5 Best Locking Butt Plugs 2024

Letting go of the control over your butt hole can be a huge turn on or by controlling your sex-partners holes.

Butt plugs with a locking feature has a lot of small parts that need to be well designed in order to work. The products on the list below are all ranked according to quality and features.

best locking butt plug

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What is the Best Locking Butt Plug?

#1. Uberkinky Dulexe Locking Anal Plug

This is an adorable butt plug that fits perfectly between the cheeks no matter the position you’re in. It features a rounded tip that gives the wearer a good stretch.

While most anal locks come with two settings, this device allows you to use the right amount of spread. When open to maximum capacity, the anal plug measures 9.6 inches. But to keep it in that position, the user should insert the locking pin.


  • Perfect for anal chastity
  • The sleek design allows for smooth insertion
  • Good enough for a big hole
  • It comes with a locking pin and a padlock
  • You can choose the diameter that suits you best


  • The base is a bit narrow
  • Expensive

What I think about it

This is one of the best locking butt plugs for beginners and those who want to take things to the next level. In my opinion, The Uberkinky Dulexe Locking Anal Plug deserves a space in your exquisite collection of sex toys.

#2. Oxballs Tailpipe Chastity Butt Plug

The tailpipe is engineered to provide lots of stimulation to your butt. It features a built-in ergonomic butt plug and a blubbery pucker stuffer to ensure your comfort.

The butt plug features a bulbous tip, so it feels great as you pop past the ring place. Best of all, it comes with a built-in cock, so you can piss on it. Once the plug is in place, there’s no escape. In terms of comfort, this product will exceed your expectations. You can wear it for long periods, thanks to the ergonomic shape.

Since the butt plug is made of FLEX-TPR material, it’s safe, phthalate-free, and works with water-based lubes.

Chastity Cock lock And Attacehd Buttplug


  • It secures in place easily
  • The blubbery material guarantees comfort
  • Good for soft-core play
  • Great insertable length
  • Perfect for lengthy wear


  • The peephole can get stretch

What I think about it

The Tailpipe is the best locking butt plug that can easily drive you wild. You can read more about chastity cages in general if you’re into that type of play.

#3. Petite Stainless Steel Ass Lock Anal Plug – Sold out

This plug is engineered to bring you the infinite mystery of sexual pleasure. It allows you to place it inside the butt of your partner and lock it in place. The stunning stainless-steel body is beautifully designed for long-term comfortable wear. Not to mention, you can use any lubricant.

The petite Stainless Steel Ass Lock Plug has an insertable length of 4.25 inches, thus comfortable for most users. You can enjoy it solo or with your partner. And once you’re done playing, you just clean it with soap and warm water.

stainless-steel ass lock


  • It’s lightweight
  • Safe, non-porous, and has no odor
  • Easy to clean
  • It’s discreet- no sensitive words on the package


  • It’s available in one color
  • Very expensive

What I think about it

The petite size makes it perfect for beginners. Your package will include a butt plug, keys, a lock, and a rubber ring.

Update: This is sold out.

#4. Diagol the Ultimate Ass Lock 3.9-Inches – Sold Out

Diagol is comfortable for beginners and interesting to entice those already used to the basic beginner plug. It’s designed to go in smoothly and open up in the anus. Because it comes with a padlock, you can keep it in one position. What better way to reveal the inner secrets of your partner?

The stainless steel glides in place and can be heated or chilled to suit the needs of your partner. Another amazing feature is that the Diagol glides smoothly and extends to the perineum region – it lets those amazing vibes spread even further.

diogol ultimate ass lock


  • It comes with a padlock to keep the keep it in one position
  • Easy to use
  • The smooth steel glides in place easily
  • You can use any lubricant of your choice


  • Not the best or beginners

What I think about it

The Diagol is a butt plug you want to keep constantly in.

#5. The Pear Flower App-Controlled Remote Controlled Butt Plug

The Pear Flower is arguably the most technologically advanced butt plug out there. Once you insert it into the butt, you can engage the metal locking mechanism.

As the name suggests, the plug opens like a flower and works in any place with an internet connection.


  • Keyless lock
  • It’s waterproof up to three meters
  • You control through the free to download App
  • Real-time battery detection


  • The large size is not the best for novice players

What I think about it

The Bluetooth feature makes this product suitable for long-distance play. You simply download the iPhone or Android app and control the plug.

Because it comes in different sizes, you can choose the one that suits you best. The large size expands from 32-55mm, while the small size expands up to 40mm.

Update: Sold out

Locking Butt Plugs Conclusion

You don’t have a lot of options if your main criteria are a lock feature when it comes to butt plugs.

There are however a lot of different types of butt plugs and I would strongly recommend using a “normal” butt plug before getting one that can expand and lock in place.

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