you buy the Goldie Silicone full size sex doll?

Why buy any life-size sex doll?

To get companionship and unlimited sex, of course!

Well, the difference between this and other lower-priced models becomes clear as day once you take Goldie out of the box. The model measures at the height of 5ft 6in and has an incredibly realistic skin texture and overall firmness. I can tell that the company has used high-grade silicone.

I, personally, only care about how juicy that pussy and how tight that ass feels.

It’s not that I can’t get it up with my wife anymore, just that my doll understands what level of a pervert I am and lets me explore all their holes to my dick’s content. Goldie, for instance, comes with these love hole measurements:

  • Vagina: 8 inches (20.32cm)
  • Anus: 7 inches (17.01cm)
  • Oral: 4 inches (10.41cm)

The reason I’m placing this 5th on my list is because of customization limitations. Unlike the previous models, the company doesn’t allow customizations to Goldie to a great extent.

Here, you’re only limited to hair and eye color customizations, which is still better than nothing, if you ask me.


Goldie is truly one of the most beautiful full-size sex dolls on the planet and an ultimate fuck buddy for those who are willing to dish out the extra moolah.

I promise that as soon as you slip your weiner inside her moist holes, you’ll be writhing and squirming with pleasure- that’s how well-made she is. Take her home and let me know what you think.


  • Enough hole depth to accommodate all sizes
  • Made using high-quality silicone
  • Gorgeous face and blonde hair


  • Price
  • Not a lot of customization choices

Buy Goldie the full size sex doll here

Who are you going to enjoy?

Now that you’ve read all about my best life-size sex dolls go ahead and buy one without further delay. All the manufacturers are reputed and provide 100% free and anonymous shipping.

So, no worries about having an awkward interaction with the mailman or explaining to the accountant what -$2499 on the bank statement means.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the best life-size sex dolls; I hope you have many great cum fests in the cuming days!

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  1. Hey Charley
    I have a queston about cleaning the doll.
    The full size sex dolls are really heavy and they are hard to move around, what is the best way to keep them clean? Can you give it a shower? Or does it break?
    Hope to hear from you.

    1. Hi
      Good questions, the answer is yes you can give them a shower, most are made with materials that are water proof. But contact the place where you bought the doll just just be 100% sure.
      Most sex dolls can be bought with a removeable vigina/anus for easy cleaning.
      This is recommended for ease of use.
      Best regards,

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