Violet Myers Fleshlight Review and Test

Violet Myers Fleshlight review score:
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  • Realism
  • Tightness
  • Support
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Review summary:

The Waifu and Ahegao sleeves are based on Violet Myers vagina and butt, and they both look and feel freaking incredible.

You’re not going to be able to avoid getting one if you’re a fan of Violet Myers content or Hentai in general. This is the closest thing to getting a real Waifu without actually getting one.

My first experience with the Violet Myers Fleshlight

What I like about it:

  • It looks flipping amazing with the perfect copy of her vagina as an entrance
  • The stimulation is on par with the best male masturbators that I’ve ever tested
  • It works with all Fleshlight accessories
  • First hentai girl focused Fleshlight

I recommend the Waifu Fleshlight sleeve if you’re after a real-life Hentai masturbator that’s going to take your Waifu fantasy to the next level.

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My Full Review of the Violet Myers Fleshlight

So, I know I’m a little late to the party, or I was pretty early but I just completely forgot that I ordered the Waifu Fleshlight sleeve and it has been gathering dust the last few months.

That all changed 3 weeks ago when I finally got around to testing the Violet Myers Fleshlight for the first time and I’ve used it enough times to give it my honest review.

Let’s get to know Violet Myers a little better before I’ll share my experience.

Who is Violet Myers?

You might know Violet Myers as the real-life hentai girl which she brands herself as on her social media page. There are plenty of options if you wish to follow her and I would personally recommend her Twitter (X) profile for more of her adult stuff and her YouTube channel if you wish to learn more about her daily life.

First Impressions

I got my Violet Myers Fleshlight directly from which ships all their products in brown cardboard boxes (which is why it ended up gathering dust for months next to some other sex toys that needed a test and review).

The inside box has a picture of Violet Myers and pictures of the internal texture so you know what your penis is about to experience 😊

Violet Myers Fleshlight Review

I like the sleeve and the molding technique that Fleshlight uses which gives you a nice copy of Violet Myers vagina (or butt hole).

One thing that I don’t like about it is the hard case which feels so bad compared to similar pocket pussies. Have they ever updated their hard case design? They really should because it sucks balls and feels so cheap (which it’s not!).

Testing the Waifu Sleeve

Preparing for Pleasure

There are a couple of things I do that significantly increase the pleasure level for me and I’m pretty sure it will do for you:

  • Remove the pipe – Yes, I know it’s quite obvious that you need to remove it, but you won’t see it if you don’t take the end lid off before trying it for the first time.
    remove plastic pipe
  • Preheat the Waifu sleeve – I used to just go to town with any new masturbator that I got my hands on, but now I can’t stand putting my dick into a cold hole. Preheating it in warm water or using a heating rod makes it feel so much better and realistic.
    Fleshlight does sell heating rods but I don’t like them because they only heat the inside making it go colder and colder as you use it. I prefer to submerge the entire sleeve in warm water for 15-20min. before putting it back in the hard case.
    preheart waifu sleeve in warm water
  • Use enough lube – Lube is a must and I bought my Violet Myers Fleshlight as a combo package which include a bottle of water-based lube but any water-based lube will work. I also preheat the lube bottle in warm water so I don’t shock my penis with a cold blob of lube.
  • Suction control – You can adjust the suction level by twisting the back lid of the hardcase. You should adjust it when you use it but it’s a good idea to loosen the lid a little before getting lube all over the place which makes it hard to do.
    waifu suction control

How it Feels to use

Alright, let’s get down to business and give it a try:

waifu sleeve internal texture
  • The Entrance – It’s not the tightest Fleshlight entrance but it is decent enough and the labia are quite close to the entrance which makes them stick a little to your penis. You can avoid this by putting a bit of lube on the labia parts. Overall, a fairly average entrance, but it looks amazing.
  • First section – I like the offset entrance which creates an interesting sensation when you enter it and it has the added benefit of completely changing how it feels to use if you twist it 180 degrees. The internal texture of the first part is also quite nice and each time I notice the different parts when I use it. Overall, a nice first section that’s up there with the best male masturbators.
  • The second section – The middle part is a tight 1-inch (2.5cm.) long spot with small rounded nubs on the inside. It feels a little too tight for comfort especially if you have tightened the back lid and it’s hard to get that part lubricated the right amount. I felt like my penis would push the lube away from the tight spot and it would end just before and just behind it and sort of creating a hotspot for dryness and uncomfortable rubbing. A thicker water-based lube does mitigate that problem and I saw another user who poked a hole in their Waifu sleeve just at that point to help reduce the tightness (I would not recommend poking holes in your sleeves unless it’s your last resort.).
  • The last section – There is not much to write home about in terms of texture excitement in the last part because it’s just one long texture that’s hard to feel because of the tight middle spot. It is however fairly soft and has a great texture if you’re after a looser penetration experience.

Cleaning – The Annoying After Match

My least favorite thing about any sex toy is the cleaning which is especially annoying and time-consuming for male masturbators like this one. It is however a necessary step that makes it usable more than just one time without having to deal with mold infections and bad smell…

I find it easiest to clean when I remove the sleeve from the hard case, lube and body fluids can get in between the sleeve and the case.

Take the Waifu sleeve and rinse it through with warm water from both directions of the sleeve to get all lube and cum out.

The last 3-inches are designed in a way that feels good but it tends to trap cum and lube, you can reach that part with a couple of fingers to help clean it. Use a mild soap and rinse it through again a few times.

You can invert the Waifu sleeve but it’s not recommended since it can cause micro tears in the sleeve material and it will eventually break it completely.

Drying it:

Pad the outside dry with a towel (don’t rub it, which can also cause damage to it) and put it back in the hard case without the cap and lid. I usually place it somewhere with a bit of air circulation, which makes it dry a lot quicker.

Or why not get yourself a Fleshlight Air which works a bit like a hairdryer for your Violet Myers Fleshlight? Maybe because you don’t want to spend a fortune on yet another accessory… It’s freaking expensive in my mind and I don’t mind having my Fleshlight out drying next to me for a couple of hours.

Renewing powder:

If you use your Waifu sleeve quite a lot then you will notice that it can get sticky after a while, this is where the renewing power comes in. Apply a tiny amount on the outside of the sleeve which makes it feel a lot more like new. You can buy the renewing power from or when you get the Waifu combo deal (which I got).

Violet Myers Waifu Combo

It’s Time to Judge it


  • It feels incredible to penetrate with the unique entrance and first-inch design that makes it feel like you’re penetrating a virgin for the first time.
  • It works with all the amazing (but expensive) Fleshlight accessories that you can get or already own.
  • Finally, a Fleshlight for all the Waifu-hungry men out there.
  • It works well if you use it without the end lid due to how the suction works.
  • The Violet Myers Waifu Fleshlight is perhaps the best Fleshlight if you have a short penis (4.5 inches er shorter).


  • It’s not amazing if you have a girthy penis thicker than 5.5 inches in circumference.
  • The middle part has a tight spot that’s hard to lube because all the lube will end up behind or in front of that spot.
  • It feels like nothing if you get too much lube in it.
  • The hard case feels bad, just is a common problem for Fleshlight.
  • It’s expensive.

Let’s compare it to some competing product and see how it stacks up.

Violet Myers Fleshlight Vs. Feel Kayley Gunner

This is the most apples-to-apples comparison I could think of in terms of price, quality, design, and accessories.

I can notice a small size difference between the two masturbators when I hold them next to each other but it’s not something that I can feel when I use them. The Waifu Fleshlight is slightly longer and wider but we’re taking 1/8 of an inch (3mm.) which is nothing when comparing products of this size.

The FeelStar Kayley Gunner does have a few advantages and that’s the price which is $10 cheaper and its hard case is made well. I know I’ve complained about the Violet Myers Fleshlight hard case before and that’s purely because it fucking sucks!

But, at the end of the day, they are both amazing male masturbators which have lots of accessories and they will each give you incredible orgasms within a short time leaving you wanting more.

I would just pick the Violet Myers Fleshlight if you’re into her because the feeling you’re getting from the sleeve is just as good as any other male masturbator sleeve.

My Final Thoughts About the Violet Myers Fleshlight

Overall, a really nice sleeve if you’re on the thinner, shorter size, or just want a tight middle spot. The front looks amazing with a copy of Violet Myers vagina on it and her signature.

I know it’s sold as a sort of Hentai Fleshlight which makes kind of sense because Violet Myers brands herself as a real-life Hentai girl, but I wish they would make one of a fictional character like an Onahole but in a Fleshlight case.

I recommend the Waifu Fleshlight sleeve if you’re after a real-life Hentai masturbator that’s going to take your Waifu fantasy to the next level.

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