Best 8-Inch Realistic Dildos Tested and Reviewed

We can’t all have a sex partner with a huge 8-inch (20cm) penis but we can all have a big realistic-looking 8-inch-long dildo to satisfy our desire to be filled up.

I’ve tested hundreds of dildos in the last 12 years and below is a list of some of the best and most realistic 8-inch dildos.

best 8-inch realistic dildos

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What’s the Best 8-inch Realistic Dildo 2024?

#1 Dirk Realcock2 – Most Realistic Option

This is one of the best 8-inch realistic dolls that offer something a little extra. It features sli-slide technology and triple layering for incredible internal pleasure. The firm core ends on a Vac-U-Lock hole, and the vein coloring is body-safe. Additionally, it comes with floating balls that are entirely separated from the shaft.

The dildo core can reach the urethral slit. This provides intense body orgasms as you’ve never felt before. Dirk Realcock2 measures 8-1/2 inches by 6″ by and 2″ in length, circumference, and diameter, respectively.

drik 8-inch hyper realistic dildo


  • Ultra-realistic looking
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed to stimulate the G-spot
  • It has three silicone layers
  • It can be used in a strap-on


  • Expensive but worth it

What I Think About It

In my opinion, the Dirk is the perfect dildo to satisfy your big sexual appetite. It allows you to indulge in erotic sexual fantasies if you’re looking for a more gratifying dong.

I recommend Dirk if you want the best of the best and are ready to pay for it.

#2 King Cock Ultra Realistic Suction Cup with Balls 8-Inch

The King Cock offers 8 inches of insertable length – it’s the ultra-sized beacon of pleasure. This dildo is designed for folks who want to graduate to a larger and more filling size. The extra girthy 2-inch diameter will massage your vagina walls to the extreme.

The light tapering insertion does not compromise on stimulation. With the raised veins, you’ll love every moment. To use the dildo, you can plat the sucker base on a smoother surface or grab the balls to pump it to the havens. For a great sexual experience, you can coat the toy with a water-based lubricant.


  • It comes at a pocket-friendly price
  • The suction cup allows for hands-free usage
  • A good toy for those who love depth play
  • Easy to clean


  • It’s too heavy

What I Think About It

I’d recommend this dildo to folks with a big sexual appetite or those who want to take their pleasure to the next level but don’t want to spend a fortune on it.

I recommend the King Cock if you’re after a realistic 8-inch dildo for a good price.

#3 Lifelike Lover Classic 8-Inch – Best Vibrating Option

LifeLike is one of the best 8-inch realistic dildos for those who crave a bigger dong. It gives more incredible thrills as you fulfill your erotic sexual fantasies.

The 8 elect inches of pleasure will help you experience every innate desire to have sex. At first glance, you’ll appreciate the firm and realistic detailing.

LifeLike has a wired controller that allows you to set 10 powerful speeds at various spots. You simply attach the wire to the base to discover 7 trembling patterns and 3 speeds.

vibrating 8-inch realistic dildo


  • Perfect for hands-free stimulation
  • Nice length and girth
  • It’s flexible yet firm
  • Best for solo and partner play
  • It comes with a suction cup


  • A bit noisy

What I Think About it

In my opinion, LifeLike Dildo combines realism and stimulation. It’s also long enough to give you the incredible orgasms that you deserve.

#4 Cody Cachet

Cody Cachet is the new kid on the block – good things come to those who wait. This toy is impressive in every detail. To start with, it’s made of platinum silicone (highest grade). This makes it 100% skin safe.

With the 8-inch jaw-dropping size, you can be sure the dildo will give intense stimulation and tantalize your insides. You can thrust the base yourself or use a sex machine. The curved tip makes insertion easy.

cody cachet dildo


  • Made from a molded version for a real penis
  • Body safe material
  • It comes with an 8-ich shaft for maximum satisfaction
  • Features a realistic tip


  • Very thick- only use it if you’re a champ
  • It tends to bend a lot

What I Think About It

In my opinion, the Cody Cachet gives you the girth you crave. It feels just like the real thing and is perfect for anyone who craves ultimate satisfaction.

*The link below leads to MrHankey’s homepage, simply click shop dildos and click “Realistic dildos” and find it.

#5 King Cock Girthy – Best Thick Option

The King Cock features an extra-long 8-inch insertable length to stimulate the G-spot and vaginal walls. It’s made of a firm but flexible material that allows for vaginal and anal use. In addition, it has a strong suction cup for a hands-free play option. To use the King Cock with a harness, you’ll need an O-ring (2.25-inch diameter).

One thing you’ll love about this toy is the eye-popping realism – from the hand-detailed veined shaft to the tapered head. But just like the real penis, you can maximize the sensations with a water-based lubricant.

kingcock 8.5-inch girthy dildo


  • Comfortable insertion during anal and vaginal use
  • The sturdy suction base allows for a hands-free ride
  • Compatible with most strap-on harnesses
  • Great size and texture
  • Easy to use


  • No balls
  • You may need to place it in warm water for that real feel

What I Think About It

In my opinion, the King Cock is the best dildo for couples looking for an adventurous play. It’s soft and gives a realistic feel.

Getting Started

An 8-inch dildo is a great deal bigger than the average penis size and you need to take it slowly in the beginning so you don’t end up hurting yourself.

You could start your masturbation session with a smaller dildo and work your way up to a big 8-inch one. I’ve made guides to some of the best 6-inch realistic dildos and 7-inch realistic dildos if you want some great “warm-up” dildos.

You must use plenty of water-based lube and take it slowly.


A: Yes, all the dildos on this list work with standard O-ring strap-on harnesses, but make sure you have an O-ring that fits the girth of the dildo.

A: Yes, there are huge dildos available and I’ve covered some of them in my articles about the best 9-inch realistic dildos which is freaking huge!

A: Any water-based lube should do the trick. I just get whatever branded lube that’s the cheapest.

My Final Thought About 8-Inch Realistic-Looking Dildos

There is no question that an 8-inch dildo is pretty big and way larger than the average penis size, but it’s still a very popular size because it can fill you up without being extreme.

The Dirk dildo from RealCock2 is by far the most realistic-looking and feeling 8-inch dildo but it’s also the most expensive by a lot. It’s not for everyone due to the price tag, but if you have the money then I would strongly recommend it if you want the best of the best.

If you’re on a tight budget then I would suggest the King Cock 8-inch which is priced a lot lower and still looks and feels like the real deal.

If you didn’t find a product for you then I would suggest reading our realistic dildo guide and going from there.

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