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The Phallosan Forte is a unique penis extender that works differently compared to more traditional penis extenders.
It’s the way you attach the device to your penis that’s unique and it’s very comfortable to use.
Other extenders use a strap or a noose to tighten your penis to the extender, this can be very painful!
phallosan forte

  • Increase your penis length by to up 30% in just 6 months
  • Increase your penis girth by up to 20% in just 6 months
  • Prevent getting off too early
  • Get stronger boners

I recommend Phallosan Forte to all men who need an extra inch or two!

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4.14 (283 votes)

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Update April 2024: Minor changes to the review and added testimonial from another user. 

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If you have heard a thing about the options to increase your penis size, then you must have come across a penis extender.

These devices were developed in the early 1990s, and they have since become popular with being the only safe and efficient way of enlarging the penis.

Penis extenders are very effective according to a penis extender study from 2011 to any other device that is meant to enlarge the penis. As a result of this, there are numerous such devices to choose from.

However, there is the only one that is the right option, and it is the Phallosan Forte.

Phallosan Forte Review

What is Phallosan Forte?

Phallosan Forte is a device that is designed to increase the size of a penis by the use of traction force. It falls under the category of penis extenders, and it has been proven to be an efficient method of penis enlargement. This is by judging the large track record of men turning to it in great numbers.

Whereas there are numerous products making claims that are not realistic such as gaining 3 inches within two weeks, penis extenders are one of those limited options that men can trust.

Many penis extenders that are on the market today are made of rigid metal rods. Due to Phallosan Forte’s popularity, this device has remained relatively the same apart from minor improvements over the past years it has been in existence.

With this said, most men who have had the chance to use this device can attest that it is far from perfect and it leaves much to be desired particularly in the areas of practicality and comfort.

The Principle behind Phallosan Forte

The principle behind this device is simple and safe. When the penile tissues are constantly stretched, the force stimulates the body thus adapting to reproduce cells. For instance, this can be seen and proved by taking a look at the neck, lips, and earlobes of African people who were constantly stretched through time. The process of growth can hardly be noticeable, but it is very effective and natural.

Phallosan Forte traction force

How does Phallosan Work?

The Phallosan forte penis extender works by constantly stretching the penis tissues. It moderately exerts pressure on the penile tissues thus breaking them down.

Then it is during the recovery period when the broken-down tissues are repaired and re-grow hence becoming bigger, stronger, and longer in the process. This is a similar principle that works for bodybuilders who lift weights to increase and build their muscle mass.

Phallosan Forte Suction Function

For this device to yield impressive results, it has to be worn a few hours a day so that it can apply moderate stretch to the penis. After the penis is fatigued and the device is removed, it recovers and gives time to repair the tissues.

When pressure is applied to the penis or any other organ of the body, the muscles tend to stretch in the process thus resulting in the reproduction of cells. That organ of the body, be it the leg, arm, or penis muscles will end up enlarging and lengthening in the process.

This is how the Phallosan Forte works

Another way of making this clear is using an example of the Ethiopian women who are known to be involved in the earlobe and lip extension. They enlarge these body parts by constantly piercing and stretching to achieve what they consider attractive earlobes and lips.

Additionally, on the other hand, Myanmar’s Kayan women use big brass rings to lengthen their necks. These rings exert pressure on their collarbones thus making the neck long over time.

All of these examples are the leading ideology behind the Phallosan Forte and many other penis extenders. Phallosan Forte penis extender has been proven to be a gentle and effective technique of increasing the penis size and yielding impressive results.

Pallosan Forte results

How Long Time Should I Use It?

The manufacturer’s guidelines should be carefully followed when it comes to using this device.

If the frequency or the duration of use is too high, then it could lead to serious damage to the penis. Therefore, the instructions on the package should be keenly followed. This way, you will be guaranteed the best possible results.

Individual Components of the Phallosan Forte Penis Extender

  • Adjustable Waist Belt with Foam Ring – It comes with an elastic belt that has a soft foam rubber ring that gets strapped all around your waist. The belt can be regulated using a buckle that is linked to the suction ball using an adapter.
  • Suction Bells (Size S, M, and L) – First, you are needed to measure your flaccid penis size using the girth measuring template so that you can find a suction bell that fits you properly.
  • Stretchable Protector Cap – This is a very powdery and stretchy cap that helps to protect your glans from strong tension and irritations.
  • Suction Ball with 3-way Valve – One valve is attached to the tension clip; another one is for positioning the penis inside the suction bell while the last one is for locking it there while you engage in something else.
  • Tension Clip that has a Tension Spring – This add-on proves how much tension is applied thus assisting you to know if you are doing the right thing and whether the penis is lengthening.

And of course, the first thing you will notice when you open the package is an instructional DVD that is super clear to understand, a girth measuring template, and a user guide. You will also receive a personally signed certificate by either you or the person who made the order to abide by the device quality standards.

phallosan forte device from the side

How to Wear Phallosan Forte Penis Extender

Like any other device, you will first need to understand how to use the device. Wearing the Phallosan Forte may seem to be quite challenging at first, but you will master it after several uses. Here are simple steps that will help you to make use of your penis extender effectively.

  1. First, you will have to attach the tip of your penis to the protector cap.
  2. Roll over the rubber condom sleeve while taking the glass bell and fitting the head of the penis to it. This will apply pressure that holds and keeps the penis in place. The attachment is created by the vacuum suction cup or bell so that it can fit tightly on the head of the penis with the help of a condom as well.
  3. With the help of the buckle, spread the orthopedic belt in front of you while you adjust it to the longest length of your penis.
  4. Measure the size of your flaccid penis from the shaft using a measuring tape to know the right suction bell to use. To measure, position your flaccid penis away from the trunk and measure its shaft.
  5. After measuring, place the pump where the bell is, as it can be seen where the arrows meet each other.
  6. Carefully pull the drawbar located on top of the bell over the pump after you have secured it properly.
  7. Activate the suction pump after turning the green valve towards the pump.
  8. To maintain the vacuum in the bell, turn the green valve to the lock position.
  9. After everything is put in position, take the belt and push back the soft foam ring to the base of the penis.
  10. Then attach the adjustable belt to the end of the device.
  11. You can adjust the fit of the penis extender by pushing the buckle which allows you to add the right pressure to the penis.
How the Phallosan Forte works

Phallosan Forte can only be worn for 12 hours a day. Also, you will not have to worry about it falling or slipping off since the pressure created by the suction bell prevents this.

In the case that you experience any discomfort, you can use the 3-way valve to adjust the fit. You may as well control the level of tension using the tension clip and the calibrated pull of the system.

Tips for Using and Maintaining Phallosan Forte

  • Try going without the protector cap – As a beginner this protector cap is essential, and that is why it is included in the latest version of the penis extender. However, if your penis has gotten used to the vacuum, you can skip it. It has a better feeling, and the effects are much more intense.
  • Baby powder prolongs the lifespan of the device – Usually, the condoms and the protector cap come dusted with a type of talcum powder at delivery. This makes great sense because the powder helps to maintain proper hygiene and protects the material from wear and tear.
  • Rise as fast as possible – It makes sense to exercise with caution. However, this is not worthwhile to stay in the “green” for such a long period at the expense of progress. Nonetheless, always make sure that you pay attention to your senses. You may put on the belt and set it to “green” and then change it to a high level after a few hours.
  • Benefits derived from Phallosan Forte – Other than the obvious benefit of increasing the penis size and girth, there are other issues that the Phallosan Forte penis extender can help to correct. Some of them include:
  • Pulling out Retracted Penis – Phallosan Forte penis extender helps to gently and painlessly pull out the retracted penis. Most men who are obese suffer from a retracted penis whereby the penis hides behind the fatty tissues thus making it look small and short.
    A retracted penis makes having sexual intercourse very demanding and difficult. Initially, the only way to correct this condition was to either engage in physical exercise or surgery. However, with Phallosan Forte the penis is gradually pulled out from the fatty tissues even without the person engaging in physical activity or losing weight.
  • Post-Prostate Surgery Recovery – A patient will need to regain his sexual ability after undergoing prostate surgery, and the Phallosan Forte penis extender is the perfect device that can help out in this journey of recovery.
  • Penis straightening – Does your penis have an unnatural curve or bent? Use the Phallosan Forte to straighten out that curve and prevent painful sex. You can read our guide to penis straightening here.

What sets Phallosan Forte Apart from other Penis Extenders?

The first thing to notice about Phallosan Forte is that it is unique from other penis extenders in a way that it does not have those extension rods that come with other extenders.

Most users claim that those extension rods are uncomfortable to wear for a long period. On the other hand, Phallosan Forte is very comfortable and easy to wear, and that is why most users can wear it while going to bed.

Another unique feature of this device is that it can be completely hidden under your clothing while the other penis extenders cannot be worn without them being very obvious even under a heavy jacket. Another striking factor about Phallosan Forte is that it is about the only penis extender that has been approved by FDA. Therefore, you do not have to worry about anything when it comes to its safety.

Phallosan Forte Penis Extender Expected Results

Any man who is in search of a particular method of enlarging their penis wishes to know the potential gains he can expect before purchasing the product.

It is quite difficult to predict the gains because this all depends on the person’s potential t- grow and whether or not they are beginners in the penis enlargement field. It is obvious that a man who has used a penis extender and experienced some growth before will be closer to their maximum potential than a beginner.

However, keeping this in mind, a beginner can expect gains of about 3 inches in length with sufficient time, patience, and dedication.

Also, note that the previous version of Phallosan Forte used to come with condom sleeves which were used to affix the penis via suction. However these condom sleeves were prone to wearing and tearing easily, and this used to make the users spend more by purchasing additional condom sleeves. Now this problem has been solved by Phallosan Forte since it comes with a new material that is more resistant to breakage and heat while the bonus condoms have been added in case of anything. Every Phallosan Forte kit sold now comes with sufficient condom sleeves to last you until you reach your maximum growth.

Life Before and After the Phallosan Forte

Imagine how confident you will be in any social or professional setup once you achieve your maximum growth. Phallosan Forte helps your penis grow the kind of heft that reputations are built on.

Whether it is at work or the bar, women you have never even met before will blush once they hear your name since they will recognize it from gossiping with their friends. This will certainly make them eager to know if your penis lives up to the hype. Not every man indeed wants this type of attention from women.

However, the main point is that you will finally be in a position to take control of your love life.

User Testimonials

Phallosan forte testimonials

Dan says,

I have worn this device to bed, to the bar, to work, and even when exercising. It does not prevent blood flow, and I have not experienced any pain yet. I would probably recommend that you do not run a marathon with the device on. However, all in all, this device is perfect for everyday use and comfort.

Carter says,

When it comes to comfort, this product is unmatched. I have tried so many devices on the market trying to find the one you can wear to bed and during the day with ease, and only the Phallosan Forte has offered that.

Alex says,

After only two weeks of using this device, my flaccid penis and boners have become significantly longer and thicker. Yesterday my girlfriend was complaining about feeling pain down there due to the sudden growth I have had. She claims that she has not adjusted to my size yet. I think one of the main keys that makes the Phallosan Forte penis extender so great compared to other devices is that it is so comfortable to wear for long hours during the day. So, you end up getting maximum time under tension hence ending up achieving your maximum gains.

Scott P. says,        

This thing is impressive! The micro vacuum technology is amazing, and it applies the right amount of tension for growth and comfort.

Chris T. says,

This is unbelievable! I have gained about an inch in 1ooo hours of wear.

Brandon says,

I acquired this device about a year ago. I have been using it for the last eleven months for about 10 hours a day. Since then, I have gained an impressive increase in the size of my penis in both length and girth when it is in a hard state and flaccid. My boners have also become stable and stronger. The manufacturer is also awesome; they work with you in case you need any replacements. If you cannot decide on which penis extender to purchase, take my word and get the Phallosan Forte you will not be disappointed.

*The testimonials shown above are based on actual letters we received from satisfied customers who read this page of review and bought a Phallosan Forte extender.

How is Their Support?

I’ve never needed their support but I wrote to them a couple of times to test how quickly they would respond and to see the quality of their responses.

The first question was about import tax if you buy it from outside the EU which they responded to within 5 hours.

The second question I asked them was about a broken part on my extender and they got back to me within 2 hours.

This is way faster than what I would expect from a small company like this and their responses were short and precise exactly like they should be!

Overall, really good support.


A: There is no limit but I would strongly suggest keeping it under 12 hours a day and stopping if you feel any kind of discomfort.

A: Yes, as long as you follow the instructions and stop if you feel any discomfort.

A: Yes, this is just one of 2 penis extenders you can wear when you sleep. The strap makes it possible just like the PeniMaster Pro.

A: The products are very similar but the attachment system and overall quality of the Phallosan Forte are better than the PeniMaster Pro and I would always recommend it if you can afford the extra $ that it costs.

A: There is no question that the Quick Extender Pro is superior when we’re talking pure effect but the Phallosan Forte is not too far behind and it’s way more comfortable to use. You’re going to have a much better time with it compared to the QEP.

My Final Thoughts About Phallosan Forte?

Phallosan Forte is a device you should purchase if you are looking to increase the size of your penis.

It’s a very high-quality device that will help you gain a lot of size – there is a reason why it’s number 2 on our list of the best penis extenders.

With that said, I hope that this Phallosan Forte review has helped you gain some information on the amazing device.

I would recommend this product if you are seriously looking for a comfortable penis growth experience because comfort is essential for achieving the best gains possible.

Do you have questions about the Phallosan Forte? Ask them below or send me an e-mail.

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  1. Hey Charley
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    It’s a bit confusing to put it on the first time – do you have any advice for a newbie?

    1. Hi
      Well-done on your purchase it’s a good choice.
      And yes, it’s not the easiest product to use but I would suggest that you assemble and disassemble it a few times before you start using it. It’s good to know your product before you start using it.
      There is a decent instruction video on their homepage, take a look at it and try to follow is as much as possible.
      Best regards,

  2. I’ve used a few different penis stretchers in the past but the Phallosan Forte takes the crown for the most comfortable of them all!!
    It gets a huge thumb up from me.

  3. Hi not sure if this will get answered or not but are these results achieved being in the green? Or do I need to increase tension to receive maximum results? Thanks!

    1. Hi

      You generally get faster results when you increase the tension – but the most important matric here is what your body is telling you, never go past it being painful!

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