Alexis Texas Fleshlight Review 2020

Alexis Texas porno star

If you’re from the Lone Star State, you must’ve heard, “You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas.” There’s no denying that Texas has given a lot of great things to the world, as Davy Crockett summed up in that quote. But we can’t thank God enough for giving us Alexis […]

Best Strap-On dildo 2020

best strap ons 2020

Strap-ons are the most versatile sex toys in the business, that lets you do your thang, even without the real thing. Apparently, they seem like something meant for same-sex female couples only, but guess what? Men, too, can participate in the frolic. We agree strap-ons look a little daunting at first, with a faux leather […]

Best Penis Sleeve 2020

best penis sleeves

Remember watching Spiderman 3 in the early 2010s? It was so surprising to see how just a suit transformed a depressed Peter Parker into an absolute beast that could take on the most dangerous villains in New York! So, have you ever wondered about getting a similar suit for your little Peter? By suits, we […]

Best Onahole 2020

Best Onahole

Onaholes are undoubtedly one of the best masturbator toys for men as they can offer hyper-realistic feel without demanding the least bit of commitment. So if simulated sex sounds dope, read on and explore some of the best options available on the market right now. Obviously, it’s not the real thing, but it’s a great […]

Phallosan Forte Review 2020 – The best extender money can buy

phallosan forte review

If you have heard a thing about the options to increase penis size, then you must have come across penis extenders. These devices were developed in the early 1990s, and they have since become popular with being the only safe and efficient way of enlarging the penis. Penis extenders are very effective according to a […]

Sex toys for men – The ultimate guide 2020

sex toys for men

Sex toys for men has had a limited selection for years but we’re right in the middle of a golden period with lots of innovation in the sex toy space. This combined with new technology and are more open mindset has produced a lot of amazing products that the world has never seen. The list […]

Best Remote Control Vibrator 2020

Best Remote Controlled Vibrator

Precocious teens getting more action than you do? Well, there’s no point hating when you can get your fix with a remote control vibrator. Spice up your your long distance relationship with these fun toys that can take your sex drive from 0 to 100 real quick. And the best part is that you can […]

Best Prostate Massager 2020

best prostate massager

You’re fortunate if your partner knows that G-spots aren’t a myth. Its legend has only lived through E.L. James’ stories for many. So, if they are hitting the home run every night, why not unlock the next stage to ace the game? By which, we mean having a little fun around the P-spot too. Why […]

Best Ejaculating Dildo 2020

The best squirting dildos

If a woman had to orgasm to get pregnant, there would be like 11 people in the world. No wonder women decided to take the front wheel and drive straight to hump city and get more than some from squirting dildos. It’s not that we don’t like men, but sometimes we need that sweet release […]

Best Fleshlight 2020 – Pussy, Anal or Oral

best pussy fleshlight

Anal, pussy, and mouth fleshlights! Boy do we have a treat for you! Whether you are looking to buy one for stamina training or you just want to graduate from your left hand to something more challenging and sensual, we have got you covered. We even have products from some of your favorite pornstars featured […]