Electroshock Prostate Massager review

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The Electroshock is a fantastic contender with suitable features for those seeking anal sexual stimulation.

It fits both men and women so you won’t have to worry about buying more expensive devices targeted to your gender.

ElectroShock prostate massager review

I recommend it – This is a very special product that works great for men who want some more buzz down there.

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The electroshock prostate massager works by stimulating the prostate gland at the anal canal for purposes of stimulation as in with sex toys. It is inserted into the anal canal to stimulate the nerves of the gland.

It stimulates the p-spot, which is an internal nerve ending contact point on the prostate gland, as well as the perineum on the exterior of the body. This way, it produces sensations by way of vibrations and is available for both men and women.

For maximum sexual pleasure, the rounded electroshock prostate massager features bulbs that expand from the curves. This ensures maximum contact with the skin for maximum stimulation of the prostate gland at the anal canal.

When used in sexual stimulations, the electroshock prostate massager or sex toy does not require additional devices. There also won’t be any experiences needed to use the sex toy. Among its features include a vibrating motor, two separate conductor points, and skin-safe materials. This device also features a rechargeable battery and USB connectivity.

ElectroShock usb charging

Why should I use the Electroshock Prostate Massager

The main reason many people search for the Electroshock Prostrate Massager is sexual stimulation. For sexual pressure, this device is designed to provide acupressure therapy. Through this therapy, the perineum point is stimulated for sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure is also achieved by improving blood circulation in the contact and surrounding areas such as the gland.

Although the device can help in draining excess prostate fluid, this is not the main reason it is bought. Plus many think it can have other health benefits including the following:

  • Helping in the discharge of possible inflammatory secretions.
  • Promotes a healthy prostate, which helps prevents prostate diseases, improve blood circulation like is the case with any massage, and prevent inflammation. This can also help to fight chronic bacterial and aseptic prostatitis by removing possible secretions.

ElectroShock prostate massager

Main features

  1. Stainless steel encasing controls: These are located on the T-bar but the device does not work by remote control.
  2. Fully rechargeable battery and USB connectivity: The USB connectivity is used for charging the battery.
  3. Button and power lock: The power lock makes it possible to operate the electroshock prostate massager for a longer time. Once the button is touched, the device begins to vibrate.
  4. Suitable size: It has a length of about 3.8 inches. This makes the device suitable for both pros and newbies who are learning to stimulate their nerves out of sexual desires.
  5. T-bar – The flared T-bar located at the end of the device
  6. Varying unique vibrating speeds: You can use the device at whichever the vibration speed that suits your needs to achieve the desired sensations.
  7. Different electroshock modes: These electric shocks are designed for p-play experiences. The device delivers shocks via two separate conductor points to deliver pleasure to the gland. These conductor points are located at two different points.
    The E-stim mechanism delivers sensations on the body nerves.
  8. Skin-safe materials: The exterior of the device is made of hypoallergenic silicone.

What does the Electroshock Prostate Massager box contain?

Inside the box, you find the device itself, a USB charging cable, and an instruction manual. The box may also contain a warranty registration card from the manufacturer.


  • The Electroshock prostrate massager delivers both external and internal sexual pleasure.
  • The device’s manufacturer ensures skin safety by having a rounded tip that does not prick the body. The round shape and smooth surface also ensure body safety as does the T-bar that prevents it from coming out.
  • Having a rechargeable battery on the device means you would have to use it without worrying about replacing the battery. The USB charger is also more versatile because most electronic devices are recharged using the USB.
  • Easy to use – The Electroshock prostrate massager does not need anyone to have the experience to use. It is also portable with a travel lock that prevents embarrassment at the airports.
  • The device is made for both men and women.


  • The device electroshock mechanism cannot let the device be used in the water when engaged. The shock mechanism needs to be turned off to use the device in showers and baths.
  • Takes time to recharge.

ElectroShock prostate massager review

My final thoguhts about the Electroshock Prostate Massager

The Electroshock is a fantastic contender with suitable features for those seeking anal sexual stimulation. It fits both men and women so you won’t have to worry about buying more expensive devices targeted to your gender.

Having both electric shock and vibration mechanisms makes the device versatile. It is recharged through USB, is easy to use and cheap.

That’s the reason why this product has one of the top spots on out list of the best prostate massager toys.

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