Onahole Dolls – Directly Imported from Japan

Getting your first Onahole doll is a life changing experience, at least it was for me. I remember the incredible feeling of penetrating it the first time and feeling the amazing stimulation.

I’ve working with sex toys the last 12 years and Onahole dolls are one of my all-time favorite sex toys for men. They are a lot smaller compared to regular sex dolls which makes them so much easier to handle and enjoy.

I’ve included a list below of the best Onahole dolls that I’ve tested and reviewed so you can get yourself the best one. 

best onahole dolls

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What’s the Best Onahole Doll

#1 Manga Doll Izumi

Izuma is a tiny pink haired Manga doll with large blue sexy eyes. She has a metal skeleton which makes her posable and easy to adjust to your desired position.

Izuma’s body is made from a super soft material called TPE which has an incredible skin feel to it.

Izumi onahole doll


  • Izuma is equipped with both a vagina and an anus
  • Easy to handle and enjoy
  • Feels like touching real skin
  • Fairly cheap


  • No mouth penetration option
  • TPE is a little fragile

What I Think About it

I really like the Izuma doll which is a perfect size to handle but still large enough to give you a full-body sexual experience.

It’s just important that you take good care of it when using it and storing it. TPE is a little fragile so make sure you use her on a soft surface like a bed or couch.

You can expect her to last a long time if you care for her and she’ll continue to pleasure you.

I recommend Izuma if you’re after a full-body Onahole doll.

#2 Kemono Fox Girl Doll Torso

The Kemono Fox Girl is an Onahole doll torso which reduces the size and weight of the doll itself. Kemono is a true to life size doll which would normally weigh more than 40kg. (89lbs.) but she only comes in at 17 kg. (37lbs.) which makes her really easy to move around and store away after use.

She is equipped with both a vagina and an anal tunnel that both features amazing internal textures that makes each hole feel differently.

Kemono has a metal skeleton and the same true skin feel TPE material that makes these Onahole dolls so realistic feeling.

fox girl onahole sex doll


  • Real-life size Onahole doll torse
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Fairly cheap for the size
  • 2 uniquely designed pleasure holes
  • Directly imported from Japan


  • No head, arms and legs
  • No blowjob

What I Think About it

I really like the Kemono Onahole torso doll and I can easily live without the head. I know it might be a turn off for you without the head in which case you simply ignore torso dolls like this.

The skin material feels super nice and the internal texture of both the vagina and butt feels incredible. You’re not getting tired of that kind of stimulation any time soon.

I recommend the Kemono Fox Girl Onahole doll torso if you’re after a Japanese torso doll.

#3 Yui

Yui is yet another imported Onahole doll from Japan but Yui is a little special due to being made of silicone.

You can enjoy both her vagina and butt which are made differently and the butthole is especially tight and only 3.9-inches deep. (it’s stretchy so you can easily penetrate her with a larger cock).


  • High-quality silicone Onahole doll
  • Both vagina and butthole
  • Really tight butthole
  • Directly imported from Japan


  • Not full-size
  • No blowjob
  • It cost more than the TPE dolls

What I Think About it

I’m personally a huge fan of silicone sex toys and Yui Onahole doll falls in that category. Silicone is a lot stronger compared to TPE which the two top dolls are made of. But is comes with a couple of drawbacks that’s why it sits in the third spot on this list.

The main problem with silicone is the price which is roughly twice the price of TPE Onahole dolls. That might not be a problem for you but you also need to consider the second problem and that’s the less ideal skin feel. TPE feels just like skin which silicone feels a lot firmer and not true to life.

You are however going to enjoy your Yui silicone Onahole doll a lot longer since the durability of silicone is so much better than TPE.

Overall, a solid doll which has some nice Japanese features and is small enough to be easy to handle and use.

I recommend Yui if you’re after a premium silicone Onahole doll to take your masturbation to the next level.

What is a Onahole Doll?

A Onahole is a Japanese style of sex toys that basically means “masturbation hole”, so an Onahole doll is simply just a Japanese style of sex doll in a small version.

You can get both torso Onahole dolls and full-feature Onahole dolls with heads, arms, and legs.

Some options are really small and you can hold it with one hand just like a Fleshlight, while others are really heavy and much closer to a human size.

Important things to look for:

  • Holes – One of the most important features of any kind of Onahole is the hole(s) itself. If you’re into anal sex then make sure your Onahole doll have a penetrable anus.
  • Size – Onahole dolls varies in size from around 1 lbs. to 50 lbs. so make sure you check the weight so you don’t get a bad surprise when you receive your product.
  • Features – Do you care about the head? Arms? Legs? Onahole dolls come in all forms that you can think of.
  • Breast size – I’ve tried to include a wide range of breast sizes in the product that I recommend so there should be something for everybody.

Cleaning you Onahole Doll

Cleaning any type of sex toys is super boring and 100% the worst part of using sex toys but it’s also extremely important, especially with dolls.

Cleaning the smaller Onahole dolls is fairly simple because you can simply bring it to your sink and wash it there without any trouble.

But cleaning some of the larger and heavier dolls is a bit more complicated and generally requires giving them a shower or something similar.

There are special products that make this easier and I would highly recommend some of them, especially the renewing powder which prevents the dolls from being sticky after cleaning.

You can get Onahole cleaning products from the websites that you get your Onahole Dolls from.


A: You simply apply water-based lube on your penis and in and around the hole you wish to penetrate. It’s important that you reapply lube if you feel any dryness or it can cause tears in the doll material.

A: No, not all but some of them have 100% taken inspiration from Anime girls.

A: I agree that using it cold is fairly unpleasant and I would highly recommend a Onahole warmer. Simply use it around 20 minutes before you plan of using the doll and it will heat up the hole.

A: An Onahole doll is a much larger version that resembles an entire body or torso. Some regular Onaholes does also have a full-body design but they are much smaller and you can hold it in one hand. You can find Aiclegal’s list of the best Onaholes if you wish to look at some smaller options than the doll versions.

My Final Thoughts About Onahole Dolls

An Onahole doll is kind of like the ultimate Onahole that give you a full-body sex experience. They are fairly expensive and big and certainly not the most popular options but they are the ones that give you the truest sex simulation.

I personally love Onahole dolls and I would highly recommend them if you’re a true Onahole lover and wish to ramp up your masturbation level to the extreme.

I recommend Izuma if you’re after a full-body Onahole doll.

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Charley Jefferson

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