Titan by Kiiroo Tested and Reviewed

Update 2023 December:

It was a banger of a masturbator when the Titan by Kiiroo was first released back in 2019. Things have changed and the failure rate on the Titan has been extremely high which is why I no longer recommend it!

There are far better options now, if you’re after pure vibration power then the Lelo F1S V2 is the one to get, but if you’re more after an all-in-one automatic masturbator then get the Kiiroo Onyx Plus.

Kiiroo Titan Review score:
  • Realism
  • Settings
  • Vibrations
  • Customer service

Review summary:

The Kiiroo Titan is a semi-automatic male masturbator that’s going to seriously shake things up with its 9 bullet vibrators.

You can control it with an app on your phone and even connect it to adult content that will make it vibrate to the rhythm of the action. This is an amazing feature that takes your masturbation game to the next level.

It’s also perfect for sex stamina training that will help you improve your performance in the bedroom.

Kiiroo Titan test

This is what you get:

  • Vibrating male masturbator
  • A realistic feeling blowjob toy
  • Let it vibrate to the rhythm of the video you watch
  • Amazing sex stamina trainer

I recommend the Kiiroo Titan vibrating male masturbator if you want to take your masturbation to a whole new level.

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Which man doesn’t want to boost the intensity of their solo pleasure sessions or does not show any interest in building their sexual stamina?

Well, to make these materialize, the Kiiroo Titan is a worthy toy to invest in. This vibrating stroker can sync with partner devices or other adult content to generate a truly memorable experience, specifically for couples staying apart from one another.

So, let’s check a detailed Kiiroo Titan review to find out more about the product.

Kiiroo Titan review

An overview of technical specifications:


If there’s one thing that all men are going to love about this device is its small size. Even though the size of the gadget has nothing to do with the functionality and performance of Kiiroo Titan, being small allows its easy mobility and better discretion.

The present device is even smaller compared to its older counterparts, the Kiiroo Onyx Plus as well as the Kiiroo Onyx 2.

This model measures 8.7 inches long and 3.4 inches wide and weighs only 1.9 pounds. When it comes to the internal measurement, it’s 7.5 inches long and 1.25 inches wide across the diameter of the sleeve.


Coming to the most exciting part of the Kiiroo Titan review is the functionality of the product which has scored great by the users.

It’s a matter of wonder how the makers can pack in so much of features within the scope of such a small product. The best part is that this time there is no external partnership and it doesn’t even bring in the use of Fleshlight sleeve.

Beginning from the outer layer there is an interactive feature where you can use the gadget with a VR kit for connecting to any kind of 2D online adult content.

Plus, there is also Bluetooth connectivity where you can pair it up with your partner’s gadget and share one another’s experience via the FeelConnect App.

You can download the application from the Play Store for free and it is compatible with most Android smartphones and iPhones.

The Kiiroo Titan comes with a 9-bulleted vibrating core which empowers the motion in the right way within the sleeve. The highly powerful core is divided and distributed with 3 on each side of the column and is entirely covered up by the high-end sleeve.

Next comes the battery and its durability. The 1000 mAh battery needs 3 hours to charge up completely.

But a downside is that even though you may have to wait for such a long time to power the gadget fully, it will last for forty minutes at the most.

Is it made with body-safe materials?

Yes, all the materials are body-safe and have been tested. It uses three materials for preparing the finished product including plastic, rubber, and a few metal components inside. The makers use ABS plastic in this model which makes the outer casing along with the striped touching pad on one side.

The Real-Feel sleeve is truly an innovation used in this stroker, which creates a soft impression similar to the clitoris or vaginal opening. On the flip side, the inner sleeve is constructed from a thermoplastic elastomer which creates an astounding sensation down there.

Last but not least, the Kiiroo Titan is equipped with metallic vibrators which are fixed within the rods and come to plain sight only when you are removing the sleeve for the generation of motion within the toy.

kiiroo titan test

How is the feel of the textures?

The outer layer has tried to incorporate both matte and glossy finish in the touchpad. It’s worth mentioning here that the case is also ribbed to improve the firmness of the sex toy.

So, no matter whether you have a problem with sweaty palms or not, the device is not going to slip out of your hands. Moreover, you will fall in love with the softness and the Real-Feel sleeve while holding the stroker in your palm.

The makers have ribbed the interior surface as well so that the texture this produced gives you a feeling there resembles stroking by hand.

According to the opinion of some users, if the makers of this sex toy start making their line of sleeves, they are sure to become an amazing thing for all their forthcoming ventures.

Kiiroo titan features

The ultimate experience with the Kiiroo Titan

As you are going through the technicalities and specifications of this gadget, the true test of the Kiiroo Titan is that how well the stroker performs and what it makes you feel.

The mechanism of this male masturbator is constructed on the hierarchy of stroke, vibrate, and finally climax. While it can be extremely difficult to say whether the sensations that you feel are similar to sex, there is no denying that you are going to enjoy some pretty cool pleasure from the tip down the shaft.

To improve the performance, it’s advised that you allow the device to charge completely with three power cables that come in the box.

After that, you will have to use a lot of lubricants, especially if you are larger than average. The tenderness of the inner structure is extremely pleasing and the accompanying vibrations do a beautiful job for the nerve endings present over there.

You may also try out various modes till you find what’s meant for you.

There are seven variations of modes to select from and they are:

  • Bluetooth mode: This is great if you are willing to interact with any synced device
  • Blow mode: For bringing better vibrations from the tip to the shaft
  • Auto mode: In this mode, the vibrations go from one end to the other to replicate a real intercourse feeling
  • Pulse mode: For the motors to take tiny pulses for the vibrations to move up and go down like a sleeve
  • Targeted mode: Here you can select which part of your manhood you wish to vibrate
  • Targeted power mode: It combines all the power of the Targeted mode to give you a broader range of vibration
  • Endurance mode: Vibrations come in three variants Soft, Medium, and finally Hard while moving from the lower level towards the top
vibrating patterns of titan by kiiroo

Is the Kiiroo Titan suitable for me?

As you have gone through the review, it’s well clarified that the product is designed keeping in mind the needs of those yearning to have a realistic feeling and sensation from the toy.

It can be a life-changing experience if you want to heat the bedroom no matter whether you are alone or with your partner. Just make sure that nobody’s around when you are trying it out.

Another important factor is that it’s a premium class product and price is an indelible factor here. It may not be suited for people on a tight budget but if you are confused about whether or not you should shell out such a heftily priced item, you will soon learn that you get more than what you pay for.

Titan by kiiroo box

You can get yourself a device from the official website of Kiiroo without taking a chance. If you receive any faulty product by chance, the makers will investigate the matter and replace your item with a new one.

The best thing is that you will not even have to pay any shipping charge for pick-up and re-delivering the new product at your place.

Are there any great alternatives?

The Kiiroo Titan does have its advantages, but it’s not perfect and there are a few alternatives that will give you quite a different masturbation experience.

It’s a fancy vibrating pocket pussy with a lot of smart features that take it to the next level. If you’re into a simpler design, then head over to our list of the best pocket pussies and find the perfect one for you for half the price.

If you go the pocket pussy route and for some reason want to get some of the smart features that the Titan has, then you can pair it up with a Kiiroo KEON, which turns your pocket pussy into an automatic masturbator.

The Titan’s neutral hole makes it look and feel like a blowjob, which is why some guys pick it over other similar products. You can follow our guide to the best blowjob machines here.  

Final thoughts about the Kiiroo Titan

Sex toys including strokers help you break the shackles of tradition and culture in a safe and private setting. When it comes to men, there are such acts that trade off our concept of an alpha male.

Toys can help a man to learn how to delay orgasm and be hard even after ejaculation and most importantly set the stage for numerous orgasms.

Once you are ready to use these toys, you can shove away the constant thought of ejaculating way too fast and losing your erection or failing to get an erection altogether.

I recommend the Kiiroo Titan vibrating male masturbator if you want to take your masturbation to a whole new level.

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