Best 7-Inch Realistic Dildos

7-Inch (17.5cm) realistic dildos are very popular because they’re slightly bigger than the average penis size. Below is a list of the best I’ve reviewed here on Aiclegal during the last 5 years working here.

I’ve tried to include a wide range of both prices and features so you have some different options depending on your wallet size and feature preferences.

best 7-inch realistic dildos

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What’s the Best 7-Inch Realistic Dildo?

#1 Daddy Dominic

This realistic one from Hankey’s Toys comes in four different sizes. If you want to explore 7-inches of pleasure, then the original size is will do justice as it happens to be 8.25-inches in overall length with 6-7-inches of insertable length. The rim size is 5.75-inches while the circumference near the base is 7.25-inches, allowing it to provide different ranges of sensation.


  • The look is similar to realistic looking skin. The addition of light vein details provides an authentic vibe.
  • It can be used with any type of lubricant.
  • It is a durable and long-lasting product.


  • Many users complain that they can achieve only 6-inches of insertable length.

What do I Think About it?

If you want to try out new sizes or trying out dildo for the first time, then I would suggest this one. In my experience, the insertable length is 6-7 inches. This flexibility allows you to get comfortable first.

*The link below leads to MrHankey’s homepage, simply click shop dildos and click the “Realistic dildos” and find it.

#2 Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Dildo

The size of this one is 8-inches and comes with 7-inches of insertable length. This flexible dildo is designed with a circumference of 5.5-inches. It is made with high-quality PVC material making if smooth and also phthalate-free. As this is a waterproof (submersible) realistic dildo, you can use it with different types of lubricant.

7-inch realistic dildo lifelike lover


  • It comes with suction-cup for easy solo play.
  • It comes in 3 different colors (Flesh Pink, Flesh Brown, and Flesh Tan)
  • It can be used for strap-on play as well.
  • Very cheap


  • It’s not that realistic looking and feeling

What do I Think About it?

If you are looking for a budget friendly realistic dildo, then go for this one which comes with raised veins for an authentic feeling allowing you orgasmic pleasure. This one is popular choice of many because of its gentle curve and bulbous head offering more intense sensation.

I recommend the Lifelike Lover if you’re after a budget version of a 7-inch real looking dildo.

#3 Ultra Realistic Vibrating Flexi Dildo with Balls

The label might say that it is of 9-inches in length but the insertable length is “only” 7-inches. However, it is considered as one of the top choices due to the quality and price. Dildo owners like me believe that this one is an investment as it a dildo and vibrator, all in one.

vibrating 7-inch realistic dildo


  • It is designed with extra length and thickness for different levels of intense realistic pleasure.
  • The raised veins and the ultra-realistic ReadDeal texture material of this dildo can provide real-feel.
  • The vibrator option features multi-speed vibrator dial.


  • To enjoy the vibrator feature you will require AAA batteries (3 in total).

What do I Think About it?

If you already owned a dildo before, then you know how important it is to keep it clean. For easy and hassle-free cleaning and maintaining, I would suggest this 100% waterproof vibrating realistic dildo which can be cleaned off in minutes by using just water and antibacterial soap.

#4 KingCock Elite Realistic Dildo

From the texture providing real skin like feeling to realistic veins and head to contour details, this dual-density dildo can definitely become your favorite realistic dildo which has an insertable length of 7 inches (total overall length: 8.3 inches). Use it with water-based lubricants only.

kingcock elite


  • This dildo can be used for temperature play as it is made with elite high-quality silicone which is resistant to high heat.
  • It is compatible with harnesses as well.
  • Take solo play to the next level with suction cup (3.1 inches) that allow you to stick the dildo to most flat, hard surfaces.


  • Some users do not enjoy the width (1.3 inches wide shaft) of the dildo.

What do I Think About it?

If you want the real-feel, then this dildo will be a good choice. It is designed with firm inner core offering great thrust along with soft outer skin texture for an orgasmic feel.

#5 Doc Johnson Bust It Ejaculating Realistic Dildo

The key selling point of the Doc Johnson Burst It is its “squirting” feature. It is designed with a girthy shaft that is attached with bulbous balls. So, the dildo can provide both internal and external situations. Textured of the material (PVC) and raised veins along the shaft are added to provide a more realistic feeling. This flexible dildo is phthalate-free and latex-free.

You can find more similar cum dildos if you’re into that.

Doc Johnson Bust it dildo


  • Enjoy hands-free solo plays with suction (Vac-U-Lock) plug base.
  • It is also harness compatible.
  • It comes in two color options (Flesh Pink and Flesh Brown).


  • You can use it with only water-based lubricants.

What do I Think About it?

In my opinion, it does not get more realistic than this one. It comes with easy-squeeze dispenser where you can put “Nut Butte” (sperm-like formula). So, this one provides you with the sensation of taking cum inside you or other sexual acts like facials, creampies, bukkake, snowballing, and more.


A: Some dildo manufactures measure their dildos from the base to the end while others measure the insertable length. We at Aiclegal always provide the insertable length which is the only measurement that really matter.

A: Only use water-based lube for your dildos and other sex toys. You might see some special silicone-based lube which is only used on metal and glass sex toys.

A: A 7-Inch penis is just above the average penis size and most women prefer this size over smaller and bigger options. If you think a 7-inch is too much for you, then I would suggest taking a look at our list of the best 6-inch realistic dildos. Or do you want to go even bigger? Not a problem, we got a list of the best 8-inch realistic dildos that has some extremely realistic looking options.

A: The details on the shaft, head, and balls make the dildo appear more realistic and the colors.

My Final Thoughts About Realistic Looking 7-Inch Dildos

There are a lot of different options to choose from in this size range and there should be plenty of options to suit your needs.

I personally love the dildos from Mr. Hankey’s but they are quite expensive and I understand why you would prefer cheaper options.

This is where the Lifelike Lover from Lovehoney comes into play. It’s not as realistic but it’s super cheap and well worth the money.

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