Best Hands-Free Prostate Massager

Finding a good hands-free prostate massager can be a little tricky but I’ve tested a lot pf them and created a list of the best ones.

All the different products are judged on their quality, features, and if the price matches them.

hands-free prostate massager

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What is the Best Hands-Free Prostate Massager?

#1 Nexus Beat

The Beat from Nexus has a lot of nice features that make it ideal for hands-free use.

It has a special thumper technology that massages your prostate glands and it has a perineum vibrator.

All the features and power can be controlled individually by the included remote controller.


  • Massages your prostate without the need for hands
  • The remote works up to 8 meters away
  • A thumping massage feels amazing
  • Perineum vibrator
  • You can control each function individually


  • It’s pretty thick 5-inch(12.5cm) circumference
  • The thumper and vibrator do make some noise
  • It’s very expensive

What I Think About It:

This is one hell of a beast that’s going to take your hands-free prostate massager game to the next level. I love that you can control the individual functions with the remote which is often not possible.

You can shuffle through the different vibration and thumper modes without having to mess around with the massager itself while it’s up your butt – Love it!

The special thumper does take up a bit of space which makes it a little big for beginners but it’s well worth the practice to be able to handle it.

I recommend the Nexus Beat Prostate Thumper if you want to high-level hands-free prostate massage.

#2 Lelo Hugo

Lelo makes some very innovative sex toys with cool features and technologies that we haven’t seen before. The special new trick in the Lelo Hugo hands-free prostate massager is the SenseMotion in the remote control.

You simply shake it to change the speed and power of the vibrations. This is ideal if you don’t want to mess around with buttons during play.

lelo hugo black


  • Very high-quality prostate massager
  • SenseMotion remote control for hands-free action
  • Lots of power and vibration patterns
  • Waterproof


  • It’s very expensive
  • Not beginner friendly in terms of size and price

What I Think About It:

I really like the way you operate the remote controller for the Lelo Hugo. It’s a step closer to a true hands-free prostate massager with the SenseMotion sensor. There is nothing worse that messing around with buttons with lube on your hands and the SenseMotion solves that problem.

It’s really hard to find anything negative to say about the design and quality since it’s pretty much the pinnacle of sex toys.

You’re however paying quite a bit for that top-notch quality, which is completely fair in my mind.

I do wish they would crank up the power just a tiny bit for the stimulation hungry of us.

I recommend the Lelo Hugo if you’re after a hands-free prostate massager with a level remote control.

#3 Aneros Trident

The Trident manual prostate massager from Aneros is made of white silicone and has a slim design for easy insertion.

Its T-base prevents it from going too far in and works as a grip to pull it out again.

aneros trident


  • Very high-quality manual prostate massager
  • It sits firmly in your butt during sex
  • Completely noiseless
  • Beginner friendly size


  • The major downside to manual prostate massagers is the lack of vibrations, rotation, and other nice features.

What I Think About It:

This is what a prostate massager was intended to be before we where able to put vibrators, rotators, and all sorts of fancy features in them.

It still deserves a spot on this list as it has some clear advantages over the other feature rich prostate massagers.

It’s very beginner-friendly in size but it also caters to the more experienced users, it does not suddenly run out of battery right before orgasm, and it’s completely noiseless.

I’m a bit on the fence about the white color but it does have an advantage when you clean it…

I find it very stimulating to wear it during sex and the ratio between the lower shaft and the thicker part makes it sit firmly in place.

I recommend the Aneros Trident if you want to best manual hands-free prostate massager.

Types of Hands-Free Prostate Massagers

Your definition of a hands-free prostate massager might be different than mine but I generally put them in two categories:

  • Remote Control Prostate Massager – A remote-controlled prostate massager is not entirely hands-free since you need a hand to operate the controller but you don’t have to hold the massager and do all the “work”. I’m personally a big fan of remote-controlled sex toys, especially anal sex toys which I find awkward to use.
    A remote-controlled prostate massager is for you if you wish to enjoy prostate massage solo and want to avoid messing around with the buttons on the massager.
  • Manual massager – Normally you would need your hands to massage your prostate with a manual prostate massager but some of them are designed to sit in your butt during sex. They are designed to massage you while you move around and they can even be effective when walking around and doing everyday stuff.

Other design features are necessary to make is truly hands-free, I’ll get to that in a moment.

Mistakes to Avoid

There are a few design features that are very important for hands-free prostate massagers.

  • Handle/base width – If the width of the base of your prostate massager is too wide then it’s going naturally pull-out during use unless you hold it in place with your hand. You can also spread your legs a lot but that’s not that comfortable for an extended time.
    It can be a little hard to judge the thickness of the base of a prostate massager from pictures alone and very few sellers have the width measurements on their websites.
    It is however not a major problem especially if it has a wide spread between the narrow shaft point and the first bulge on the shaft.
  • Too thin bulge – The bulge near the base should be significantly thicker than the last part of the shaft. It’s simply going to slip out of your butt if it’s too thin and you’ll need to hold it in place with your hand.

We all have slightly different anatomy and one might sit firmly in you while it would slip out of me but these are general advices.


A: If you’re using a remote-controlled prostate massager then get on your back and lightly spread your legs with your knees up. This leaves you the most relaxed while still being somewhat open in the back which is best for anal toys.

A: Try a different position is my main advice. It can especially be a problem if you use a prostate massager in the shower where gravity works against you.

Try getting on your back and maybe use a small pillow on your lower back to raise your butt a little. This makes gravity work for you and not against you.

A: A lot of lube might indeed cause the prostate massager to slip out during use but no – You can’t use too much.

My Final Thoughts About Hands-Free Prostate Massagers

Anal sex toys and especially prostate massagers are best-enjoyed hands-free unless you’re with a partner that does all the “work” for you 😉

I’ve tested and reviewed over 30 different remote-controlled prostate massagers which are ideal for a hand-free p-spot massage. The products on the list above all work well in their own way and there are lots of other really good options.

I would suggest taking a lot at our guide to the best prostate massagers if you want some more options to choose from. Most of the products on that list are also remote controlled which makes it one of the most popular features on a prostate massager.

You’re always welcome to ask questions about hands-free prostate massagers in a comment below or send me an email if you got more personal questions.

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