Glass Prostate Massager

Finding the right glass prostate massager can be very hard but I got some tips and tricks to follow that makes it easier.

I’ve included a list of my favorite prostate massagers made of glass that I’ve tested and reviewed the last few years.

There are quite a few different styles but I’ve tried to include a wide range of them on the list.

glass prostate massager

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What is the Best Glass Prostate Massager?

#1 Adam’s Glass Prostate Massager

This black glass prostate massager is made by Adam & Eve and it has a large ring at the back so you get can get a good grip on it.

It has an insertable length of 4.5-inches (11.4cm.) and it has two bulges with the end one being the thickest at 4.3-inches (11cm) in circumference.

adams glass prostate massager


  • Easy to grip and put pressure on
  • Slightly curved for better P-spot massage
  • It can be used as a butt plug
  • It’s easy to insert
  • Great size for beginners


  • The insertable length is a little short
  • The second bulge prevent it from moving freely over your p-spot

What I Think About it

I love the big ring at the back which fits 2 fingers for perfect control which allows you to move it precisely over your p-spot and put some pressure on it.

The second bulge does get a little in the way when I use it but it’s a minor detail.

One huge bonus to the ring is that it will keep it in position if you wear it during sex. It will keep it pointing towards your prostate glands and massage it during sex.

I recommend the Adam’s Glass Prostate Massager if you want the best overall product in this category.

#2 Booty Buddy P-Spot Massager

The Glass Booty Buddy is made by Lovehoney and it’s shaped like a curved butt plug with a large T-shaped base.

It has an enlarged tip that points straight at your prostate glands making it a lot easier to massage it.

Its insertable length is 3-inches (7.5cm) and it has a circumference of just 2.25-inches (5.7cm).

glass boody buddy


  • Really good for wearing during sex
  • Very easy to insert and use
  • Beginner friendly size
  • Great curve for maximum prostate massage


  • It’s fairly short and slim
  • Not designed for solo use

What I Think About it

This is an absolutely killer glass prostate massager to wear during sex. It’s small enough to wear it comfortably yet large enough to stay firmly in place during sex.

I found it most stimulating and comfortable to use during doggy-style sex and worse if you’re lying on your back which makes it a little uncomfortable to use.

I don’t like it as a solo prostate massager as it’s too shot which is further shorten when you grip the T-base of it.

I recommend the Booty Buddy if you’re after a wearable glass prostate massager to spice up your sex-life.

#3 Icicles No. 66

The No. 66 from Icicles is a beaded-style glass prostate massager the has 6 insertable beads that are lined up in a slightly curved shape. The 7th bead is quite a bit bigger and it’s designed to hold on to and prevent it from going too far inside you.

The insertable length is 3.5-inches (8.9cm.) and it has a circumference of 3.9-inches (10cm.) and it’s made of tempered clear glass.


  • Nice beaded p-spot massage
  • Easy to grip and control
  • Great curve for hitting the p-spot


  • Not for wearing during sex
  • I wish the tip would have had a little larger bead

What I Think About it

The Icicles No. 66 is your best options if you like a beaded prostate massager made of glass. I just wish they would have made the first bead a little larger which would have made massaging your p-spot a little easier.

It’s not really designed to be sitting in your butt during sex but I gave it a try anyway, the shape makes it twist around and it didn’t hit anything pleasurable.

I recommend the Icicles No. 66 if you’re after a beaded glass prostate massager.

#4 Spiral Glass Massager

The Spiral Glass Massager is advertised as a G-spot massager but it will work just as well for P-spot massage.

The insertable length of this bad boy is 8-inches (20cm.) and it has a circumference of 5-inches (12.5cm.).

It’s made by Lovehoney and part of their Sensual Glass series.

spiral glass prostate massager


  • Huge bulge for P-spot massage
  • Spiral makes it feel like you’re getting a rim job
  • Lots of grip area for better control
  • Share it with your partner


  • Not beginner friendly

What I Think About it

This was clearly designed for vagina play due to the larger size than any of the other toys on this list. That’s not really a bad thing since you have a lot of toy to grip on to and you can put way more pressure on your P-spot with a massager of this size.

I love that huge bulge on the tip and the spiral that runs along the shaft makes it feel like you’re getting a rim job while you massage your prostate – Double win in my book!

The size does limit it to more experienced users but it’s well worth it if you can handle the size.

I recommend the Spiral Glass Massager if you’re after a large prostate massager.

The Most Important Thing to Remember About Glass Prostate Massagers

If your glass prostate massager and all other glass sex toys for that matter have the slightest defect, chip, crack, or anything like that, then discard it!

You really don’t want it to break while it’s working its magic on your p-spot.

Yes, that has happened before, not to me, but there are absolutely horrible stories online about it ☹

Why are Glass Prostate Massagers So Popular?

Glass has an advantage over softer materials like silicone when it comes to G/P-spot massage and that’s because of its stiffness which allows you to put more pressure on your pleasure spots.

It will simply bend backwards if you try to do the same thing with a prostate massager made out of any soft materials.


A: Yes, there are way more glass G-spot massagers than there is P-spot massagers but it’s almost the same and the vast majority can be used for both without any problems. The only thing you need to consider is the size of the massager itself – G-spot massagers tend to be larger in size which could be a problem if you’re new to anal play.

A: One of the benefits of sex toys made of glass is that they can be used with any kind of lube.

A: Yes, that’s one of the downsides of glass. It’s very hard to make it vibrate without compromising the quality. There are some toys that combine silicone and glass but nothing worth mentioning here.

If you want vibrations then head over to our list of the best vibrating prostate massagers and find one that matches your needs.

A: Yes, glass is really good for temperature play, but follow the instructions on your toy about the temperature range.

A: I’ve tested and reviewed more than 60 prostate massagers over the last 12 years and I’ve created a list of the best prostate massagers to guide you to the correct choice for you.

Final Thoughts About Glass Prostate Massagers

Glass is a fantastic material for prostate massage due to the stiffness of the material. It is however not that easy to make and it has some limitations like no vibrations.

I personally love the look of glass sex toys and they are the most hygienic due to glass begin nonporous.

If you like the look and feel of glass then go for it!

I recommend the Adam’s Glass Prostate Massager if you want the best overall product in this category.

Austin Hanson, M.D. Urology

Austin Hanson, M.D. Urology

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