The Best Thrusting Prostate Massagers Tested and Reviewed

In this article, you can learn how to pick the best prostate massager with a thrusting feature. I’ve tested and reviewed over 50 different prostate massagers in the last 12 years working with sex toys and the list below contains the best ones that can thrust.

Nexus Thrust

$ 125
  • Extra curved tip
  • High speed thrusting
  • Including remote control


$ 164
  • 6 inch insertable length
  • Powerful thrusting
  • For experienced users


$ 70
  • Cheap thusting massager
  • Vibrating tip
  • Great price

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What is the Best Thrusting Prostate Massager?

#1 Nexus Thrust Prostate Edition

Nexus has the biggest range of prostate massagers that I know of and their quality is on par with the premium brands

Their Thrust Prostate Edition is one of only two thrusting anal toys for men that they have ever made.

It’s made from black silicone and has an insertable length of 4 inches (10 cm.) and it’s 4.7 inches (12 cm.) in circumference on the thickest point.

The expanding part that makes the thrust motion is in the middle of the shaft and it can thrust 0.5 inches (1.25 cm.).

nexus thrust prostate edition best overall


  • The Curved tip makes it easy to hit the right spot
  • Lots of vibrating power
  • Thust feature on the middle of the shaft
  • Including an easy-to-use remote control
  • Rechargeable and waterproof
  • Fairly easy to insert, okay for beginners


  • Hard to use without holding it with your hands
  • Quality and features do come with a hefty price

What I Think About It

The Thrust Prostate Edition is a step in the right direction from Nexus. I particularly like the heavily curved bulge tip that makes it very easy to massage your prostate (at least it did for me).

One annoying problem with it is that the difference between the thickest part and the base part of the shaft is so small that it’s hard to keep in without holding your hand on it.

It would have been nice to enjoy it completely hands-free, especially now that it comes with a remote control.

It’s way better at giving me p-orgasms compared to the Thunderplugs and the other thrusting prostate massagers on the list below.

Overall, a powerful thrusting prostate massager that works for you if you’re an experienced or new user.

I recommend the Nexus Thrust Prostate Edition if you’re after the best quality and with the most features you can get.

#2 Thunderplugs

This thrusting prostate massager is made by XR Brands and it has an insertable length of 6 inches (15cm.) and a circumference of 6.3 inches (16cm.).

The thrusting distance is 0.5-inch (1.25cm.) and it has 5 different thrusting and vibrating modes.

It’s made of silicone and has a waterproof design and a rechargeable battery.



  • 5 Thrusting modes
  • Very high-quality both built and materials
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Can both vibrate and thrust at the same time
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable


  • Only thrusts 0.5-inch
  • It’s expensive
  • It’s quite large and not for beginners

What I Think About It

The Thunderplugs thrusting prostate massager ticks all the boxes for a great anal sex toy. It’s made with high-quality silicone, can be operated with a remote control, it’s waterproof, rechargeable, thrust, and can vibrate like crazy.

However, you should know a few minor things before picking up this beast of a toy. It’s pretty thick which makes it a no-go for beginners and the thrusting length is only 0.5-inch. It would be sweet to get it up to 1 inch but thrusting in sex toys is notoriously hard to make. I did personally not mind the short travel, especially because the insertable length is so much longer compared to The Eclipse and the Under Control massagers further down the list.

I love all the different thrusting mode which feels so nice when combined with the vibrating feature. It might have a short thrusting length but you don’t need a lot to hit and massage your p-spot.

Overall, a fantastic toy that is ideal for experienced prostate massager users who know where to put pressure for the best results.

I recommend the Thunderplugs if you’re after a long and thick thrusting P-spot massager.

#3 Eclipse

The Eclipse from Cal Exotics is an anal probe with lots of cool features including thrusting, rotating, and vibrating. You can select between 12 vibration, thrusting, and rotation modes which each gives you a unique feeling experience.

You can enjoy 3.8 inches (9.6cm.) of insertable goodness and it’s only 3.14 inches (8cm) in circumference.

It’s rechargeable with an included USB cable which takes around 90 minutes for a full charge and that will give you around 45 minutes of play time at full speed.

eclipse thrusting rotating massager


  • Thrusting prostate massager
  • It does rotate giving a nice rimming effect
  • Strong vibrations in the insertable part
  • Fairly cheap
  • Beginner-friendly size


  • No remote control options
  • It’s not that exciting for experienced users
  • It does tend to slip out if you don’t hold it with your hand

What I Think About It

I love what Cal Exotics has done with the Eclipse, except for that lack of a remote-control option. I’m pretty sure this has been done to keep the price down but that’s a failure in my world.

The thrusting is short and powerful and it should be enough for most guys, especially with the combination of vibration and rotation.

I’m a big fan of the rotating feeling of the base (it does not rotate) which stimulates your butt entrance. If you’re a fan of a rimming style of massagers then head over to my list of the best rotating prostate massagers that I’ve tested.

You’re going to love this if you’re new to prostate massage and want a thrusting prostate massager with a ton of features for a beginner.

I recommend the Eclipse if you’re after a thin thrusting prostate massager with lots of features.

#4 Under Control

The Under Control is an anal plug with a thrusting feature that’s pointed towards your prostate glands. It comes with a very simple-to-use remote control that works up to 25 feet (8m.) away.

A very special feature is a small heating element in the tip of the toy which makes the p-spot massaging more effective.

It has an insertable length of 5 inches (12.5cm.) and a circumference of 4 inches (cm.) and is made of silicone.

under control thrusting p-spot massager


  • Strong thrusting action
  • Slim design makes it great for beginners
  • Including a remote-controller
  • It can heat the end tip
  • Vibrating and lots of it


  • I would have preferred a little more curvature on the shaft
  • It tends to wiggle itself out during use

What I Think About It

The Under Control anal plug/massager is not specifically designed as a thrusting prostate massager, but more of a general anal sex toy for both males and females. This does make it a little harder to locate your prostate glands with the end tip of it.

I would much rather prefer a prostate massager that sits tightly and massages your prostate without the need to hold it in place. It’s a shame because it has so many good things going on for it and the price is pretty good when you consider that it comes with a remote control.

Overall, a really good thrusting prostate massager that does require a helping hand to keep it in place but that’s a small price to pay for an amazing p-orgasm.

I recommend the Under Control if you’re after a beginner-friendly thrusting prostate massager with a remote control.

Important Things You Need to Consider Before Buying

  • Thrusting length – The thrusting length is very important, but it’s very personal if you prefer a short distance or a longer one.
  • Size – You should pick a thrusting prostate massager with a circumference below 5 inches (12.5cm) if you’re new to prostate massage. It’s a little more difficult to recommend a specific length since it is entirely up to the length between your anus orifice and your prostate gland. You can test the rough length with a manually controlled prostate massager or with your finger and get an idea of the distance.
  • Do you even need it – Sure a thrusting prostate massager is nice but do you need it? The thrusting mechanism is not easy to make and the effect is mediocre at best. A lot of times a good vibrating prostate massager is what you want.


A: You should always go for water-based lube and plenty of it. The thrusting motion does tend to require even more lube so make sure you stock up on some.

A: Buying anal sex toys that are too thick is a common problem, especially toys with thrusting features that do add girth to the toy.

Sex toys can’t be returned which means that you’re now stuck with a useless piece of sex toy. There is however a way to finally get to enjoy your new larger-than-expected friend – Anal training.

Almost all sex toy stores do sell anal training kits which you can use and train your ass to accept larger sex toys without it being uncomfortable.

I’ve reviewed quite a few kits which you can read more about in this article about the best anal training kits.

A: Yes, that’s not a problem, it can however be a little more difficult to hit the right spot since thrusting dildos are straighter.

A: Yes, it can be used for g-spot massage. Some designs with perineum vibration even work perfectly as a clitoris vibrator.

A: Yes, at least it does for me. I find it easier to achieve orgasm when it does the thrusting compared to when I do it myself.

My Final Thoughts About Thrusting Prostate Massager

I love testing new prostate massagers with thrusting because they make it easy to achieve the most amazing prostate orgasms.

Am I completely happy with the products on this list?

No, there is still room for improvement but the overall quality and features has been improved so much over the last couple of years.

The future products are only going to get better as technology gets better and smaller. It’s still challenging to create the thrusting feature in such a small device without too many compromises.

I’ll make sure to test whatever new thrusting prostate monster that’s going to be released next and update this article.

I recommend the Thunderplugs Thrusting Prostate Massager if you’re after the best quality and with the most features you can get.

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