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The PeniMaster Pro is a very well build penis extender with a very high level of comfort.
It’s on the expensive side, but it’s well worth the extra cash to get the complete Pro set.
The PeniMaster Pro I one of just two penis extenders that can be used under your cloth.

  1. Increase your penis length by up to 30% in just 6 months
  2. Increase your penis girth by up to 20% in just 6 months
  3. Improve your erection quality
  4. Avoid prematur ejeculation

I highly recommend this product if you’re looking for an easy and safe way to enlarge your penis.
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User Review
4.13 (107 votes)

A majority of men across the globe have been wondering which pill to take to get a larger penis.

Well, if you are among such men, the unfortunate answer remains the same.

No pill in the market will make you achieve larger manhood!

However, it is true that a few supplements can help you boost your sex drive and the overall performance though none of them will have any significant influence on the physical changes of your penis. Therefore, to achieve a larger penis, you must learn how to do various penis exercises, or even better enough, use a penis extender.

The penis extender device is sure to work and have been proven by various clinical research to increase the size of the penis. One of the best penis extenders available in the market today is known as PenisMaster Pro. This article will provide a comprehensive review of the PenisMaster Pro. If you would like to learn more about this device, then read on.

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What is PenisMaster Pro?

PenisMaster Pro is a penis extending device designed in Germany and has been in the market for several months. However, the device is not as popular as some of the best penis extenders due to the fact that it was recently introduced into the market. This does not mean it is a sub-standard device. In fact, PenisMaster Pro is probably one of the best penis extender available in the market today.

The primary purpose of this device is to increase the length of the penis. However, some girth is also attained in the process thus making the penis appear like a balloon. As your penis grow bigger on length, it also grows thicker. Then again, the primary purpose of the device is to increase penis length both when flaccid and erect.

Once you order the PenisMaster Pro, you will immediately notice that it is different from many other extenders available in the market. One thing that sets it apart from others is its remarkable features and the value you receive once you order it. For example, PenisMaster Pro not only uses the belt-tension system present in other extenders, but it also uses a real rod system, and classic tried. You will only find such features in some of the high-end devices in the market.

That being said, it is worth mentioning that this device has so many positive online reviews from happy clients who have used it before. In fact, if you check the reviews from people who have used it before, those who purchased it ended up falling in love with it. Perhaps the primary reason for this is because it was made from Germany. We are all aware of the superiority of German engineering. This means that the device is high-quality and professionally made.

PenisMaster Company Information

PenisMaster Pro is produced by a Germany Company located in Berlin known as MSP Concept GmbH & Co. KG. The main goal of the company was to create products that helped people lead a better life. In the late 1990s, the company first worked with other companies to promote their first penis enlargement device that was made available in the market at the time. However, the company faced a lot of critics due to that product, and that’s when they decided to come up with a better brand.

The company took two years to do extensive research and came up with a product that could help men with penis elongation. Finally, in 2002, the company released the PenisMaster, a product that was widely accepted in the market.

After some time, the company decided to improve on their initial product and came up with the PenisMaster Pro. The main goal of this device is to increase the length of the penis both at flaccid and erect state. As a side effect, the person using it can also achieve a thicker penis. One area that the product has excelled is when it comes to providing comfort irrespective of the amount of time you use the device.

The main difference between the two products from the company is the way the device is attached to the penis. When it comes to the initial product the PenisMaster, the device is attached to the penis using a strap. However, this can get a bit uncomfortable over time since it requires high pressure to keep the penis glans in place. On the other hand, the PenisMaster Pro attaches to the penis using a vacuum headpiece. With this device, you can have endless ways to do your PE exercises. You can have an extender rod, a belt or even some weights.

How Does It Work?

Like any other penis extender, PenisMaster Pro utilizes a continual progressive and prolonged tension to stretch, tear gradually and rebuild your penis into an improved and larger and better version of itself. When the tension is applied for many hours, the penis will be forced to create new cells to fill the spaces that have been created by the tension. This results to a longer and thicker penis.

The pulling and cell regeneration techniques are known to have been used by some traditional communities to elongate their neck, earlobes, and lips. The technique has also been used medically to help people gain an additional height of various parts of their bodies.

For starters, this device comes with the glans chamber that looks like a dome where you are supposed to insert the ball pump. This helps to prepare the chamber by creating a little vacuum sanction within the device. Apart from the ball pump, you can also use the hose by attaching it to the glans chamber. While using this method, you will have to suck air in order to create a vacuum.

After that, place the tip of the penis into the glans chamber and make sure that it properly fits inside. What is great about this device is that it does not cut off blood circulation into the head of the penis. This is very common with a strap or hard nose that you will find in about 95% of extender present out there in the market. It also prevents slippage from occurring. It features the noose and strap that ensures the wearer doesn’t experience any discomfort while using the device.

The good thing about the results you will achieve from this device is that they will be long-lasting. Yes, you will notice some gains after the first few weeks, but that will be temporary. To gain some long-lasting gains, you need to wear the device persistently for a longer period.

PeniMaster Pro Results

Different Packages

The PenisMaster Pro users can choose between the belt tension system and the rod extenders. However, a complete package of the PenisMaster Pro comes packed with both of these technologies.

The classic PenisMaster Pro comes with a flexible fastening slot for convenient purposes. The product has been designed in a way that it focuses on safety and comfort to the user. Apart from that, this device works by elongating, straightening as well as thickening the penis. As a result, you will experience increased sexual stamina and potency.

PenisMaster Pro is compatible with both circumcised and uncircumcised users. It can also be comfortably used under the trouser. Here are some of the different packages.

PenisMaster Pro Basic

penimaster pro basic

PenisMaster Pro Basic is more of a replacement package since the user cannot be able to use it on its own. PenisMaster Pro is a penis elongation device that can be used with belts or rods to expand the penis. The device can be comfortably worn without using any gliding as it provides lymph skin and glands protection. However, the user can still opt to use gliding oil. The PenisMaster Pro Basic is an excellent design that can be attached to the glans without necessarily squeezing or deforming it. PenisMaster Pro is best for users who are looking for replacement parts.

PenisMaster Pro Rod Extender

penimaster pro rod system

This is a completely separate device that the user can wear with the PenisMaster Pro for a more comfortable penis elongation. The device is very flexible, and you can adjust it according to your penis length. It is also stable since it has been made from high-quality glass fiber. The device can be worn comfortably under any type of clothes.

PenisMaster Pro Belt Expander

penimaster pro belt system

PenisMaster Pro Belt Expander works just as the rod expander since it also helps in increasing the length of the penis. This device is worn with a belt around the hip, across the torso to the knee or the shoulders. You have a variety of ways at your disposal of wearing the device without necessarily bruising the tissues at your penis. The belt expander should be worn with the PenisMaster Pro to enhance the pulling for better results.

PenisMaster Pro Complete Package

penimaster pro complete system

The complete package comes with the PenisMaster Pro (head part), rod extender as well as the head strap. The complete package has two applications systems that can be used with the glans chamber. The device is portable and can be easily used on the go.

Unlike most penis extenders in the market, the pump that comes with this device does not cut off blood from flowing to the head of the penis. If you have never used a penis extender before, it is best to start with this package as it offers two different options for usage.

That is the rod extender and the belt. Also, it does encourage you to use the vacuum system instead of the noose as vacuum system is preferred since it is comfortable to use for extended period of time thus making penis elongation easier.

Before and After Results

A majority of users admit that once they use PenisMater Pro, they never go back to using penis extenders made of low-quality material. After wearing the device for about 500 hours, a normal user will register an increase of 1.1 inches in length of the penis when erect.

The increase in length will first be high during the initial days of wearing the device, but it will then start decreasing with more hours of wearing it. This means that you can easily gain up to 1.5 increase in length after wearing the PenisMater Pro after 1000 hours.

This is easy since this device is very comfortable while wearing it in that most of the time you won’t even remember you have it on your body. In fact, your penis length can increase up to 1 inch in just a month.

Benefits of PenisMaster Pro

  • High Quality –  You would know a quality product when you see it, and you would also know a sub-standard one. When compared against other popular brands such as the X4 Labs and SizeGenetics, PenisMaster Pro easily comes at the top in terms of quality. The company has used top quality parts to assemble the device.
  • More Comfortable than Other Strap Devices – Using the vacuum sealed head attachment is more comfortable than pulling the penis with a noose or strap. Circulation of the glans will also be much less restricted. This is no wonder a majority of users who have previously been using strap devices are looking for vacuum-based mods to replace their original strap device.
    This does not mean you won’t experience any discomfort all, especially if you are a newbie, but the level is discomfort cannot be compared to the one experienced with the strap devices.
  • No Slippage Issues – One of the most common complaints about traction device from most users is that the fastener (noose or strap) keeps slipping off. With PenisMaster Pro, this is not a concern at all. This is because it used a vacuum-sealed head attachment, which is less likely to experience slippages. It can stay intact for longer periods.
  • Well Documented and Supported – Nothing is as frustrating as purchasing a new device which you have no idea on how the product work. Many companies always ship their products with no instructions at all about how the product works. It is entirely your problem to figure out how you can assemble the product and make it work. This is not the case with PenisMaster Pro.
    It might not be one of the easiest using devices in the market, but it at least it comes with a comprehensive user manual and instructions written in different languages. Also, the product’s website has tonnes of information on how you can assemble and use the product.
  • Prolongation of Sexual Intercourse – The main reason why most men experience premature ejaculation is because of the hypersensitivity of the head of the penis. This is a common occurrence, especially in uncircumcised men. PenisMaster Pro helps to reduce the excessive sensitivity in the head.
    This effect will not be noticeable with normal sensitivity. The sensation you experience from sex will become less vivid. Moreover, the constant stretching of the penis does strengthen the muscles responsible for ejaculation. PenisMaster Pro will help you have better sex and better control of your orgasm.
  • Improves Libido and Erection – Improving the libido and erection is a very common effect most users report to have experienced after just some few days of using PenisMaster Pro. After the prolonged stretching, there is an improvement of the flow of blood to the penile chamber.
    Actually, the stretching makes the penis to appear as if it is swollen. As a result, men are able to achieve a quicker erection and increase in libido. The stretching helps to unblock the pelvic muscles responsible for blocking the free circulation of blood to the penile chamber.


PeniMaster Pro Results


I can recommend this product to anyone looking to increase some inches on his penis. I bought this device some few days ago, and after wearing it for one hour a day, I can feel some positive results. This product stands out of its competition.


I replaced my cheap extender with penisMaster Pro, and I like its magnitude. I wear it for hours without feeling any discomfort. If anything happened to this device, I would buy I similar one all over again. I highly recommend it.

Mean Pete

The PenisMaster Pro is one of the most comfortable extenders I have ever used. It is simply my favorite. This is coming from a guy who owns nine different extenders.

Dr. Rusland

I have never been able to wear penis extenders with loop fixation for more than an hour due to the resulting pain. Extenders that come with a loop sensation have never been able to stay on, or the belts jumped out of the supports when there were higher tensions. Due to such experiences, I had concluded that there is no ideal extender for me. When someone introduced me to PenisMaster Pro extender, all these changed and I got an extremely new experience. I was able to wear this device for more than three hours during the initial encounter with it despite the strong pulling force. Also, the device stayed in position without any slippage for more than three hours despite the pulling force.


What I love about the PenisMaster Pro is their great customer support. When I made my first order of the device from their website, I noticed there was a problem with the device they sent over to me. Yes, it was usable, but some air kept leaking in. When I contacted them, the support was very polite and assured me that they would replace it with another one as soon as possible. Note that the support is based in Germany and I reside in North America. I received another device shortly after contacting them.

*The testimonials shown above are based on actual letters we received from satisfied customers that read this page of review and bought a PeniMaster Pro

Bottom Line: Is PenisMaster Worth Purchasing?

Taking into consideration all that the PenisMaster has to offer in comparison to other high-end devices, the PenisMaster is definitely worth purchasing. It is with no doubt one of the penis extenders available in the market today. It features some superior glans chamber over traditional noose/straps that causes discomfort and lack of blood circulation to the penis head among users.

Moreover, the PenisMaster has borrowed some of the best features from other extenders thus coming up with an excellent device. The device is something that everyone should easily find comfortable to increase the size of their penis with.

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  1. Great product! Took me awhile to get comfortable and find the right setting. I am happy with my gains so far and still using the product everyday.

    The Customer service is the worst. They reply in 3-4 days and it takes about a month to get the product delivered. Also you will need to order gel, sluce and diaphragm at minimum so be ready to buy in advance otherwise you will be waiting a long time.

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