Tenga Flip Zero Review 2021

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The Tenga Flip Zero is a little male masturbator with a unique inside texture. It flips open as the name suggest and can easily be cleaned and lubricated.

You’re going to experience a feeling between a blowjob and vagina intercourse.

There are however a few downsides, mainly the protentional present of bisphenol, which is bad for your body.

Tenga Flip Zero review

This is what you get:

  • A unique male masturbator
  • Very easy to clean and lubricate
  • Submersible sex toy

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Don’t get me wrong – I love my girlfriend and all that we do in and outside the bedroom. Just sometimes, you need to light up the fire and go on adventures so you won’t miss out on the greatest fun.

Nothing’s more satisfying than reaching cloud nine together, right?

In all of our sexcapades, we’ve tried a hand at all the famous remote vibrators and pocket pussies available in the market.

My girlfriend’s especially on the hunt for something that would help me become someone who can come from her dreams (and I mean this in the literal sense!).

e-Bay, Amazon, you name it! To sum it up, the pocket pussies were at most, wet and unsatisfying. They felt rubbery and gave me the sensation of putting my ding-dong down the drain…

It was not until we were out of our minds with passion about finding the next sex toy that will not only do the job but perform it magnificently that I got my hands on a certain treasure that now is a vital part of our sex life!

The first time we used it, we were blowing off steam (literally!). It took me a few moments to realize that this pocket pussy may just be on par with a real one – a perfect fit for foreplay and a one-man show.

Here is my Tenga Flip Zero review and how it actually gave me a new definition of the term bust a nut!

First Impressions Last

You may be wondering why I would spend hundreds of dollars alone on things when I can use my hands – well, you’re missing out on a lot. This Tenga Flip Zero Review will make you change your mind and help you come around (winks)!

blowjob style masturbator

Opening up the package gave me very clean vibes; it had such a sleek, minimalistic look I thought I had ordered an Apple product at first.

The transparent packaging contains the premium pocket pussy, and lube sachets that will be a lifeblood for me once I experience it, but I’ll elaborate this one out later. A user manual is also included, which is helpful for beginners who are exploring the world of sex accessories.

Its one-compact unit design is a crafty one! It even enabled me to bring it to an airport for some overseas’ fun without funny looks from strangers!

I mean, who would even give a pill-shaped portable speaker a second glance, huh?

Flip Zero Design

True to its name, this Tenga Flip Zero will faithfully overturn your world upside-down – it may even launch you in outer space with its elaborative, modern design. Man, technology really has arrived far, not that I’m complaining!

tenga flip zero inside

The Flip Zero feels jelly-like yet has a firm consistency, especially when you’re holding it on your warm-filled hands. Mostly made from see-through thermoplastic rubber, these soft grips are the babies you’ll find yourself thinking about – in the middle of work, outside the lawn, or even in the grocery stores. The ABS plastic also made it durable, a great combination that can take your rooster on one heaven of a ride!

Tenga products have an established reputation – they employ a straight-out-of-the-future design that combines pleasure and modernity in one! With its very futuristic look, I thought that its restrictions would lie outside the bedroom. I couldn’t even be more wrong, to the point that this is easily the proudest misconception I have made.

I’ve doubted if this Flip Zero can even function in the bathroom and found out that I can even use it for a little takeaway in the bathtub. Really such a convenient design that can satisfy all my wet sensational galore!

Black or White – Both are Winners

The flip-style design is a signature of the Tenga Flip line, and the Flip Zero particularly comes in two different colors – black and white. Well, lucky for me, I ordered the black one first, but I got the white one on my second order – we wanted to experience the best of both worlds.

tenga flip zero black white

If you’re curious about which one is the much better choice, it really depends entirely on your preference and your ding-a-ling’s sensitivity!

  • White Zero – If you’re into vanilla mode, then this version is definitely for you. The power output is entirely adequate for those relaxing late-night sessions, whether you’re at a beach resort or just wanted to spoil your schlong all night long. Its gentle stimulation will make you feel like you have your girl with you – a definite must-have for me who goes long nights on business trips!
  • Black Zero – This will make you feel like you’re having your ding-dong harassed by an alien entity! A faster, angrier, hotter version of the Flip Zero that will surely make you wonder if your rooster will need plenty of red bull booster. This is definitely not for everyday use and not made for everyone… Only the strong get to use this. Also, a lot more lube is needed to help you orgasm easily. It’s definitely useful for my anger-induced hot make-up sex!

Tenga Flip Zero Features

Here are some of the noteworthy features that Tenga Flip Zero has that made me literally begging my girl for more:

  • Chuck design – This infamous flip-style design is excellent for multiple purposes, including clean-up, convenient lube application, and rooster comfortability. A very detailed look at all the ribs and bumps is also very satisfying – especially with all the pleasure it holds.
  • Hooray for the Inner Sleeve – Flip Zero has the most detailed line of all the Tenga brands, and I wouldn’t consider this lightly as this company boasts of high-quality accessories and details! Intense, pleasurable feelings have permanently taken root within me and partnered with their lubricant? You won’t even understand unless you experience it first-hand!
  • One-way Air Valve – This part gives the resistance needed for a very definite orgasm. The technology behind it is simple, which utilizes the air pressure to create ecstasy through a tight sucking sensation that would best each and every Onahole.
  • Convenient Clean-up – Flip models are also known to be very sanitary. Just wash it with warm or running water and a natural soap (or even hand soaps!), and it’s ready to suck away all your stress once more! Of course, dry the pocket pussy to ensure a clean path to ecstasy.

Tenga Flip Zero’s Four Layers of Euphoria

Did I mention that aside from its four main features, the Tenga Zero is a beast that can take up to six inches of your ding-a-long? The insides are so elaborate it feels like you’re wrestling with a real one – and the jelly-like sections also have four levels of pleasure.

dual vibration

I call these sections the four layers of euphoria – and man, don’t they really give me the apex beyond the climax that I don’t know I badly need.

  • Ripple Dome – This section has a very soft silicone layer that makes it easier for your schlong to dive right in, like a hot knife to warm butter. Its shapely entrance is so attractive that staring at the layers of ripples can even give you pleasure – this was what it does to me.
  • Ridge Wall – Ah yes, the term gentle monster can’t do justice to this Flip Zero layer. Combined with the warm lube and the soft silicone layers, the skin between your rooster’s head and shaft will feel like it’s being lulled with a gentle caress.
  • Triple Chain Gate – Pocket pussies of my past just can’t compare, especially with the soft bumps Flip Zero has. It already felt like my ding-a-long is on the spa night of my dream. This layer just gives a firm massage that can even make you wonder if it’s a toy or a technical masseuse.
  • Layered End Orb – The cherry on top gives you the brain-electrifying sensation of having your tip kissed and covered with love. It hugs the tip of your rooster and gives you that final push to reach orgasm again and again.

Tenga Flip Hole vs. Tenga Flip Zero

If you’re a Tenga enthusiast, then you may even think, what’s the difference between these two Tenga Flip lines. It’s just really simple, and the only discrepancy is the flip design. The Flip Zero has its pivot hidden inside the device, contrary to the Flip Hole’s hinge design.

The Flip Zero also offers a more secure way of holding the lubricant – which is essential to ensure that warm, sticky sensation we all love. If you’re particular about the mess and think about the leakage, consider which one you’ll avail. However, both of the models are great and would give mind-numbing orgasms.

Believe me, I’ve tried both.

My final thought about the Tenga Flip Zero

The Tenga Flip Zero does a lot of things the right way, but there are some clear downsides that makes it less than ideal.

I would personally not recommend it due to the present of Bisphenol and the huge price.

There are far better blowjob sex toys and pocket pussies that you should take a look at.

But if you wish to take the chance then go ahead.

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