Best 6-Inch Realistic Dildos Tested and Reviewed

Finding the right size realistic dildo can be challenging and many choose a too big version. A 6-inch (15 cm.) realistic dildo is very close to the average penis size and a really great size for you if you love an average size or just starting out with sex toys.

best 6-inch realistic dildo

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What’s the Best 6-Inch Realistic Dildo?

#1 Rockwell

Rockwell is one of the best 6-inch realistic dildos with incredible attention to detail. It features triple layers that allow you to feel the head, shaft, and testicles. Each cock comes with a Vac U-lock system and can be used with a sex machine. Best of all, you can select a cock that suits your skin type – fair, medium, and dark.

When using the dildo, you should focus on water-based lubricants. And after every use, you should clean with hot water and pat dry. If you want a sex toy that doesn’t compromise on quality, you can’t go wrong with this toy.


  • It’s beautiful
  • It comes with a realistic triple-layer design
  • Easy to clean
  • The shaft is flexible


  • It’s pricey

What I Think About the Rockwell

In my opinion, this realistic dildo feels like a real penis. So far, nothing has come close to it in terms of performance and realism.

Recommended premium option.

#2 Lifelike Lover Classic

For those looking for an average size cock, the Lifelike 6-inch dildo is undeniably pleasurable. It features a bendable shaft and offers a non-intimidating 5-inch of insertable length – great for beginners. Lifelike Lover has a suction cup that allows for hands-free adventures.

The flexible shaft is always eager to do some pleasure. In terms of comfort, you don’t expect to find a better toy.


  • It’s considerably cheaper than Rockwell
  • Works well with water-based lubes
  • It’s the best for solo and shared play
  • Easy to use
  • It looks semi-realistic


  • The girth is not that wide
  • Not that many details
  • No dual/triple layer design

What I Think About the Lifelike Lover Classic

In my opinion, Lifelike Lover is a timeless dildo with an all-encompassing satisfaction. I love the defined head and veined shaft as they give real stimulation.

Recommend budget option.

#3 Vixen Creations Jonny

Jonny is one of the best 6-inch realistic dildos for those who want to take their sexual kink to the next level. It’s a beautiful sight to behold – you’ll love the big veins on the shaft.

The head is slightly soft and gives a realistic feeling. After warming up, the dildo retains the warmth for ultimate pleasure. The base is flat – you can use it with your favorite strap-on harness.

vixen johnny realistic dildo


  • Retains the body temperature and mimics the body’s heat
  • It’s phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and safe for the body
  • It’s realistically veiny and has squeezable balls
  • The fullness feels fantastic


  • It requires a bit of effort to clean
  • It has no suction cup

What I Think About the Vixen Creations Jonny

Jonny is the second-best real dildo I can find. It rotates at every angle and feels great, just like the real skin. For those who want to feel a bit stretched, this could be the best dildo for you.

#4 Jones

Jones RealCock features a triple-layer design and floating testicles for an authentic experience. Each cock is compatible with the Vac U-lock system. The body is made of 100% dual silicone material – a harder inner core and soft outer layer.

This is what makes the shaft feel like real skin. Keep in mind that most companies use TPE which our bodies often reject.

Jones RealCock 2 looks realistic and comes with free-floating balls. You can use RealCock 2 with other products, thanks vacuum lock-and-plug design.

It’s compatible with sex machines and O-rings. The manufacturer recommends a bit of lube to make it easier to insert and remove.


  • It’s comfortable and long-lasting
  • The suction cup makes it hands-free
  • It’s undeniably the most realistic dildo


  • Comes with a hefty price tag

What I Think About the Jones

In my opinion, Jones RealCock 2 is the most realistic sex dildo that is safe for everyone. I cannot stress about the quality of this toy – it’s simply amazing.

Recommended if you’re after a thin realistic dildo.

#5 James

James Real Cock 2 is a true dildo that mimics the original RealCock 2. It features a triple-layer design Vac-U lock and sil-slide tech. Apart from that, the realistic floating testicles give an unmatched experience.

James Real Cock 2 allows the user to be locked and cocked and can be used with a sex machine. Because it’s handcrafted by the best artists, you get the most realistic dildo on the market.

This toy is designed to be used as a real cock. You should not push it beyond what a normal cock can take – don’t bite or pierce, it will tear.

james realistic dildo 6-inch


  • The texture of the dildo is realistic – it replicates the human penis in terms of texture and appearance.
  • Easy to clean
  • You’ll find lots of ways to customize your sexual experience
  • It comes in different skin tones – fair, medium, and dark


  • It’s pricey

What I Think About the James

In my opinion, James RealCock2 keeps true to its realism. It’s body-safe and guarantees non-toxic sexual satisfaction.

Recommended if you’re after a thick realistic 6-inch dildo.

Things to Consider Before Buying

It’s very easy to get the wrong size dildo when you shop online due to the different ways to measure the size. We at Aiclegal try to use just one way of describing the sizes and that’s by their insertable length and their circumference.

You’ll sometimes see sites advertise the girth as a diameter measurement which is less useful since dildos aren’t perfect cylinders, especially not realistic dildos.


A: Yes, you can use all the realistic 6-inch dildos on this list with a strap-on harness. Just make sure you have the right size O-ring to use with your dildo of choice.

A: Only use water-based lube with your sex toys! You can get silicone lube but that might ruin the material that the realistic dildos are made of.

A: I’ve written quite a few guides to realistic dildos and you can find my guide to 7-inch realistic dildos here or Aiclegal’s main guide to realistic dildos here.

A: There are a few vibrating options which you can read more about in my guide to realistic vibrating dildos.

My Final Thoughts About 6-Inch Realistic Dildos

Dildos come in a wide range of sizes and colors but the most realistic is in the 6-to-10-inch range.

There are some great options in the 6-inch category but they are unfortunately very expensive and not for everyone. But if you can afford it and want a hyper-realistic 6-inch dildo then I would highly recommend one of the dildos from RealCock2 which completely blows the competition away.

I recommend the Rockwell if you want the most hyperrealistic 6-inch dildo!

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  1. I have a non functioning micropenis and we have a mutual male friend take care of her need of penetrative sex. I purchased the Realcock 2 Rockwell and a Doc Johnson vacu-lock harness. Rockwells dimensions and looks replicate her lovers cock . She loves the realistic feel of it and I love how I can join in and give her a mmf experience and as a husband I can now fulfill her needs.

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