Paige Murphy

Paige Murphy

Lead Reviewer and Content Strategist at

With a comprehensive background in sexual health and wellness, Paige Murphy is a recognized authority in the industry, bringing depth and expertise to as their Lead Reviewer and Content Strategist. Her rigorous reviews and well-researched guides provide readers with invaluable insights, ensuring they make informed decisions regarding their sexual well-being.

Credentials and Merits:

  • Advanced Degree in Sexual Health: Paige possesses an academic foundation in sexual health, which equips her with the knowledge base to evaluate products and provide evidence-based information to readers.
  • Extensive Industry Experience: With years of experience in the sexual health industry, Paige has developed a keen eye for quality, safety, and innovation in the products she reviews.
  • Certified Sexuality Educator: Paige’s certification ensures that her content is not only informed by the latest research but is also communicated in an accessible and educative manner.
  • Prolific Writer: Beyond her reviews, Paige has penned numerous guides and articles on various sexual topics, establishing herself as a trusted voice in the realm of sexual wellness.
  • Collaborations with Brands and Manufacturers: Her role has led to partnerships with leading brands in the industry, allowing her to provide readers with exclusive insights and first looks at emerging products.
  • Advocate for Sexual Empowerment: Beyond her professional work, Paige is an advocate for sexual empowerment and inclusivity, championing education and open dialogue.
  • Continuous Learner: Paige frequently attends industry conferences, workshops, and training sessions to stay updated with the latest trends, research, and innovations.

At, Paige Murphy’s unmatched dedication to quality content ensures that readers receive trustworthy and enlightening information. Through her meticulous reviews and enlightening guides, she fosters a community that is better informed, more confident, and celebrates the richness of human sexuality.

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Guide writing 50%
Product reviews 50%

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Yes, we need more sex education, there are practically no way to get less because there are hardly any to start with. It’s one of the main motivations for my work here.