The Ultimate Ass Worship Guide

Fewer and fewer people worship a god but there is one outlier; the almighty ass!

Ass worshipping is on the rise and here to stay, so get on board and worship that beautiful ass.

ass worshipping guide

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What the Hell is Ass Worshipping?

It’s the simple act of worshipping an ass for all its beauty. It can be part of a submissive/domination play but is not limited to it.

It often involves the worshipper using tongue and nose to stimulate and worship the anus of the worshipped.

The focus should not be to penetrate the anus but that can be part of your worshipping, more on that later.

Prepare Yourself for Ass Worship

A clean ass is way more pleasurable to worship and your hygiene should be a high priority. Make sure it’s clean inside as ass worshipping often involves one part sticking their tongue inside the anus.

Having an anal douche is a great way to clean your ass or some kind of showerhead attachment made for it. Most sex toy stores will have at least a few options to choose from and they are fairly cheap.

Make sure you pre-lube your ass if you’re expecting toys to be used during the worshipping.

Create the Right Setting

Creating the right ass worship setting can often be the difference between a good and a perfect experience.

Ass worshipping can’t be done quickly because it will defy the entire purpose and it would in my mind be disrespectful. Being naked (or almost naked) for an extended period without moving that much does require the temperature to be relatively high. Turn up the heat in the room you plan to do the worshipping in a couple of hours before so it has time to heat up nicely.

Have plenty of pillows, candles, lube, toys, tissues, and other things you might need ready, so you avoid running around trying to find stuff in the middle of worshipping. This will completely ruin the worshipping experience and for God’s sake turn off your fucking phone!

It’s Finally Time to Worship That Ass!

There are several ways to worship an ass and it would be rude not to use several of them to show your dedication to your God.

  • Hands/fingers – The perfect choice for worshipping asscheeks and spreading them apart. Add some lubrication or massage oil to make your sacred shrine extra glossy and shiny.
    Ass worshipping is not all about the anus but the entire ass so make sure you give the entire shrine full attention.
  • Tongue – The tongue is in many ways to perfect tool for ass worshipping. Again, make sure you don’t focus on one spot but lick the entire thing and work your way towards the anus.
    Take your time and work your way forward in small bursts to create excitement and make sure you follow the instructions of your ass God.
    Anal penetration with the tongue is not necessary but something that you and your partner can agree on beforehand (This is the same for fingers, nose, sex toys, and penis).
  • Nose – The nose is an essential part of ass worshipping as it can be used to massage, stimulate and penetrate. Using the nose to please is a powerful way to show submission to your God!
  • Sex toys – This is optional and you could argue that it does not belong in ass worshipping but I personally love it.
    If you’re using a butt plug then try to slightly press it to one side which will expose a part of the anus rim which then can be licked while you move it about and expose all sides of the anus rim.
    Using a butt plug with a jewel is a way to decorate your sacred butthole.

You have a lot of tools to use when you worship but the most important is your complete focus and dedication to your God the almighty ass.

What’s the Best Position for Ass Worshipping?

There is not any position that’s the best, it’s all about personal preferences. Any position that naturally tends to spread your asscheeks is perfect.

In the true spirit of worshipping, it’s always important for the worshipper to stay below the worshipped ass as a sign of gratitude and submission.

Let’s take a look at some sex positions that work well for ass worshipping.

Folded Doggy Style

By far my favorite position as it spreads your asscheeks apart and lets your worshipper full access to your sacred hole.

Make sure you’re comfortable by putting a pillow below your knees for some cushioning. The folded doggy style exposes your entire butt and nothing gets hidden away which is perfect for a complete worshipping session.

You can also do this on top of a table for some extra height leaving your sub below to praise you.

Face Sitting

Another great position focuses on worshipping your anus by pressing it against the nose and/or tongue of your worshipper who is lying down.

This is a very dominant position that will suit a dom/sub relationship very well but it’s fun for everybody to give it a try.

Eagle Spread

We can’t forget about the Eagle Spread which opens you up completely but it has the disadvantage of hiding the upper part of your butt checks below you.

You can improve this position by placing a pillow under your lower back which will raise your butt slightly.

Spread Eagle ass worshipping

This is another position that works well on a table. Your worshipper should sit below you on the knees and they should be able to look right into your anus.

Can it Lead to Anal Sex?

Sure, but that’s entirely up to the worshipped to decide that. I love when it leads to anal sex but I understand why some would deny it.

Try to make the cum an offering gift to keep it part of an ass-worshipping ritual if you do end up having anal sex.

Anal Sex Toys for Pleasuring

It’s not necessary to use anal sex toys during ass worshipping but it can be a great tool to combine with your tongue, nose, and fingers.

Great anal sex toys to try with ass worshipping:

  • Butt Plugs – Butt plugs are by far the most used sex toy for ass worshipping. My personal favorite is jewel butt plugs which look gorgeous but there are lots of styles to choose from.
  • Anal Beads – This is another popular anal toy that’s fun to play while you worship that beautiful ass.
  • Anal Spreader – Using an anal spreader can draw all the focus on the inside of an anus which is hard to get a look at otherwise. I would highly recommend one from ÜberKinky which has some of the best products in this category.
  • Anal dildo – And of course, we have anal dildos which are special dildos designed to be used anally.

Don’t Have an Ass to Worship? Don’t Worry

There are lots of great life-size ass masturbators which work perfectly for ass worshipping. It’s a great way to both practice and perform ass worship without having a partner.

I’ve listed a couple of options below if you’re interested in this type of product. There is a relatively cheap option and a very high-end expensive option.

Alana Ass Masturbator – Best Budget Option

You’re getting a whole lot of ass for your money with the Alana Ass Masturbator from Thrust Pro. It’s made of TPE which feels incredibly lifelike and soft.

It has a hip circumference of roughly 37 inches (94cm) and a waist circumference of 28 inches (71cm) and weighs 15.5 lbs. (7 kg.).

thrust pro ass masturbator

This is a great option if you want the most for your money, but it does lack a lot of fine details, especially around the anus and vagina area.

It’s available in 3 different skin tones and it will set you back around $300.

RealDoll Deluxe Half Torso

This half torso from RealDoll is by far the most realistic-looking and feeling-ass masturbator toy that I’ve ever come across.

It’s simply astonishing and there are so many fine details that make it both look and feel more realistic. These butt cheeks have a special gel inside them for extra jiggling and softness.

Deluxe ass masturbator

It has a total weight of 32 lbs. (14.4kg.) of pure ass that’s well worth some worshipping.

It’s going to set you back $1500 which is insane but that’s what handmade premium sex toys cost.


A: It’s most common for men to worship a female ass but it can be all types of combinations, there is no right or wrong.

A: It’s entirely up to you and your partners expectations, it can be a one-way pleasure act or both ways. Just make sure you talk about it first and get your expectations aligned so you don’t end up in a disagreement – That would suck ass! 

A: Yes, both as the worshipper and the worshipped. Having your ass worshipped creates an extremely empowering feeling.

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