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Review summary:

The Male Edge penis extender is a great way to increase your penis size in a non-invasive way.

Just put on the traction device and wear it for as long as you like.

The results speak for themself:

  • You can gain a 28% longer penis
  • Put on an extra 20% penis girth
  • Get harder and stronger erections
  • Better control over when you ejaculate

I recommend Male Edge Pro to all men who want to increase their penis size in a natural way

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Update April 2024: I’ve updated the prices and the different package options to the current options on the official website.

All links to 3rd party resellers have been removed after I found counterfeit versions. It’s sad to see the current state of Amazon, eBay, and similar sites… Please only buy from trusted sites, in this case

Table of Contents

What is the Male Edge?

Male Edge is a traction device that was developed based on the results of the original traction device called the Jes Extender.

They took all the data from the thousands of men who have used and still use the Jes Extender and improved it based on their experiences and results.

Some of the changes that have been made to the design are:

  • Change in materials from metal to hard plastic. This was done to reduce the weight of the device since the original was very heavy and the weight of the device made it more uncomfortable to wear.
  • They made it a lot easier to adjust the traction force on the spring when you wear the device.

How Does it Work?

Tractions devices also known as penis extenders work by applying traction on your penis for an extended period.

This traction promotes cell division which causes an increase in your penis size.

The process is not something that happens overnight but a long process that requires that you wear the device for 4-8 hours per day for 4 to 12 months.

Penis Straightening With a Male Edge

Penis straightening is another way you can use a Male Edge extender. I’ve written a full guide on penis straightening that you can read if you wish to do that.

I know that does sound like a long time, but let’s see what you can gain from that

What Male Edge Results Can I Expect From Using it?

Using a penis extender and the gains you can expect are based on several different factors:

  • The number of hours you wear the device each day
  • The amount of traction you have on the device when you use it
  • Your body’s ability to produce more cells.

We can’t do anything about the last one but do have full control over the other factors.

You simply have to wear the device for as long as possible with a high amount of traction to maximize your results.

The results below are based on 6 hours a day with high traction on the device

Male Edge Results after 1 year of use

*This is what an average man will gain, some men gain more some gain less.

Just follow my Male Edge routine to get those results.

Male Edge routine

Using the device for as long as possible with as much traction as possible sounds easy, but getting to that point does take some time.

You should take it easy and build up the time and traction to prevent injury and let your body get used to the traction.

I’ve added penis exercises to my Male Edge routine since they will increase your gains by around 10% compared to without penis exercises and they are free and easy to do.

Let’s see how you get from a newbie to an expert penis extender user.

My daily Male Edge routine

I always start my training sessions with a warmup. This will help the blood flow to your penis and increase the gains from the exercises and the stretching.

The warmup is done by soaking a small towel in hot water and wrapping it around your penis.

The penis exercises – I do 2 times 5 minutes of Jelqing with a short break between, you can add other exercises or even extend or reduce this part.

The Male Edge 1 part – I adjust the extender to the settings that fit my penis size and traction amount. Then I wear it for 3 hours.

The rest – I take a short rest after 3 hours to get the blood flowing, this is also a good time to do another 5 minutes of Jelqing.

The Male Edge 2 part – Put back on the extender and wear it for another 3 hours.

The finish – You can finish off the sessions with another 5-minute Jelqing exercise.

Do I need to do penis exercises?

No, it’s entirely optional, but I would strongly recommend it since it increases your gains by a lot and it does only add 15 to 20 minutes of extra work each day.

Here are 5 free penis exercises that you can start with or if you’re very serious about enlarging your penis then get a paid one like the Phalogenics program.

Don’t know how to set it up?

Follow the instructions below and you should be good to go.

Male Edge Instructions and how to use it

Should something break during normal use? Don’t worry.

Male Edge accessories and spare parts

You get a 1-year warranty on all parts of the device and just fill out a form on their website and request the new parts.

Is your extender older than a year or do you simply just want some extra parts to give your extender some more power?

Just find all the accessories and parts you need on their website and get them in the mail.

You can buy things like:

  • Extra extension rods if you have outgrown the original once.
  • Tune-up kit with extra straps, protection pads, and cohesive gauze for extra comfort.
  • Traction arms, straps, pads, gauze, and front pieces.

The different models

There are 3 different versions of the Male Edge traction device:

Male Edge Basic - Extra - Pro - What's the difference between the packages

Male Edge Basic

The Basic model comes with the most basic stuff that will get you going.

The box contains:

  • The traction device
  • A ruler for progress measurement
  • A travel bag for easy carving
  • 2 Rubber straps
  • A program that you can follow for maximum results

You also get a money-back guarantee, a 1-year warranty, and access to instructional videos.

The Basic Model costs $149 plus $20 for shipping.

Do I recommend the Basic model? No, the price difference between the 3 models is very small and you get a lot more in the Extra and Pro models.

Male Edge Extra

The Extra model contains all the things the Basic one has and:

  • 1 Extra rubber strap
  • 1 Protection Pad

As well as the guarantee, warranty, and online video access.

The Extra Model cost $174 plus $20 for shipping

Male Edge Pro

This is the top model that contains the most accessories and parts. Most of the extra stuff is for comfort which is very important when we talk about penis extenders.

The Pro model has all the things from the Basic and the Extra model and:

  • 2 Extra rubber straps
  • 1 Extra Protection Pad
  • 1 Cohesive Gauze for extra comfort

The Male Edge Pro costs $199 plus $20 for shipping.

This is the model that I recommend since the price difference between the different models is so small.

You get a lot of extra stuff for a small extra price and trust me, the extra comfort products that come with the Pro are worth it!

Shipping information

Male Edge offers worldwide shipping in a discreet box with no identification on the box.

You can expect to get your product within the:

  • 1-2 Days if you live in the US
  • 1-2 Days if you live in Europe
  • 1-4 Days if you live in the rest of the world.

Shipping prices also depend on your location, but you can expect around $20/€20.

What do the users say about Male Edge?

Male Edge testimonials from users

The testimonials/reviews have been collected from e-mails, forums, and comment sections and all personal information has been removed for full privacy.

“I am very impressed with Male Edge. It did everything that it claimed it would. I had a 22% increase in penis length and 16% in girth. I know that this isn’t what they claimed were average. Oh well. Even if my gains are under average, I am still very pleased and my girlfriend is too. This has made our sex life much better.” – M.M.

“This thing is very easy to use and I was surprised that it is so comfortable. It was only awkward to wear for the first day or two and then I could wear it without even noticing…I was kind of obsessed with measuring during the first week. Of course, then the growth was too gradual to notice. I got frustrated after a week of not being able to see growth. So, I stopped measuring for a while. When I measured again 2 weeks later, I was surprised to see I had gained nearly half an inch. Every time I measure now, I get all excited to see how much I have gained. Now after 6 months I have gone from 5 7/16 inch to 7 12/16 inch. I am very happy with my investment.” – J.D.

“I can’t believe how much harder my hardons are now. My penis got all bulked up after just 2 months of wearing Male Edge. The first weeks I stuck to the program and then after 4 weeks I would wear it while watching TV for like 3 to 6 hours a day. I am really happy that my penis is an inch bigger and another inch around but I am most happy that my cock gets so hard. Sex is more intense now.” – A


  • It feels light to wear even for long periods
  • The adjustment system is super easy to use
  • The pro version costs a lot less than competing brands (compared to their biggest packages)
  • It’s fairly effective compared to similar products


  • The hard plastic that makes it so light does unfortunately break easily compared to metal extenders
  • They have for some reason included 4 silicone straps in the pro pack (They rarely break and you just need 1)
  • Not as effective compared to more high-end penis extenders

Comparing it to the Competition

Male Edge is a second gen penis extender that was developed on the Jes Extender base which was the first ever penis extender of this type.

It would only be natural to compare the two which is what I’ve done and I’ve decided to add the Quick Extender Pro because it’s the most effective penis extender and based on the same base design.

It’s easy to see that they all 3 are based on the same design and the Jes Extender and Quick Extender Pro look and feel very similar due to the same materials.

The Quick Extender Pro has a few advantages over the Male Edge and Jes Extender and that’s the dual strap mount and the much stronger tension springs which make it so effective.

It’s clear that the Male Edge has an advantage over the other products when it comes to weight. It feels so light in my hands when I compare it to the others. This might seem like a small advantage but it does make a huge difference when you wear it for over 4 hours a day.

The problem with the plastic design is that it breaks easily compared to its metal counterparts which is why I would recommend the Quick Extender Pro over the Male Edge if you’re after the most effective penis extender.

My Final Thoughts About the Male Edge Penis Extender

The Male Edge is a welcomed need edition to the classic metal extenders that have needed an upgrade for a long time.

The device is easy to wear and the results a good.

You must be consistent with the use to gain as much as possible.

But if you’re after the best extender then you need to spend more cash and I would recommend one of the top 3 products in our best penis extender guide.

I recommend Male Edge if you’re in the market for a penis extender and wish for a cheap and lightweight option.

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  1. I just bought the male edge pro and it does have the instructions but how do I know I’m giving it the right traction? I would really appreciate your advice.

    1. Hi
      You should be able to feel the stretch in your penis. It should not be painful, but a little discomfort is okay, since it show that your pushing it to the limit.
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  2. It’s super easy to use and it works pretty well. I would recommend it if you work from home and wish to increase your size.

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