Sex toys for men – Ultimate guide 2021

Sex toys for men has had a limited selection for years but we’re right in the middle of a golden period with lots of innovation in the sex toy space.

This combined with new technology and are more open mindset has produced a lot of amazing products that the world has never seen.

The list of sex toys below is in no particular order since your needs may vary from mine and others.

Let’s take a look at some of the best sex toys for men

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The Pocket pussy

This little handy thing has served men well since is was invented in the 60’s and made very popular in the late 1990’s by Fleshlight.

A pocket pussy offers realistic pussy texture so you can experience that realistic sex feeling.

It’s a great alternative to the almighty hand!

It can also be used as a sex stamina training device that will help you train your sexual endurance and your ability to last longer.

pocket pussy sex toy for men

Do you have a sex partner?

Why not spice things up and let them control the pocket pussy and get a whole new sexual experience?

What’s good and bad about the pocket pussy?


  • You’ll get a realistic looking/feeling experience
  • It’s very affordable
  • You can store/hide it easily
  • Use with virtual reality


  • It’s not that easy to clean
  • It’s not the “complete package” like a sex doll

Who should buy it?

This is a quick and easy way to get off that suits most men. The price makes it affordable to most men and that size makes it easy to store/hide in a secret spot.

I’ve made a complete guide to pocket pussies that you should take a look at if you’re looking for a great sex toy for men.

Sex dolls

Sex dolls where the first sex toy for men and it can be dated all the way back to 1505 in France, you can read more about the fascinating history of the sex doll here.

This has been the go-to product for lonely men in the early 1900 and all the way to up 1990’s where other products took over.

life-size sex doll

Sex dolls come in all shapes and sizes

You can device sex dolls into 3 different groups:

  • Blow-up dolls – This product blew (!!!!) up in the 1970’s when plastic made every thing possible and it’s still popular today 50 years later.
  • Full size dolls – With the full-size sex doll you get the most realistic sexual experience, but it comes at a cost. The dolls are expensive and they are heavy! I’ve written an article about life size sex dolls that goes into great details about the different options.
  • Torso dolls – Just want the important parts of the body? Why not jump on a torso doll and get the realistic skin feel of silicon and reduce the cost and weight of the life-size one?

What’s good and bad about the sex doll

It’s hard to make a single good list of the good and bad things since the products vary so much but I’ve given it a try.


  • A blowup sex doll is very cheap
  • You can get a full sex experience with a life-size sex doll
  • The most realistic feeling sex toy
  • Use with virtual reality


  • A full size/life-size sex doll is very expensive
  • A sex doll takes up a lot of space and it’s very heavy

Who should buy it?

A sex doll is not something that is used as a couple’s sex toy since it pretty much replaces the women in the bed.

That’s why it’s perfect for single men who want some realistic sex action.

Cock rings

A cock ring is a small device that men put on their penis; this has a number of great benefits:

This is a must have for all men who struggle with sexual performance and want to improve it. It can also just men used as a fun toy with your partner.

a cock ring can be used with other sex toys

Cock rings has come a long way

They used to be boring elastic ring that you would put around the base of your penis.

Now you can start a real party with a couple of vibrating rings and cock rings with flashy LED’s blinking in different colors.

What’s good and bad about cock rings?


  • Very cheap – You can get a decent product for as low as $5. I’ve made a cock ring buying guide here.
  • Easy to store – It’s the smallest of all sex toys for men and can be hidden in a tiny space.
  • Help improving your sexual performance – This is something all men want ????


  • Don’t wear it too long (+4 hours), it can cause some problems.

Who should buy it?

Cock rings are basically for all men, use it for masturbation or while your having sex, give it a try it’s cheap and you might like it.

Prostate massager

Prostate massage is one of the new sexual techniques that is going somewhat mainstream. A lot of men still have trouble with the idea of things going into their anus. This is a shame since you can get some amazing orgasms while doing prostate massage.

You can read a guide on how to find the right spot and get some prostate orgasm tips here.

prostate massage has never been more fun

There are two different options

  1. The vibrating – This is by far the most popular one and the one I recommend to all men who want to give it a go (You should all want that – seriously!). There is a reason why 8 of 10 prostate massagers on my best list is vibrating once.
  2. The non-vibrating – You need to manually push and pull this device in order to get that amazing feeling.

What’s good and bad about a prostate massager


  • Cheap – You can get a good product for around $50
  • Easy to hide – This is again one of the products that is small and easy to hide in the back of a drawer


  • You need to work for it – Getting to climax and getting that amazing prostate orgasm require some work and you might not get it the first time. Patience and practice are the key here.
  • It’s circumstantial – Getting clean before you use a prostate massager is important and remember to use plenty of water-based lube!

Who should buy it?

This is for everyone who feels a bit adventurousness and want to try something new!

I can only recommend it as you can get orgasms on a whole new level.

Blowjob machines

A blowjob machine is another new product category that has really taking off in the last few years.

You could get a blowjob doll before but you would need to do all the work and it was basically just a hole…

autoblow 2 is our top choice for best blowjob machine

Why not pair it with a virtual reality headset?

Yes, that’s right. You should give that a try and get even more realistic feeling blowjobs.

Virtual reality is going to play an even bigger part of our life in the future and virtual reality sex is going to be a huge game changer!

What’s good and bad about blowjob machines?


  • Easy to use
  • Very easy to clean
  • Use with virtual reality


  • Lots of small mechanical parts that can break
  • It’s quite expensive

Who should buy it?

A blowjob machine is for all men who loves blowjobs – which is all men…

I’ve created a guide to blowjob machines that you should take a look at if you’re interested in a blowjob machine.

Penis pumps

The first penis pump patent was made in 1967 but there are records of even earlier use.

Penis pumps are sold both as a sex toy for men and as a medical device for erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement.

This is one of the reasons why they are so popular.

The Penomet penis pump

But do they really work?

Yes, they work. Both as a fun sex toy for men and as a medical device.

What’s good and bad about penis pumps


  • Easy to use
  • Can help improve your sexual abilities
  • Cheap
  • Easy to clean and hide


  • You can get hurt if you overuse it

Who should buy it?

Penis pumps are for all men who want to improve their sexual performance or just want to have some fun with an extra-large erection.

Take a look at my buyers guide to penis pumps here.

Penis extenders

Penis extenders are not really a sex toy but it’s very closely related and it has earned a spot on this list.

This is a device that you can use to enlarge your penis, as the name suggest.

The penis extender was developed in the 1990’s as a way to help maintain length gains after a penis enlargement surgery.

The Doctor that made the device discovered that the device itself was further increasing the length of the penis.

Quick Extender pro penis extender system

What’s good and bad about penis extenders?


  • Can help you get a longer penis


  • It’s expensive
  • It’s very time consuming

Who should buy it?

This device is for men who are looking for a way to get a longer penis.

Just make sure you have the time and patience.

Most penis extenders will work just fine, but I’be made a list of the best products that I think you should take a look at before you deside on one.

Final thoughts about sex toys for men

Sex toys for men has for the longest time been limited to a few toys but we are entering a golden time for men who want to play.

The new digital age has opened the possibilities for sex toys and we are all heading for a better and more diverse future when it comes to adult toys for men.

Don’t be shy, give it a try

Online stores have enabled us to buy sex toys anonymously which was a real deal breaker before.

Are you a first-time buyer and don’t know what to get?

Then get yourself a Fleshlight and enter the world of sex toys for men, you can find the best on this page.

Do you have any questions about adult toys for men? Hit the comment section below or send me an email at [email protected]

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