The Ultimate Bathmate review and penis pump guide

The Bathmate product lineup has always been my favorite choice when I come to penis pumps.

It all started with the Bathmate Hercules that I got in 2008 and guess what? I still got it – Talk about good quality!

Just two options!

It was very easy to find the right penis pump because there were just 2 pumps; a regular size (the Hercules) and a large size (the Goliath).

Now it’s a bit more difficult with 10 different models each with its own width, length and strength.

I decided to make this guide because of all the misinformation that’s floating around the internet.

Choosing the right Bathmate model

what bathmate model should I get

There are 3 different things you need to consider when you’re shopping around for a penis pump:

1 Your penis size

It’s important that you get a Bathmate model that fits your penis size. The new Bathmate pumps are conveniently named after their size in inches.

So, the Bathmate HydroMax7 should be used by men with a 7 inch or smaller penis. You can convert your penis size in cm. to inches by multiplying it by 2.54.

There are 2 models that are made for men with a very wide penis or with an unnatural penis curve that prevent them from using a normal size pump.

Tip: It’s always better to pick the bigger model if you’re between 2 different sizes.

2 Why you need a penis pump

There are several reasons why you want a penis pump and the different reasons require different pumps.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons here:

  • Penis enlargement – The pumps that works best for penis enlargement is the strongest pumps that are called the Bathmate HydroXtreme series.
  • Erectile dysfunction – You want to use the HydroMax series if you want to get strong erections and train your penis. You can use the Xtreme models but it’s not required.
  • For sexual pleasure – You don’t need that much vacuum so you can pick whatever pump that fit your size and budget.

3 Your budget

And of cause your budget is important because penis pumps are a bit pricy if you want the best quality and power.

The cheapest Bathmate is called the Hydro7 and it will cost you $110.

You can get 35% more vacuum pressure if you opt in for the HydroMax7 but that will cost you $159.

Then finally the HydroXtreme7 with even more power come in at $299!

The most expensive one is the HydroXtreme11 that cost a whopping $399 which is almost 4 times the cost of the Hydro7 pump!

I’ve made this graphic to hopefully clear up some of the confusion

bathmate product lineup

All the models can be bought from the official website where they offer a 60-day full refund guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product.

buy Bathmate here

How to use a water-based penis pump?

I want to give you a quick overview of where and how to use the Bathmate penile pump.

How to use it in the bathtub

Putting on the pump in the bathtub is super easy. It’s called Bathmate for a reason.

Just sit in the bathtub as you would usually when you just take a bath. Sit upright or lay on your back and simply put it on your dick.

How to use it in the bathtub

It’s as easy as that.

Just make sure the pump is completely under water and filled with water when putting it on so there is no air inside.

Air inside the vacuum chamber when it’s on your dick will reduce the suction.

How to use the Bathmate penis pump in the shower

Putting on the pump in the shower is a little harder than in the bathtub but I think for most people like me it is more convenient to use it when taking a shower.

So, here’s how to use the Bathmate in the shower.

how to use the HydroMax penis pumps

First of all, you fill it with water completely. While filling in the water make sure to press down the tip of the valve to make sure the water stays in. I’m right-handed and I use my left hand to hold the pump and press down the tip of the valve while filling in water.

Then I use my right hand to pull my balls back a little to make sure the Bathmate sits tight with good suction and my balls don’t get eaten up. You’ll know what I mean after putting the Bathmate on the first couple of times without thinking about it 😉

Don’t worry there’s not really any injury potential here, it will just be a little uncomfortable and you’ll have to readjust if your balls get eaten.

After having pulled back my balls I put the pump on my dick and do one heavy pump as fast as possible to make sure there’s no air in the pump. This might be tricky at first but after trying it a couple of times it will become pretty easy.

how to use in a shower

Now is the time to put on the shower strap if you have a pump with a shower strap.

So, while standing in the shower you can wash your hair and body, shave, brush your teeth etc. You can also do some Bathmate stretches to stretch your internal penis and get some additional length gains.

I always leave the penis pump on when I exit the shower and dry off.

How to use the Bathmate penis pump in your room

I have also used it in my room with no problems. How to use the Bathmate penis pump in your room?

I simply put warm water into a bucket, put a towel on the floor and filled up the Bathmate with the water from the bucket while pushing down the tip of the valve just as stated above when using it in the shower.

Then I put it on and shoot the excess water in the bucket. There’s little water going on the floor once you get the procedure down. The water shoots out pretty strong and it’s easy to shoot all the water in the bucket.

Bathmate routines – Maximize your results

In order to get the most out of your Bathmate you should make sure to follow a good Bathmate routine that suites your level. With level I don’t mean the actual size of your penis but the time and effort you’ve already invested in penis enhancement.

I categorize Bathmate users into 3 categories:

  • Newbie
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

For each level there are different Bathmate routines to use. Once you have gone through those routines you will know how your penis responds best in order to create the optimal Bathmate routine for yourself.

They don’t depend so much on your actual penis length and penis girth but on how long you have been using the Bathmate and following the Bathmate routines.

When you start off, you should make sure to use the newbie Bathmate routine no matter what the current size of your penis is. Even if you have been doing manual stretches and Jelqing, I’d still recommend you to start out with the newbie Bathmate routine. Just add it to your usual Jelqing and stretching routine.

Starting off slowly makes sure that you don’t overdo it and injure yourself. Just like when working out in the gym, overdoing it will do you more harm than starting out slow. You will be able to advance to the intermediate and later the advanced Bathmate routines quickly. Soon enough you’ll experience the full effect of the Bathmate (which is nothing short of awesome :))

Let’s take a look at the routines

Newbie routineIntermediate RoutineAdvanced RoutineMaintenance Routine

newbie bathmate routineSo, here’s the Bathmate routine for newbies. You can consider yourself a newbie if you have never used the Bathmate Hydro Pump.

Even if you’re not completely new to general penis enhancement because you have already done penis Jelqing, penis stretching or used penis extenders, I advise you to start off slowly to make sure not to overdo it and hurt yourself.

Make sure your penis gets accustomed to the Bathmate penis pump before you go at it fully. It won’t take long until you’ll see the full power of the Bathmate Hydro Pump and get hung like a horse 🙂

The Newbie Bathmate routine is scheduled for 4 weeks. Then you can move on to the intermediate Bathmate routine. By then your penis will already have increased in girth and also a little bit in length probably. Just like with lifting weights, when you first start out it doesn’t take a huge amount of stimulus to have some decent newbie gains. There’s no need to overdo it, you’ll only hurt yourself and your penis, and that’s the last thing you want.

During the whole Newbie Bathmate routine program, always use the Bathmate penis pump every other day, so use it one day and take the next day off.

Also make sure that as soon as you’re done with the Bathmate routine, you put your foreskin over your glans (if you’re not circumcised, otherwise don’t bother about this). The foreskin right below your glans will be swollen after using the Bathmate, a little bit like a donut around your penis (You’ll see what I mean after your first usage…). Check out what I mean in this article about Bathmate fluid retention.

If you don’t make sure your foreskin is over your glans, the blood that is in there will not be able to flow back and while the rest of your penis will return close to its usual size, the foreskin will still be filled with blood which is not good. It happened to me a couple of times in the beginning, nothing happened but I think it definitely decreases the likelihood of injury if you put your foreskin over your glans after using the Bathmate Hydro Pump.

Warm Up

Always make sure to warm up your penis before you put on the Bathmate penis pump. Do that by simply getting under a warm shower, taking a warm bath or wrapping your penis in a warm, wet towel and massage/Jelq it for a bit.

Always make sure that during the weekly Bathmate routines you simply leave the Bathmate on for the time suggested. Do not pull on it.

Week 1

Warm up as described above.

Enter the Bathmate penis pump with a flaccid penis and release all the excess water and put the Bathmate on full pressure. But make sure to stop as soon as it hurts. Although you put on full pressure, there should not be any pain involved. If you feel uncomfortable, release the pressure and/or start again to a point where you feel a bit of pressure on your penis but not in a way that hurts.

Leave the Bathmate on for 6 minutes, remember not to pull on it in any way.

Week 2

Warm up just as before.

Enter the Bathmate penis pump with a flaccid penis again. Follow the same instructions as in Week 1 but leave the Bathmate on for 12 minutes in total.

Week 3

Use the same Warm Up Bathmate routine again.

This week you will enter the Bathmate with a 50-70% erection. Put on the pressure slowly in small increments to make sure not to put on too much. Redo it if it feels uncomfortable. You should feel a stretch but no pain at any time.

Leave the Bathmate on for 6 minutes.

You’ll see the big difference from entering the Bathmate in a flaccid state. There’s going to be way more pump and your penis will be bigger and a little hung. This won’t lost too long at this stage but it gives you a first idea of how awesome your penis will hang after having used the Bathmate regularly for some time.

Over the first weeks, those gains are, of course, just temporary but when used over an extended period of time of a couple of months, the gains will become permanent, there’s no way around it. Enjoy the process, you’ll be hung in no time 🙂

Week 4

Warm up with the warm up Bathmate routine above and do the same as in Week 3 but now leave the Bathmate Hydro Pump on for 12 instead of 6 minutes.

Enjoy the extra bit of post Bathmate pump 😉

Congratulations! After having followed the Newbie Bathmate Routine successfully your penis is now ready to be worked with 🙂

It might already be bigger and wider than ever before.

intermediate bathmate routineAfter you’ve done the Newbie Bathmate Routine, you can move on to this Intermediate Bathmate Routine to start going for some serious gains 🙂

After completing the Newbie Bathmate Routine, your penis is now ready to experience the full Bathmate pump. Therefore, you will always be entering the Bathmate with a full erection or at least a 90% erection.

It is getting more intense now. This is where your gains come from. But make sure to listen to your body resp. your dick. If at some point it hurts while using the Bathmate, take it off. If the pain goes away quickly, put on the Bathmate again and slowly increase the pressure. There shouldn’t be any more than some pressure on your penis while in the Bathmate. At no point should you feel true pain.

When you enter with a full erection, the pressure will be higher. Upon entering at the beginning of the session, pump out some water and wait a bit. Feel how much pressure there is on your dick. If it is close to none you can pump again. If there is a good amount of pressure simply wait a bit until it goes away. Then pump again. Repeat this until you’ve reached full pressure.

Like in the Newbie Routine, use the Bathmate every other day leaving one day of rest after each session.

After your first day of week 5 or by no later than week 6 you will experience the extreme immediate pump and hang the Bathmate is known for. Enjoy 🙂

Week 5

Warm up as described in the Newbie Routine, then enter the Bathmate with a full erection and slowly put it up to full pressure. Leave it on for 6 minutes.

Week 6 + 7

Same as the week before but leave the Bathmate on full pressure for 10 minutes.

Week 8+9

Same as the week before but leave the Bathmate on full pressure for 15 minutes.

Week 10+11

Same as the week before but leave the Bathmate on full pressure for 20 minutes.

Now this was the real shit. Week 10 and 11 have probably been insane having given you the largest penis you’ve ever had. If you haven’t done so already, try the Bathmate before sex to give your girl the most girth she’s ever had – just make sure to get some extra wide condoms, always be safe 😉

After completing this routine, I’m sure there is no way in hell you’re not going to continue wanting to use the Bathmate even more regularly. So, hop over to the Advanced Bathmate Routine, you’re ready for it

advanced bathmate routineWell, hello there. I hope you’ve been hitting the Newbie Bathmat Routine and the Intermediate Bathmate Routine. If not, make sure to complete them, only then can you safely use the Advanced Bathmate Routine presented here. I know you want to grow as fast as possible and the Bathmate Hydro Max is the perfect tool for it. But there is no benefit in overdoing it, the last thing you want is hurt your penis!

Always warm up your dick before every Bathmate routine just like the weeks before.

At first sight, it might seem that we are going to lower intensity again and we are. The reason is that from now on you will use the Bathmate 2 days on and 1 day off instead of just every other day. As before, you will always enter your Bathmate penis pump with a full boner.

Weeks 12+13

12 minutes, full pressure.

Weeks 14+15

15 minutes, full pressure.

Weeks 16+17

20 minutes, full pressure.

So, how much bigger is you’re dick than at the beginning!? Awesome, right? 😉

By now, you will have a lot of experience already and a feeling for what is too much and what is good. Now it’s time to experience and try out new things on your own. Create your own Bathmate routine if you will.

I would definitely advise you to try those two things:

Instead of one long session, do 2 shorter ones. For example, instead of one 20-minute session you can try 2 sessions with 10 or 12 minutes each.

Try 3 days on, 1 off, 2 days on, 1 off. You could even do 6 days a week but that’s not for everyone. Start slowly with a couple of days with shorter sessions first. Make sure to listen to your penis, do not overdo it. Leave at least one day a week where you do no penis enhancement AT ALL. Your penis needs time to recover and grow, it’s not growing during a Bathmate session but afterwards!

From now on, try and play around a bit. You’ll find out what works best for you and you’ll grow bigger and bigger!

After completing the Advanced Bathmate Routine you’re definitely ready to add some more length. Check out the article on how to use the Bathmate to specifically gain penis length.

As always, enjoy your hanging dick

maintenance bathmate routineOnce you are at a stage where you are fully happy with the size of your penis or you don’t have enough time to fully commit and keep growing, you need a maintenance Bathmate routine to retain your gains as well as keep good blood flow in your penis for optimal penile health and ejaculatory quality.

You might want to ask me why you even need to do a maintenance Bathmate routine when I told you that the Bathmate Hydro Pump will give you permanent Bathmate gains. The answer is that if you have been using the Bathmate penis pump for some time you will have gotten permanent Bathmate gains already and they won’t go away even if you stop using the Bathmate penis pump altogether. But the Bathmate gains you’ve made over the previous couple of weeks or months are not completely permanent yet and you might lose them. They are still immediate Bathmate gains.

Check out this article about permanent Bathmate gains to understand where your gains come from when using the Bathmate and how the temporary Bathmate gains become permanent over time.

So, this is actually going to be a pretty short maintenance Bathmate routine. Basically, what you do to maintain your gains is you use the Bathmate twice a week with a full boner and full pressure for 10 minutes.


Maintenance Bathmate Routine

Use the Bathmate 2x/week, e.g. Monday Thursday or Tuesday Friday or Wednesday Saturday.

Warm up like you’ve learned in the Newbie Bathmate Routine, get a full erection and enter the Bathmate Hydro Pump. Put it on full pressure and leave it on for 10 minutes.

That’s it, an easy maintenance Bathmate routine to retain your gains. Of course, you can adjust and do more if you can but make sure you do at least this maintenance Bathmate routine to make sure to maintain all your gains and keep your penis healthy. If you haven’t used the Bathmate for more than 6 months to a year you might even make gains from just that maintenance Bathmate routine. They will be pretty slow, of course, but better than nothing 😉

Bathmate side effects

You should not experience any side effects if you follow any of our routines, but all men respond different to penis pumping.

Most men that get some kind of side effects will get them because of over-pumping with too strong vacuum.

The most common side effect is called fluid retention.

Should I worry about fluid retention?

Bathmate fluid retention is something that happens with any water-based penis pump.

It is nothing dangerous.

It simply means that the vacuum that is forced on your dick that causes increased blood flow and tissue expansion also sucks in some water resp. fluid into your penis.

This causes some additional expansion but mainly of the outside skin of your dick. It doesn’t increase the capability of expansion through an erection yet it will add a lot of girth post-workout.

As I said it is not dangerous or harmful in itself as to my knowledge and experience. It completely disappears after around 24 hours depending on how much Bathmate fluid retention there has been in the first place.

But the fluid retention is nothing you directly want to have or you should go for as it will not considerably cause penis growth. In addition, you will get a kind of donut at the base of your glans which is something I like to avoid.

Remember to warm up before a pumping session

One important thing to avoid unnecessary fluid retention is warming up properly.

This will make the circulation of both blood and fluid in your penis better and also expand the tissue more than in the cold state. Warming up properly makes the fluid retention less extensive in my experience and it also goes away quicker post-workout.

Take it easy in the beginning

Also make sure to follow the Bathmate routines in this article and start off slowly if you are a newbie.

Most water-based penis pump injuries are related to water/fluid retention. It usually happens to newbies that have never used a pump before but start out with a full session of 15 minutes or more without warming up.

It is only afterwards that they realize how much fluid got trapped and they freak out.

In reality, it looks weird like the picture on the right but it’s not serious and goes away after some time with no lasting negative effects.

Perform Jelqs between pumping sessions

The two main ways to avoid fluid retention almost completely is to spread one long session of 15-20 minutes into smaller ones of 4-5 minutes each. In between you do what are called slow squash jelqs.

When doing a slow squash jelq you apply the “ok sign”-grip with one of your hands at the base of your penis just like you would when doing regular jelqing.

jelq exercises gripThen you take the palm of your other hand and press on the tip of your dick forcing a lot of pressure on the mid-shaft area of your penis. This is also a great way to further extend exactly the mid-shaft area of your penis which is where a lot of guys have trouble growing.

You can either leave the ok-hand at the base or do actual jelqing movements from the base to the glans.

This will keep the fluid retention away.

You can get some great results from you Bathmate if you use it the right way, let’s take a look at what you can expect.

Increase your penis size by up to 30% – Bathmate results

There are different reasons why people would want to use a penis pump and hence the different expected results.

Penis enlargement

You should be expecting gains of around 30% in terms of both penis length and penis girth after 6 months of use. This is done with a HydroXtreme pump and following the routine above.

bathmate results after 6 months

Bathmate for erectile dysfunction results

This is a very effective way to get a strong erection and can be your only option to get an erection in some cases.

A study by “World Journal of Urology” showed that 90% of men had positive results with vacuum therapy (Fancy word for using a penis pump) and their ability to get a strong erection.

buy Bathmate here

The results here is based on research, user feedback and personal results.

Don’t expect a miracle

We are all created differently, some men respond very well to penis pumping and might gain a massive amount in a short period of time and some might not gain that much.

The most important thing is that you stick to your routine and keep going – You will reach your goals at some point (If you set realistic goals).

Bathmate user reviews and testimonials

I get a lot of e-mails from users how have questions about penis pumps or just want to share their story because it can help other men in the same situation.

My personal experience with the Bathmate HydroMax

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